Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Am An Inspiration

I sat with my feet reclined on the dash and a toothpick hanging lightly out of my mouth. My Thorax was hidden in the shadow of a gaseous planet in the Eszur system of low security space. Myself and Hallan were waiting for the empires heightened security in the system to ease up after our recent misdeeds nearby and the wait was killing me. Half dozing, I finally noticed a new entry on the scanner console near my pink slippers. A small Gallente frigate was out and about in nearby space so I perked up and began to investigate.

I scanned down and followed the little Ishkur frigate to several locations including belts, planets and stations but he was always far from me as I warped in and fled from the scene once I began to approach. He wasn't fleeing for complete safety but at the same time was not willing to fight. This is the sort of indecision that drives me insane... either put out or get out and stop wasting my damn time. Finally the frustration came to a head and I addressed my prey:

[05:33:56] Spectre3353 > if you want to have a go, let me know... tired of chasing now :P
[05:34:18] William Escobar > yeah just waiting for a inty to come along to make it even with your rifter :)
[05:34:37] Spectre3353 > id be glad to offer a 1v1, i can make my rifter stay out
[05:34:52] William Escobar > nah i dont trust my ship to be a properly fitted rax ;)
[05:35:06] Spectre3353 > youre smart then... i like to feast on cocky AF's

So that was that. With things calmed down and Hallan ready to go, I headed to the next gate and said my goodbye's:

[05:42:18] Spectre3353 > cya around, hope you find some better targets
[05:42:25] William Escobar > wait

The "wait" came through the speakers in my ships consoles right as we jumped into the next system. I only needed seconds to wonder why he had asked me to wait for the answer was sitting on the other side of the gate. A Nemesis stealth bomber and a blinky-red Crusader interceptor, both piloted by members of the same corporation had assembled on the gate. So that is what he was waiting for... backup. If it was a fight they wanted, I was more than happy to oblige. After a few moments carefully considering my strategy, I uncloaked and pointed my ship at full speed straight at the Crusader that was only about 10KM away. Locked, webbed, scrammed and I got ready to vaporize him when he decided to be smart and jump away through the gate. I turned my attention to the Nemesis and he decided on a similar course of action.

Well now, don't I look foolish. All dressed up and nothing to shoot. I waited on the gate for the inevitable reappearance of the enemy gang and I didn't have to wait long before the ships jumped back on through. First the Ishkur and Crusader, they uncloaked, locked and engaged me. It wasn't worth trying to catch and destroy the Crusader considering how evasive he was so I started by locking up the Ishkur and getting as close as possible. This frigate gangs best chance of success was to keep at range where my blasters and slow ship would be at a serious disadvantage. I was a little concerned at how quickly my armor began to peel away... I overheated my guns and my armor repairer to get maximum effectiveness and watched as the Nemesis stealth bomber jumped back into the system and attacked me as well. I was incredibly lucky at the fact that this fellow was jumping instead of warping to me as he was only 15KM away and very vulnerable. I stuck my drones exclusively on his glass cannon and within a few moments he had no choice but to warp away with his ship on flames and nearly destroyed.

I turned my attention back to the Ishkur and noticed a smokey burning smell. As usual I had let my guns overheat too long and they were nearly toast. I brought them back within normal operating parameters and watched the Ishkur go down in flames as I myself was nearly out of capacitor and very low on armor. Finally after a few more seconds of desperate lasering, the Crusader turned tail and smartly fled as I could have easily handled him alone. At this point Hallan had arrived so we gathered what was left on the field of battle and moved to a safer point in space. I spoke again with the Ishkur pilot who I had just destroyed:

[05:50:22] William Escobar > wait
[05:50:25] William Escobar > you the guy with the blog
[05:50:31] Spectre3353 > i am one of many yes
[05:50:32] Hallan Turrek > He is.
[05:50:36] Hallan Turrek > So'm I.
[05:50:41] William Escobar > dude that totally made me want to be a pirate :)

Well this was embarassing but I cannot say it is a totally new experience. For a while now and especially the past few days I have gotten comments as I flew through systems or via mail messages about this log. It is completely understandable as my epic experiences and stories are incredible and historic comapred to any other pirate... ever. It is tough being gifted and a star but I have learned to deal with it somehow.


Anonymous said...

Just let me finish thermo and hop in a Vexor and we'll have another go at it :)

Spectre said...

Bring it on Mr Escobar :)

Gripper said...

Always fun to read!

Chomin H'ak said...

Hate to say it, but you're one of my biggest inspirations.

Them's the breaks.

Hallan Turrek said...

Kinda annoying that I had to repair my own equipment before I could get to you. You had all the fun without me.