Monday, March 9, 2009

Je Suis Le Meilleur

Suicide is Painless (But Not Really)

Myself and my favorite wing men tried something new this weekend (new to me at least). Htrag, Golden Helmet, Andrea Skye, Kerblamo and I were involved in a number of Hulk kills in high security space which we executed by following these easy steps:

(1) Get an alt. Invite it to your fleet. Have it fly around in highsec systems right next door to lowsec and find Hulk's mining in belts. Move the alt's ship to be right on top of the stationary and defenseless carebear.

(2) Have your mains buy Destroyers and fit them with T1 weapons, T1 damage mods and a sensor booster. Have them all jump into the highsec system at the same time and gang warp to the alt.

(3) Turn on your sensor booster. Overheat your guns. Land on the poor carebear and paste him to the nearest 'roid before he has any idea what the balls just happened.

(4) Warp your pod home after CONCORD destroys you. Have the alt loot all the nice faction mods off the Hulk's wreck.


Spectre, Golden Helmet, Andrea Skye and
Htrag in Catalysts of Doom

By the end of our mini-spree we had destroyed about one-billion ISK worth of exhumers (according to the killboard prices). Some of them were less than happy about it:

[05:12:35] Kendal Ra > nothing better to do than cause greif
[05:12:56] Kendal Ra > Watch out everyoone... cheesy canflippers are around


[04:50:18] lljkDeathscythe > u know i bet u get all the women and nerds saying this all the time, but im your biggest fan ;)

[04:14:50] Cutie McTootie > you are my hero

[06:01:22] Gankis Khan > I feel quite swoony knowing someone as famous as you is in here. ;)

[14:58:26] ManaNiN > i wont be baited, i wont be lur'd so ur waisting your time, i know exactly who you are...fuck i even read ur blog :)

Pretty Pictures!

Megathron and Gang

Preparing to Gank Some More Hapless Miners


Andrea skye said...

aww im one of your favourite wingmen, how cute.


deathscythe said...

lol now im famous too. nice screenshots too, very pretty.

Not sure how profitable that really is but it sure looks fun. cant think how much a pithi b-type is off the top of my head. damn carebears :)