Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Post About Eve!

David and Goliath!

I don't fly my Taranis quite as much as I used to. I still love the ship that has given me so much but it is hard to stick with the same thing every time you go out and it is getting especially tough to fly a ship that cannot engage under sentry fire. So when I saw that the Bastards had a T2 frigate gang going, I passed over my Ishkur, Enyo and Ares and jumped in my Super Ion Gank Blasteranis(tm) and headed out to join up.

Down to Egghelende I went to meet up with the fleet. It was a fairly large group made of up of more than half a dozen different frigates of all shapes and sizes and even a cruiser or two. We spent some time in system trying to hunt down a variety of ships to no avail until I saw what appeared to be a Myrmidon on a gate leading to what used to be my base of operations in the area, Aliette. I warped to the gate and right in front of me was the Myrmidon. I checked the pilots information and noted his age... only 2 months old and flying a battlecruiser! I had to find some way to take advantage of this even though none of our ships could engage him on the gate. I opened a conversation to see what I could arrange:

[ 2008.11.05 01:38:27 ] Spectre3353 > hi!
[ 2008.11.05 01:38:39 ] pierre chandelle > hllo
[ 2008.11.05 01:38:45 ] Spectre3353 > i am having some trouble with the rats here
[ 2008.11.05 01:38:47 ] Spectre3353 > would you mind helping me?
[ 2008.11.05 01:38:57 ] pierre chandelle > sure
[ 2008.11.05 01:39:02 ] Spectre3353 > ok belt 7-3
[ 2008.11.05 01:39:06 ] Spectre3353 > i am going there now, thanks!

I went to the belt and alerted my gang. We might have an incoming and unsuspecting target! We waited... and waited... and nothing came. Damn! I continued our private conversation to try and get him to meet us...

[ 2008.11.05 01:40:35 ] Spectre3353 > rats are beating me up pretty bad :/
[ 2008.11.05 01:40:36 ] Spectre3353 > plz help
[ 2008.11.05 01:40:44 ] Spectre3353 > i am in asteroid belt VII - 3
[ 2008.11.05 01:42:12 ] Spectre3353 > ??

...but again to no avail. He never showed up. I sighed and watched as he dissapeared off scan and out of the system. Hmm. He must have just jumped to Aliette. I aligned and warped my Taranis to the gate and jumped through. No Myrmidon at the gate but my scanner showed that he was nearby... and directly towards a planet! I warped to the planet and was overjoyed to see him sitting there, unmoving and and ripe for the taking. I unleashed with everything I had and called my gang to get into system and help me kill a ship that I probably could not solo...

...Or could I? As my comrades were on their way to join the fray, I realized that I had already beaten my target into armor and he was still unmoving and not fighting back. No guns fired. No drones launched. Not a single movement in any direction. He was not even at the controls! My gang mates began to arrive but out of respect and courtesy they simply watched and cheered me on instead of jumping into the fight. This was to be my kill!

A mighty battlecruiser felled by a lowly frigate. A bit of proof as to why you should not get into a big ship before you truly know how to fly it.

No Funny Stuff

I have a friend who just recently graduated from the Minmitar Republic Fleet Academy. He, like many of his kin, has gotten into the trusty and reliable Rifter frigate to begin his life as a combat pilot. I was with him just recently when he got his first kill and I can only imagine that it has fueled his bloodlust and desire to cause more havoc in low security space. Needless to say, tonight I was very proud to hear that he was hunting and trying to engage a Catalyst destroyer in nearby lowsec. He told me over the comms that he had almost managed to scramble the fellow when he had fled from the belt and left system. This was only a couple systems away from my current location so I rushed in his direction to try and help find and destroy his prey.

I started on my way and a couple jumps in I noticed the pilot that he had described to me was in local! I scanned around and found him at one of the nearby stations and proceeded to follow him in warp to several different gates. Every time I landed at a gate with him and targeted him, he panicked and warped away to yet another gate. He must have been a very inexperienced pilot and not realized that at a gate there was absolutely nothing I could do to kill him or else the sentry guns would almost instantly destroy my ship. Fear and ignorance are a powerful combination and something that pirates have to wield and exploit almost as often as our actual weapons. Finally, panicked and confused, he hailed me and we began a conversation:

[ 2008.11.05 04:30:36 ] Ieago > Ok Ok I'll give it back

"Give it back"? What? I had no idea what he was talking about but I may as well just go along and take advantage of the situation...

