Saturday, October 11, 2008

Killing Stuff Is Fun

It has not been a good few days. Four cruisers down in a period of 48 hours. The only thing that could possibly cheer me up would be some good old carebear tears:

[15:19:44] Wah Wah Magee > you're a real tough guy
[15:19:51] Wah Wah Magee > you killed a gunless, modless, afk ship
[15:19:52] Spectre3353 > i know i am
[15:19:53] Spectre3353 > anyhiow
[15:19:57] Spectre3353 > 5 million and your pod can go
[15:19:58] Spectre3353 > you have 30 seconds
[15:20:15] Wah Wah Magee > you can go f*ck yourself sideways, i dareyou to pod me
[15:20:16] Spectre3353 > 20 seconds
[15:20:24] Wah Wah Magee > f*ck yourself
[15:20:29] Spectre3353 > eh actually after your threat i think im going to let you go
[15:20:36] Wah Wah Magee > haha
[15:20:37] Wah Wah Magee > pusy
[15:20:37] Spectre3353 > youve made me very fearful of retribution from you and your corporation
[15:20:40] Wah Wah Magee > pod my pussy
[15:20:47] Wah Wah Magee > pos me pussy
[15:20:52] Wah Wah Magee > pod me
[15:20:53] Spectre3353 > no i am going to let you go because i am so very scared
[15:20:54] Wah Wah Magee > i dare you
[15:20:56] Spectre3353 > i dont want to cause any trouble
[15:21:00] Spectre3353 > i am a peaceful friendly loving person
[15:21:03] Wah Wah Magee > haha your a pussy
[15:21:06] Spectre3353 > i enjoy long walks on the beach
[15:21:07] Wah Wah Magee > pod me
[15:21:09] Wah Wah Magee > i dare you
[15:21:12] Spectre3353 > scrapbooking
[15:21:21] Wah Wah Magee > hahahahaha
[15:21:24] Spectre3353 > and wine & cheese tastings
[15:21:25] Wah Wah Magee > afraid of the sec hit huh
[15:21:33] Spectre3353 > yes i dont want to lower my -9.97 anymore
[15:21:36] Spectre3353 > it would be the end of me!
[15:21:44] Wah Wah Magee > pod me i dare you
[15:21:46] Spectre3353 > let me be honest
[15:21:49] Spectre3353 > killing stuff is fun
[15:21:51] Wah Wah Magee > quicker way back to that station
[15:21:52] Spectre3353 > but the tears from people like you
[15:21:55] Spectre3353 > is what makes this game fun
[15:21:59] Spectre3353 > thank you for making my day
[15:21:59] Wah Wah Magee > lol
[15:22:02] Wah Wah Magee > you see any tears?
[15:22:10] Wah Wah Magee > i have over 500 million
[15:22:14] Wah Wah Magee > i dont care about the ship
[15:22:18] Spectre3353 > wowzers! thats a lot of money!!!!!
[15:22:18] Wah Wah Magee > i dont care about the clone
[15:22:20] Wah Wah Magee > thank you
[15:22:35] Wah Wah Magee > i agree

For anyone worried, he did get podded in the end.


Mynxee said...

This cheered me up, too. Made me laugh right out loud, in fact :)

CrazyKinux said...

I see what you did here. Made the agony of his demise last longer. Like taking longer to scratch an itch!

Nice of you to end his pain!


Lanissum said...

lol; I once killed a noob, who after calling me all sorts of crud claimed that 'I don't care b/c I've got a billion + isk'

This guy wasn't 30 days old.

San Rintu said...

We feed on their tears.

I can taste the pain, it makes me live

Josh (GH) said...

Ahhh carebear tears, is there no finer delicacy?

Jaggins said...

I'm so glad you killed him! What a weirdo...

Ka Jolo said...

Bah, his kind I would have just kept pointed for as long as possible, then ignored his convo. Kill 'em with boredom.

Avan Sercedos said...

I would've podded him, docked back at the station, have somebody watch the undock while I changed into a BC / BS with a SB with scan resolution script fit, and have the scout bump the mark repeatedly as I undocked, loaded the grid, locked, went into range, then unload pew pew, again.

I should stop while I'm ahead.

Lars Lodar said...

I actually lol'd.

Shit like this makes me love EVE.

Apoctasy said...

"pod my pussy"


Flashfresh said...

I love it.


StrangeApe said...

not knowing much about the game, i suppose he was scrambled and webbed and all that jazz. At that point, you just keep him that way for as long as possible and leave to get a coffee or something.

Always entertaining man. Keep putting a smile on my face.

Xasz said...

This is why I play. Honestly.

...on that note, I'm such a griefer.