Friday, November 21, 2008


EveNewb will be on a bit of a hiatus for the next few weeks thanks to several factors including:

(1) Comcast is a bunch of idiots.
(2) Business trip.
(3) Fallout 3.
(4) American Holidays.

My posts will probably be few and far between until the end of the year. For now, please check out Kanye West's blog as a substitute since his posts contain much of the same ideas and content.


Mynxee said...

Wondered where you'd been. See you on the flip side.

Who8MyLunch said...

I love the kanYe West blog! Great section on internet spaceships!

PsycheDiver said...

Take care!

If you're on Xbox Live hook up with me sometime if you have time.

Spectre said...

Psyche: Sure thing. My XBL tag is "Spectre3353" (what a surprise, right?). I've been mostly into single player stuff like Fallout 3 and Fable 2 and Mass Effect recently but I am always up for a good game of Halo 3 or Catan or superbadass Uno if you see me on.

skye said...

where am i suposed to "see what im missing out on" now?

dam you! dam you and your american holidays! How dare you take a break from posting stories for everybody elses enjoyment.

*srsly tho, happy holidays! xD*