Saturday, October 25, 2008

One Hundred!

Today we celebrate a wondrous event... The 100th post on Eve Newb! The fact that I have made it this far proves one thing: I write about stupid video crap way too much. Since I first began writing Eve Newb on April 21st of this year, I have recieved 35,346 pageviews during 17,813 visits from 7,134 unique visitors and I am still amazed and thankful every day for everyones interest.

To celebrate the occasion, I have decided to countdown my five favorite of my own blog posts ever! What? How can I be so self-centered that I am writing a "Best Of" for my own blog? Isn't it a cop-out to just recap old posts instead of writing some new and original? Well to your perfectly valid questions I say: Shut the hell up and stop making me look bad you asshats. God.

(5) Unbelievable: This is my most visited post ever thanks to some linkage on the Eve Online forums. It is the story of my ragtag band of pirates taking on three ferocious battleships and barely coming alive despite a fantastic and completely fair fight. I wish stuff like this would happen every day. Or every minute.

(4) Lost and Found: The story of how a great loss of a friend turned into a great increase in wealth and toys. I am sure that most pirates understand what it is like to tear up and the thought of when they bought their first battlecruiser. She was so pretty *sniff*.

(3) Thorax: The very first appearance of Mrs Pilkins the pony. Do I really have to say anything more?

(2) Going Commando: A recent post detailing the adventures of the Python Cartel, my battle Navitas and our engagement of a mighty Titan. I cannot think of an encounter I ever took part in that was more entertaining than this one.

(1) The Epic Journey: This one was actually a three parter (part 1, part 2 and part3) and was based entirely on REAL EVENTS! WOW!!! Was a fun trip where I ran into quite a few fun engagements and interesting people.

So there we go! The five greatest blog posts ever written in the history of the internet!


skye said...

air conditioning was best, when the guy scrambled the billboard. YOU ARE WRONG!

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Drixion said...

Lest we forget the sad Pirate Fundraiser?