Friday, March 20, 2009

The Python Cartel

After some deliberation about what to do following the unfortunate recent events, myself, Golden Helmet and Intertial have decided to pick up where we left off with The Python Cartel. We are a corporation dedicated to the mass mining of asteroids, production of small shield boosters and level 3 mission running.


Oh, sorry, I was reading off the wrong sheet there. We are a corporation dedicated to destruction, profit and hot-dropping Archons on Bantams. Some may remember us for some of the many incredible acts of bravery and prowess we displayed in the past. For the time being we will be based out of our old home of Aurohunen (although this is subject to change). Recruitment is now open and we are looking for a select few pirates to join our cause. Please visit the forums at for further information about our corporation and whether or not you may have a place in it.


Gripper said...

Meegle - Throw me an email at (use the first letter of gripper). Perhaps you can use my assets to help further your cause, as I dont plan on coming back but certainly can help.

Josh (GH) said...

We have returned. We are going to pillage your women and rape your belongings. Then we'll roast marshmallows by the corpsefire and tell eachother scary mining stories :D