Friday, October 10, 2008

Moving Out

Goodbye Aurohunen

I tend to be a bit emotional for a someone whose profession insists that they be tough, cold-hearted and ruthless. I was very sad when my pony died (R.I.P. Mrs Pilkins). I was a bit torn up when I tried to leave the pirate life. I was heartbroken when I dumped my poor Taranis. So when Golden Helmet decided that it was time for us to leave our current system and move on to a new region of space, I felt my usual sad emotions begin to well up. I know that pirates are a nomadic bunch, but I can't help but feel nostalgic about leaving what has been my home for many months now. When I first arrived in Aurohunen and the surrounding area, I was a newb. I flew an Incursus and a Vexor (poorly) and had only a few a dozen kills under my belt. Fast forward to now and we have racked up at least 1500 kills in Aurohunen and the surrounding area and I have gone from being a complete newb to being the most accomplished and fearsome pirate in the history of Eve (slight exageration maybe).

So I packed up all my ships, all my modules and let free all the exotic dancers that have been trapped in my hangar for months. I threw on my disguise, complete with a fake mustache and climbed into my industrial Iteron for the trip down to our new home. I waved goodbye to Jeff, my favorite hangar tech and he just gave me a dumb blank look while his ham & cheese sandwich hung halfway out of his fat mouth. Ah Jeff, how I'll miss your hilarious lunchmeat antics. My industrial slowly drifted into space and I breathed in the fresh Aurohunen air (at least I pretended to). The end of a great chapter in the life of Spectre the pirate but hopefully also the beginning to a great new one.

Like Riding A Bike

I was all moved in and ready to roam. I picked out a freshly fit new Vexor, full of tech 2 goodies and got ready for some fun. Our gang assembled and we flew off to visit the famed system of Amamake to look for a bit of trouble. We arrived and the scanner overflowed with potential targets. I salivated over the possibilities and began to scan and warp around. After a few moments, a new-ish pilot in a Hurricane was at a gate! I followed him to the gate just in time to see him warp to another one. I wasn't going to let this ripe fellow get away. I arrived at the next gate just in time to see him jump through and I followed quickly to make sure I would see where he warped to next.

As my jump completed, a high priority message flashed on my ships overview. Criminals will not be tolerated? What??? I did a system check on where I had just jumped to...

Location: Osoggur
Security Status: 0.5

High security space. I had followed my target to certain death. I banged my head on my ships console several times. It would be the last time I ever did anything with it as it was torn asunder by the Minmatar faction police moments later. Why can't they create a simple warning mechanism on ships or gates to prevent such mishaps? I will never understand.


My last post got a lot of hits and a lot of responses so I figured people might be interested in some updates related to it:

- There was a thread on the forums about the events that transpired with Mostly Harmless and their titan. One fellow who read and posted was so impressed that he gave us 5 free T2 frigates. My hangar and it's new stock of Taranis's thanks you Phoenix Pride!

- After I had docked up with my battle-Navitas to go to the station's spa, the rest of my corp decided to get together and destroy the unguarded and offline POS that Mostly Harmless left behind (at least I think this was theirs... I wasn't there).

- Soon after my blog post about seeing the Titan, I got a private message from a party interested in the location where I saw it, the name of the ship as well as the name of the pilot. I let him know that for a certain price, I might be willing to share. 20 million ISK and a few minutes later, we both had exactly what we wanted. Now I kind of wish I had asked for more...

Lastly, I saw a post today by Pegleg Punk that was really amusing. It isn't every day that someone gets told "You are the evil incarnate here." Why doesn't anyone ever say that to me?


Cpt. Infidel said...

Same thing happened to me, i got my rifter popped as i hunted another frigate yesterday by the police.

Mynxee said...

Always nice to get a Spectre fix! The bit about the lunchmeat was funny! Moving is definitely a pain...takes time to get into the rhythm of a new Local.

Guess it's time to clone-jump to Aurohunen and wend my way through VETO hell to put that jump clone somewhere else. Any suggestions?

Letrange said...

1) it's Osoggur (1 s, 2 g)
2) Just out of curiosity, are the npc police like the npc faction ships? cuz if so you should be able to warp around constantly until you can jump back down to low sec. Ok if you're in a BS it's a problem, but frigates certainly don't have a problem on high sec raids.
3) Ah, so you guys were the neutral pirates on the Oso gate I heard about while I was elsewhere in high sec?

Josh (GH) said...

It wasn't 1500 kills in Aurohunen (sadly), was only like 800-something, and the POS we were shooting was just some random corp, not Mostly Harmless :(

Ahh well, time to make our presence felt in the new home. Let the fine citizens of Aurohunen get comfortable for a while, and then we'll strike >=)

Spectre said...

Mynx: Amamake!

Letrange: I went out of my way to make sure I Google'd and spelled that system name right and I still screwed it up somehow. I was in a Vexor so there was no way I was going to align and warp or get back to the gate in time. I did try but it wasn't going to happen :(

GH: I said Aurohunen and surrounding area. In Auro, Dant and Mara alone we had 1500+. Add in Passari, Nikkishina, Ishomilken and the Black Rise systems and I bet it was around 2000. We had a really good run in that region :)

f0st3r said...

Yarr.. Im gonna miss Auro... Already am, not much to kill in the new area it seems, but i'm gonna talk GH into jumping me a few ships into ravarin, LOTS of meat in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lanissum said...

Yeah.. I flew a rifter, and I'm pretty sure at least one vexor into high sec chasing targets

I can imagine that I'll make that mistake at least once more in our new home...

San Rintu said...

Nice to see you guys moving down our way! I'm sure Flash, myself and the rest of The Bastards can arrange a system warming party for you!

Lars Lodar said...

Aurohunen was fun while it lasted. Made a lot of great friends and killed tons of people.

I've moved to Black Rise but I know I'll eventually be back. Already moved to Aurohunen area twice this year.

I might setup a JC down where you are at if I can get help with logistics.