Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Just Made A Salad

This is no ordinary salad. It may be the greatest salad ever created. I fit it like so:

5x Leafs Of Romaine Lettuce (ripped up into small pieces)

8x Croutons
1/2x Small Onion (chopped up into little strings)
1x Large Mushroom (chopped up into little slices)
1x 10MN Microwarpdrive I

1x Olive Oil
1x Vinegar
1x Salt
1x Pepper

5x Warrior II

The key is really the onion and the vinegar. Together they give the salad such a bite that it almost jumps out at you and grabs your balls and forces you to give it your wallet. The croutons and salt and pepper give it the flavor while the lettuce and mushrooms provide the body and textures any salad needs for completeness. In case of smaller ships engaging this salad, you can simply stick your Warrior II's on them and MWD away towards the refrigerator where a beer or six will fix everything.

IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL NOTE: Tomatoes should really be mandatory in this salad as well. I simply did not have any in my hangar to work with. I recommend the small Italian ones which can be found in Hek for about 300,000 ISK a piece. They are well worth it.


PsycheDiver said...

I would buy that salad on contract.

Is this a fleet salad or a solo side?

Mynxee said...

What?! No sliced sirloin or grilled chicken rigs? Go big or go home, kid!

Havohej said...

11 mid slots? I call d3vh4x

Anonymous said...

11 and a half, there havohej... iz not h4x, iz salad... iz OMGWTFNOTBBQPWN

Spectre said...

Psyche: Depends entirely on the scale that you go with. The portions described here are for solo meals or duels but you could certainly ramp it up and use different varieties of salad like Caesar Salad, Egg Salad or an Armageddon for fleet encounters.

Mynxee: Meat simply does not mix with this variety of salad. Perhaps a grilled chicken caesar would be more suited to your playstyle.

Dexter Tripod said...

So who's gonna toss your salad first?

Lars Lodar said...

That would be me.

Lanissum said...

Is that supposed to be a fitting-in-ultra-sekret-code?

Or do I just lack a sense of humor?

Tony said...

I bleh at your mids, clearly a chicken-garden salad is superior to this!
Haha jokes jokes of course.
But on a rather serious note, you forgot about the dressing!!!

Spectre said...

Tony: The Oil + Vinegar is the dressing!