[ 2008.11.05 04:30:42 ] Spectre3353 > yes i want it back
[ 2008.11.05 04:30:50 ] Spectre3353 > meet me in belt 1 - 1
[ 2008.11.05 04:30:52 ] Spectre3353 > bosboger 1 - 1
[ 2008.11.05 04:30:54 ] Spectre3353 > no funny stuff

[ 2008.11.05 04:31:22 ] Spectre3353 > you meet me in 1-1 so i can check you out
[ 2008.11.05 04:31:24 ] Spectre3353 > or else i will kill you
[ 2008.11.05 04:31:26 ] Spectre3353 > you understand?
[ 2008.11.05 04:31:27 ] Spectre3353 > go to 1-1 now

A few moments later, he had still not followed my advice so I reinforced the idea:

[ 2008.11.05 04:32:10 ] Spectre3353 > i see you are at the lulm gate
[ 2008.11.05 04:32:16 ] Spectre3353 > if you dont follow my orders, i will kill you right now
[ 2008.11.05 04:32:18 ] Ieago > 1: you're talking to a noob so I have no Idea what 1 -1 is.2: meet me in the quaffe Co. factory I'll do the item exchange (private3 contract)
[ 2008.11.05 04:32:25 ] Spectre3353 > the first belt in the list
[ 2008.11.05 04:32:28 ] Spectre3353 > right click the screen
[ 2008.11.05 04:32:33 ] Spectre3353 > asteroid belts
[ 2008.11.05 04:32:34 ] Spectre3353 > first one
[ 2008.11.05 04:32:38 ] Ieago > going

What a fool. Had he seriously followed my demands? The question was answered as I landed in the belt and saw my prey. I locked him, turned on my webifier and scrambler and waited for my wingman to arrive. The Catalyst finally got what was coming to him from the muzzle of my friends 150mm autocannons.

A bit of proof as to why you should never underestimate the power of words.

Update: I was kind of tired and not sober when I wrote this last night. It has been edited a bit since I am much pickier about grammar and wording while not under the influence of Smirnoff.

Update 2: The Myrmidon pilot left me an Eve-Mail today. He apparently figured out how to tell what/who killed him and wanted to get in contact with me:

2008.11.05 06:35
why did you guys kill me...??? i was sitting there afk...?

jezz man send me 30mil to replace my ship?

I laughed. I did not however send him any money.


Dexter Tripod said...

Hahaha, some people have all the luck! :P Yes I'm jealous

Mynxee said...

There might be some luck involved, but skill plays a large part too. I've flown with Spec--he is really good and very quick at finding targets, assessing situations, and exploiting opportunities. Besides which, he can be very entertaining on voice comms, LOL!

Mynxee said...

Oh--and Spec, AWESOME kill with your Taranis!

Leon vanUber said...

How dare you trademarking the taranis-fit i gave to you :(
nevertheless nice myrm kill.

skye said...

rofl, you should have got that guy to eject whatever it was he was guna give back, and then killed him.

Nice kill in the ranis xD

skye said...

i mean uh jettison, not eject, duh

Lars Lodar said...


Where the hell do you find these people?

I've had a dry spell for weeks!

Spectre said...

Skye: From what I could glean, he had taken some ore or something from someones can. I didn't really care about his stinky Veldspar. You coming back to Eve soon? I need a Falcon bitch to follow me around so I can stop losing 4 Thoraxes a day.

Lars: Amamake area. You should come gang up with us so we can get you killed.

Lars Lodar said...

Sounds fun.

When I muster the will to play EVE again I will get my gear/loot sorted and drop an app to the bastards.

And I don't need any help getting killed thank you very much. I seem to be doing a good job at that already.