Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Good Podding

Money To Burn

I checked my fake mustache to make sure it wasn't falling off. Considering my infamy and reputation, someone could recognize me if my disguise was not top notch in the populated Hek super mall. It was no Jita, but it was still bustling and busy like a trade hub should be. I shuffled down the main strip of shops in my cowboy boots, trying to push my fake dreadlocks out of my face when something glittered out of the corner of my eye. I walked up to the storefront and pressed my face up against the glass to get a good look at the small shiny objects of my attention. Implants! The sign on the store said "CRAZY IVAN'S IMPLANT HUT". It didn't look like a hut and I doubted that the girl behind the counter was named "Ivan". Whatever... I had money to burn!

A little while later I stumbled out of the shop feeling a little bit woozy and with my wallet about 65,000,000 ISK lighter. I had always dreamed of being able to afford fancy +4 implants and now I finally had the confidence to install them as I hadn't been podded in months. "Man I am cool" I told myself as I winked at a group of young Caldari ladies going about their shopping. Rolling of the eyes must be the Caldari way of saying they approved. Groovy.

It's Been A Long Time...

...since I felt the rush of a good fight. Weeks in fact. So eager was I to get that adreneline rush that I jumped into a faction warfare complex full of nine frigates and cruisers to try and take them on in a 1 vs 9 fight with my Vexor. Chances were that I would die but nothing epic ever happens if you don't take a chance. With surprise on my side and their fleet already spread out and fighting their faction enemies, I landed in the 'plex. I deployed my drones and managed to take down one of their Punisher's, their Purifier and almost a second Punisher before my Vexor was smushed by their combined firepower. A fun fight but now it was time to get my pod and my clone and its precious new implants to safety. I selected a random item on my overview and jammed the warp button as my pod ejected. I hit the warp button again. And again. Warp damn it! This must be a bad dream. How did they cat-

I sat up and wiped the goo out of my eyes. I felt a little bit sick and out of place in this new clone. This new body was devoid of all my new expensive implants and some other apendages felt differently sized. The girls were not going to be happy. How embarassing.


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- Despite this post and a little bit of play time, I am still on hiatus. I won't be online much or posting much so try to hold yourselves together by reading RuPaul's blog. It is very similiar to the stuff I write.


Josh (GH) said...

Hahaha, man, that sucks. Buy a shiney +4 set and then go and lose it, been there done that many times back in 0.0. Ouch.

Lars Lodar said...

Ah the karma of piracy.

Thankfully the only time I've lost implants is in 0.0. Been rocking +4 for like a year now. :D

That was some pretty risky shit considering how many quick locking frigs you threw yourself at. But you're right about epic fights. You'll never get that rush unless you know you will probably die followed by what will hopefully be an epic victory against all odds.

As always, great story.

Spectre said...

I hate to admit it but I don't think the reason I got podded was because of the Claw or the other frigs managing to lock me down fast. Instead, I accidentally selected the icon for the plex I was currently in as my warp-to point so when I went and spammed the warp button, I wound up going nowhere fast. Chalk it up to my own stupidity as usual :)

Tony said...

Oh ouchies oh ouchies!

Well may you find nother great money train to jump aboard.

Mynxee said...

LOL, that picture! Very funny post! I run around in +4's most of the time...not fun to lose but they aren't *that* expensive.

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff matey. Good on ya for sharing that one.

Mynx: Not *that* expensive? Avast yer bragging or be prepared to share!

Avan said...

Yeah... same thing happened to my poor Ares. Got cocky in a FW plex, got the shit webbed out of me (pre web nerf) and promptly died. I started spamming my warp button... only to realize that my pod was now beginning to orbit a nearby faction rat. Well, at least I didn't have implants.

Mynxee said...

@Cussbeard: Not bragging, really. Finding a couple of good low sec radar sites, a few hours spent ratting in 0.0, or a lucky evening in EVE Online Hold 'Em easily earns the cost of a set of +4's. Hell, just cruising the low sec belts that are heavily ratted in Essence, I've stumbled up on a faction spawn that dropped a BPC which sold for enough to buy a set based on Spec's 65M ISK cost. If you happen to run missions and can use your LPs, they are even cheaper.

skye said...

Spec, you shouldnt buy implants, srsly.