Sunday, November 2, 2008


The Python Cartel

Slowly over the past few weeks, major changes have taken place. The Python Cartel, the corporation that I have loved and tried to help build is on it's last legs and will soon be put to bed. Over 650 kills and over 90 losses since I first joined the ranks of PC and I have grown immensely as a pilot in that time. I am very sad to see it go but sometimes it is necessary to move on and keep things interesting. I want to thank everyone I flew with in the Cartel for making it such a fun and drama free group to fly with. Golden Helmet should be very proud of what he had assembled as long as it did last. On that note, I have left and joined a new corporation:

The Bastards

Before I left, I spoke with several members of PC who wanted to try and stick together and get into a more active pirate corp. We looked at a few corporations and decided to speak with The Bastards which may sound familiar as they have done some very interesting things and have some prominent bloggers within their ranks. Myself and many members of The Python Cartel applied and I have since been accepted within their ranks. I hope that I will soon see many of my old pirate friends being accepted as well.

That Was Boring... Tell Us What You Killed!

I killed some stuff. I just lack to interest and motivation to describe the encounters in detail. I think it might be some sort of writers block.


Mynxee said...

Now you can post about all the deep dark secrets of The Bastards...the ones, at least, that I haven't managed to pry out of RoninData myself!!! *grin*

Seriously, good luck flying with them, they are so much fun. As for the posting...meh, the muse will strike when it strikes. :) Just hurry up with the next one, wouldja?

Lars Lodar said...

I think I'm gonna have to check out the Bastards when I get rid of all of my loot and kill as many many caldari militia as I can before I loss my ships.

Might be a few weeks since I've become rather inactive due to the lack of fun.

I look forward to flying with you boys soon.

Ard UnjiiGo said...

Welcome aboard Spectre. Good to have you and hope you come to enjoy being a Bastard as much as I do.