Thursday, March 12, 2009

Calling All Pilots - Celebrate Spectre Day!

I realized, slightly belatedly, that March 9th was the one year anniversary of my graduation from the Gallente Federation Naval Academy. What better time then now to look back and recap what I have accomplished in my first year as a pilot:

12,300,000 Skill Points

114 Known Skills (19 at level V)

901 Confirmed Kills (includes pods and everything)

144 Confirmed Losses (also includes me being podded and losing newb ships)

1 Emoragequit over playing too much

1 Emoragequit over wanting to play other MMO's that got boring fast

4 Distinctly Different Corporations (Joint Strike Squad, Python Cartel, The Bastards, The Carebear Stare)

126 Blog Posts (including this one)

1 Realization that I am the greatest pirate to ever be and that you are all lucky to be living and witnessing the golden age of Eve thanks to my presence

So how do you celebrate the anniversary of the greatest moment the universe has ever witnessed? Without me, what would there be? Not much entertainment and certainly not much fun. It seems wrong to celebrate by simply acknowledging the date here in this log. Someone of my stature, influence and historical note needs a holiday, so here is my proposal: From this day forth, March 21st will be known as "Spectre Day". It won't simply be a holiday to have lame little parties with pinatas and male strippers. It won't just be some stupid little excuse to have a barbecue. Spectre Day will REQUIRE the following of all pirates who consider themselves pure and true:

(1) All Pirates must assemble a Tech 1 Frigate. This Frigate can be fit in absolutely any manner but the ship hull itself must be T1.

(2) All Pirates must assemble in the system of Amamake at 2200 GMT Eve server time in these ships. This is 10 PM in England, 6 PM on the East Coast of the USA, 3 PM on the West Coast of the USA (I think at least... just follow GMT to be sure).

(3) Pirates may be ganged. Pirates may be solo. Pirates may attack anyone they would like. However, No one is allowed to leave the system until one hour has passed (2300 server time) or unless it is in your pod.

(4) Pirates may not sit in any location where external NPC firepower will affect the fight (stations and gates and POS's) and pirates may not use safe spots. For the entire duration of the Spectre Day event, you must be on grid at a warpable object without sentry or POS guns.

Please make sure to inform me of all KB kills that you want recognized during this event. I will display them here after the event is complete and I will name a MVP pirate. The MVP will receive a prize and this time I swear I am not lying about it. Anyone who does not consider themselves a pirate, I give you permission to still take part in this event as long as you wear an eye patch along with skull & crossbones underpants while taking part.

March 21st at 2200 server time...

Prepare for the celebration!


Joc said...

HEY!! I happen to actually LIKE PiƱatas!!!!

Sounds like spectre day is my kind of holiday however, filled with death, mischieve and general all around bad-doings!! Will try to be there to celebrate the great spectre!!

Anonymous said...

*tells Allii to get her cute little arse over to Amamake with a shed load of frigates in her hold*

Patrick said...

I'm so there.

Just got back in the game last night. I got super bummed when GR0PE fell apart, and school took over my life.

I've got more time, and I really missed pew-pew... so I'm back. I'll be there with my Punisher. :-D

-Lachesis VII

Andrea skye said...

Be there I shall. Merlin you shall not beat. Screwed, you all shall be...

Spectre said...

None of you will have a chance against my super nano mini-Ishtar Imicus.

Josh (GH) said...

Count me in. I'll be there in my Super Awesome Better-Than-Everyone Rifter. Oh, and 6 PM on the east coast = 3 PM west coast btw :P

Anonymous said...

I wished I could be there to partake even if I did have to wear the skull and crossbone undies. Okay they looked cute and thats what convinced me. But alas I have to finish processing requests station side. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

Mate, Scrapheap Challenge has a "drone ship" Gank Night roam scheduled for that time, why not join the two up?

Helicity Boson said...

Oooh speeec. Guess who might be coming baaaack *sing song voice*

Mynxee said...

What! No male strippers? WAHHHHH!!! To bad I'll be off at an artsy fartsy class that whole weekend. But if I get home early enough, I'll be at your party in Amamake!

Chomin H'ak said...

Buuuut I'm not a 'pirate', I'm an 'extortionist'.

Can I come anyways?

6pac said...


I am away that weekend!
Oh the carnage would be awesome..

Anyway, I´ll raise a beer glass at 2200evetime wherever I may be, and salute the best pirate in the ´verse.