Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh How Far We Have Come

It feels like only yesterday I was tooling around in an Incursus, trying my best just to find other frigates that I could take on without perishing myself. The memories of barely being able to afford and fit modules on a cruiser feel fresh and recent. If you asked me a back then if I thought I would be flying a Megathron into large scale pirate battles, tearing through a few opponents and then perishing to the combined power of battleships and multiple capital ships, I probably would have laughed and taken it as a joke. Oh, how far we have come since those months ago.

It all started with some intel that one of the neighboring pirate corps was on their way to Aurohunen with a gang made up of an Armageddon, Dominix, Hyperion, Cerebrus and Sleipnir. They are very familiar with us and we are very familiar with them. They knew that we would potentially have a carrier or two as well as ECM ships and we knew the potential of them bringing their own Falcon and being able to drop their own capital ships when needed. We scrounged together our own gang to prepare for the potential engagement as they were all very experienced pilots who fit their ships well and we are newbs who fit our ships... well... very cheaply.

They arrived in system and we braced ourselves for combat. We had several lookouts scouting for their group but it appeared they had split up and moved into safe spots out in deep space. After a bit of watching and waiting, one of our pilots located and scanned out their Armageddon, alone and at a safe spot. I gave the order to warp and engage the lone battleship with our much larger than normal fleet. We arrived, locked down our target and whittled him down to nothing. Soon his gang began to arrive as well and we moved on to destroy the Hyperion and Sleipnir... without taking any losses! This was going well... too well.

As though reading my mind, I caught a new item on my overview. A Cynosural Field had been opened at this very spot. I gave the orders for my gang to disperse as a Wyvern mothership and Thanatos carrier appeared on the field of battle. I was happy to see that all of my comrades were able to flee unharmed but unfortunately I had been too distracted with giving orders and with staring in awe and the massive ships that had just arrived. I became a casualty and my first battleship ever was melted to a crisp by the combined power of two capital ships and a Dominix.

In my pod, back at the station, I sat quietly inside. The hangar techs just outside my pod window were peering in, probably wondering why I wasn't exiting, angry and raging at the loss of my biggest ship. But I wasn't angry. I was content with the way I had gone down and way more than satisfied with how my first Megathron had performed over the past few weeks. Calm and done soaking in the events of the past few minutes, I hopped out of my pod, gave a grin to the tech closest to me and wandered off to do some planning. I had some serious decisions to make about my future. What battleship to buy next?


Omae Gaw'D said...

Sounds like you had a nice fight. As for which BS next, I'd say a Mega.
Because no other ship will make you feel so sexy...Oh yeah, sooo sexy. *rubs his mega*
What? Oh yeah, the other BS's...

Domi and hyper will require you to have good T2 tank skills to be effective and satisfy you...The mega will satisfy you long time, oh yeah.

Did I tell you about the Mega?

Mynxee said...

(OMG is funny.) Good story, Spec...too bad you guys didn't have the resources available to tackle those caps and take them out. Woulda been a sweet, sweet venti cafe mocha with a double shot of raspberry.

From a purely selfish perspective, I hope something pisses you off soon--your posts are at their most hilarious when you get riled up.

GH said...

I can't believe how close I came to losing my Archon. Was alligned and everything... if I didn't have to dock and reboot to fix Ventrilo, I'd be out one carrier. Not gonna stop shitting myself for a week I think.

Spectre said...

OMG: I do really like the Mega so far but I was thinking about trying out a Domi just as a test. I do have T2 tank skills almost complete so I can fit it pretty decently... I just don't have T2 heavy drones.

Mynx: I haven't really felt "in the zone" recently when posting. Not sure why. I'll try to step up the funny next time.

GH: I think if your carrier had been there we would have stuck around and at least fought it out. They had only 1 BS left and we had several. Not to mention the fact we were in our own system where we could quickly grab more ships and reinforcements.

Lars Lodar said...

Damn you guys did great!

Can't believe they had to drop 2 carriers on you all to get out.

I'm impressed how far PC has come. It can only get better as you're skills increase and you grow in numbers.

GH said...

Come join us already Lars :P

Spectre said...

My life would seriously be complete if Lars Lodar joined my corporation.