Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Escape From Alcatraz

I stumbled down the hallway, grasping the walls with my sweat-covered palms. My heart was beating in my ears and my breath was coming fast and in gasps. "This place is like a maze" I thought to myself. I needed to escape and most importantly I needed to find her. I wasn't going anywhere without her by my side. I made a quick turn down another corridor that looked exactly like the rest. Running now, I flew past a large steel door that looked considerably bigger than the others. I stopped, turned and ran back to peer through the porthole window that seemed incredibly inadequate for a such a large piece of metal. Inside were several prison guards and... she was there! Sitting in the middle of the room, obviously uncomfortable around these strangers and in this strange place.

I straightened myself as best I could. Fixed my collar, wiped the sweat off my forehead and calmed down my shakes a bit. Feeling confident and prepared I hit the button to open the hangar door and strolled in as if it was absolutely normal for a Gallente Federation prisoner to be wandering around outside of his isolation cell and in the middle of a hangar bay. I could see a couple guards playing cards in the corner stare at me with some level of confusion but my nonchalente attitude gave me enough of a lead that when I started to run, I was well ahead of even the closest guard. I couldn't help but crack a giant grin as I sprinted towards her. She stared right on back. As always, she was hard to read, but I could tell that deep down below her cold unemotional facade that she was just as excited at the potential of escape and our reuniting.

I quite literally jumped into my Taranis and slammed the cockpit shut. My attackers turned now to flee from what was about to happen to them but I was not about to spare them payback for the imprisonment and torture I had endured the past few months. The engines roared on and none of them even had time to scream as the hangar bay filled with flames and incinerated each and every one of them. "Poopsmack requesting clearance for departure from Hangar Bay 2" I stated to the tower. After reassuring the flight controller that everything down here was fine and it was just a minor reactor leak, he opened the hangar doors and I flew out into space. No persuers, no laser-fire, no nothing.

How do I have such good luck?


Zefroth said...

Welcome back Spectre!

skye said...

Good to see you back. Had good little roam around mini space today, quite a few kills for two inties :P

Anonymous said...

He's back!

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Awe look at that! Spectre is back in action!

Chomin H'ak said...

Hellz yeah!

How's it feel? It's like chocolate, isn't it?

Anyway, welcome back!

Mynxee said...

*resubs to the feed*

mechajabber said...

Even though I was hoping to run into you in Azeroth, it's good to see you back writing about stuff other than confectionery.

Now let the carnage commence!