Monday, October 6, 2008

The Wild West

The Good

- Getting a new battleship and using it to keep Aurohunen clear of those silly non-pirate scumbag carebears. Don't let the lopsided killmails fool you... they had several other ships including battleships, recons and a carrier as backup.

- Having the corp score over one billion ISK worth of damage in a single day. Sure we took quite a bit of damage in return but that isn't the damn point.

The Bad

- Having a very large and notorious pirate corporation move into your area and camp the gates with 20 ships. It has made roaming outside of our home system a bit difficult.

The Ugly

- Spending an hour aligned in a gang full of battleships waiting for a juicy freighter target to enter low security space only to watch him log off with no success. Why can't these people just be stupider and more careless with their expensive goods? Selfish jerks.

The Screenshots

Dominix and Gang - Warping!

Dominix and Gang - Camping! (AKA Boring)

Megathron Warping


Patrick said...

Sorry you missed it. :(

Lars Lodar said...


I'm super serial.

Anonymous said...

Good post, made me laugh!

Mynxee said...

\o/ More comedy from Spec! Very funny, nice pics.

Spectre said...


Patrick said...

Yeah well, at least you didn't miss out on a ransom. He logged when he got into structure, then came back right before we popped him.

His loot was worthless; we couldn't haul it back to station.