Thursday, March 5, 2009


In the space lanes of Old Man Star
Our frigates nervously fidgeted
Stalking our prey we were once again
But our firepower was certainly limited

Three small ships and a battlecruiser
Up against a fleet that continued to grow
We didn't want to risk it but GH insisted
And into the belt we did go

Nemesis, Manticore, Bellicose and Vagabond
Frigate killers all around they had manned
We toggled the warp drives upon the back of our ships
And in moments that fast HAC was scrammed

Blasters turned on, light drones deployed
I assumed my fate would be grave
When the dust settled and we fled the scene
I saw that all of our ships had been saved!

An expensive ass ship we had caught and destroyed
All while his friends watched us and gaped
What a sucker that he let us catch him like that
And that all of us also escaped

A tale so epic that it could only be told
As a song or a book or a poem
And only an author as talented as me...

Crap.... What rhymes with "poem"?


Mikolan said...

ROFLMAO! Pure awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

Top shit, man.

"Show 'em", although you probably have some fucked up American pronunciation :P

Josh (GH) said...

Fear my Crusader. Muahahaha.

Kirith Kodachi said...


Of course, that's if you pronoucne "poem" as poe-m like we do around here. If you pronouce it po-em with emphasis on the "em" then you have a much harder time.

Chomin H'ak said...

Win, dude. Pure win.

Mynxee said...

Very amusing, Spec. I voted this post as Blog Post of the Month at Alexia Morgan's site.