Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Change Of Pace

Sometimes even the most exciting of things can become monotonous if you experience them on regular intervals. After pirating for most of my career and now having hit the 1,000 kill milestone, it is probably fair to inform you all of something I have kept secret for the past month. I, Spectre, pirate extraordinaire, have been training mining and industrial skills. As of yesterday I was able to get into a Retriever and begin mining in a barge! I have also been working to get my security status back up to the point where I can enter high security space and at this point I am able to safely enter 0.5 security systems. What does this mean? It means that I am taking a break from the stressful and expensive life of PvP, I am going to make some cash and I am going to get a little bit of rest by mining in highsec. It is nothing to be ashamed of as we all sometimes need some time off and some way to make a few ISK. I will continue my education towards eventually being able to fly a Hulk and refine the 'roids that it obtains. The blog might not be super exciting while I go down this route but I will try my best to at least keep it interesting for you all.

Here are some shots of my new ship in action:

She Is A Pretty Ship!

Pretty Mining Lasers!

I Fooled You All! Suckers!
Mining Is For Carebear Losers!


Lachesis said...

Nothing wrong with a making a little isk. My trading experiment is going swimmingly, I've seen a 10x increase in value in 5 days. At this rate I'll hit a billion+ within 6 weeks or so. Hurrah for compound returns.

I'll be posting a guide once I get into some serious cash.

Andrea skye said...

I actualy fell for it for a few sec, you know... with the WoW thing and all, your capable of anything. lol.

Chomin H'ak said...

Oh thank God.

You had me for a moment.

Grats on the 1000th kill.

Yargok said...

Damn.. ye had me too!

I went on thinking on how long it would take you to get positive status.. :)

Cheater.. April fools is tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

That's not an April fools... that's just WoW working its way back into your subconcious :P

Kazaji said...

The day Spectre mines is the day he learns to probe. So I think those harmless rocks are quite safe for a LOOOONG time.

Mandrill said...

Show a little respect for those who supply you with your ships. Without Carebears you would be less than nothing.

Funny tho, I laughed ;P

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Oh brother. Got me.

H Lecter said...

OMG - That was scary mate.

By the way - when are you going to disclose our dirty little secret?



Mynxee said...

Late to the party here, but HA! Didn't believe that for a second.