Monday, November 10, 2008

Money and Puppies

Golden Helmet

Aside from being what I call my most prized body part, Golden Helmet is also the name of my ex-CEO and friend. Helmet is a much older pilot than myself and led myself and dozens of others through several months of pure pirating bliss while we were a part of the Python Cartel. He has been one of my favorite wing men and has sacrificed much of his own time and resources for our enjoyment. I was a little bit surprised when I woke up a few days ago and noticed a blinking icon on the monitor. A contract had been assigned to me from Jita and the item that had been contracted was... a Rattlesnake? "I don't even know what a Rattlesnake is..." I thought as I went and did a little bit of research.

A faction battleship worth over a billion isk. A billion. Wow. It turns out that Helmet has decided to give up the pirating and mercenary life for a while to take care of some things in his personal life. He has gone planet side indefinitely and give away all his stuff. Needless to say, I am now 1.3 billion ISK richer, my hangar is stocked with every ship and module imaginable and I will be set for quite a while. How appropriate it is that someone who gave so much to us all while he was here has even found a way to keep his legacy going now that he has gone? I hope we will see you again GH and when we do, I might still have some cash to give you.


I have a puppy. She is a Puggle (half Pug, half Beagle) and about one-and-a-half years old now. She seems to digress more and more every day as opposed to maturing. She barks at everything and anything and it isn't just a bark so much as a high-pitched squeal that could bring even the most hardened of men to their knees. She is needy, extremely hyper-active, she jumps on people, tracks mud everywhere, whines, digs holes in my yard and continues to eat her own feces at every possible opportunity. She is probably the most destructive and insane creature I have ever encountered and she makes me want to smother her with a pillow on most days.

Yet every so often when I take her for a walk or we are sitting around, she will walk up to me with her tail wagging and jump up up my leg so that she is looking straight up at me. It is almost unbearably cute and it makes me forgive her for everything shes ever chewed, every hole shes ever dug and for that time I came home from work to find that she had pooped all over my entire house.

Women. Whether they are human or not, they are all manipulative.

Molly Outside

Molly In A Box


Josh (GH) said...

Cute puppy! And enjoy the iskies. 10 isk says that you'll burn through it in no time, rule #2 of Eve is "The more ISK you have, the faster you lose it." At least from my experience. Make lots of shiney things explode, mmkay? :D

Achernar said...

The above poster is correct, though I guess it depends on your personality. Something that works for me, is giving my money to an alt character who will keep it for me. Being unable to see more than 10 million isk in my wallet does wonders to prevent me to go on an useless shopping rampage. Note that, if you do not have an alt character, I can provide this service for you.

Ombey said...

Awww, cute. I have a 2 year old German Shepherd and on the whole he's pretty good except when he's around other dogs. Then he likes to bark and run at them at full speed to the horror of their owners. :-\

Gratz on the Rattlesnake!

San Rintu said...

Who wants this Dog!

Very cute little rascal. Fancy being my sugar daddy for a bit the Spectre? I wants your ISKS!

No'Wai said...

hilarious about the puppy, bittersweet about GH.
i had a pug i miss my 3 legged dog!

Mynxee said...

GH: Since I know you're still reading blogs, good luck with everything...I bet you'll be back to EVE one day :) I seem to recall certain other pirates who said they were leaving and oh gee, here we are, reading one of their blogs.

Spec: Nice "inheritance"! When YOU decide to leave the game (again), can I haz sum of ur stuff? What a face on that puppy of yours!!! I have Jack Russells (aka Tasmanian Devils in smaller, cuter packages). Sometimes they are so bad I just want to drop kick them into the next county. Then they do something so irresistably cute that all badness is instantly forgotten. Plus, you just have to admire a 12-lb dog that will take on a 350 lb. black bear and live to tell about it (after 700 ISK...errr...dollars' worth of veterinary restoration to her hit points). So yeah, I sympathize.

Manasi said...

Exercise, then discipline, then when your puggle is calm and you're calm too... then affection.

Walk her till she is tired then you'll find she is much more acceptable.

While there is a certain amount of similarity...your puggle is just that a puggle be a calm assertive pack leader and she will come into line....I'm not sure I'd try that with a woman (haha) BTW I'm a true believer of Ceaser Milan ( dog whisperer fame, his stuff works)

Lars Lodar said...

That rattlesnake should buy you a whole fleet of thoraxs and taranis's if you play your cards right.

Sorry to hear you're leaving Josh. Now is a good time to take a much needed break from EVE. I know you'll be back and when you do, send me a convo.

Mr Morimoto said...

A rattlesnake? Pffft, GH left me with a month's supply of cap booster 800's. Sorry he thought so little of you, but if ya ask nice I may share my newfound wealth....

Jaggins said...

Hey Spectre, very cute puppy! If your pup is anxious, you might talk to your vet about doggie prozac. It is cheap, and can work wonders for making your dog happier!