Monday, March 16, 2009

Upside Down

I flipped a few switches, punched a few buttons and listened to my shuttle whir and pop as it shut down. I was finally back from one of those obligatory visits to the ones that raised me (even pirates have parents). As I vacated the ship and made my way back to my quarters, something felt a little off since I had left only a couple days ago. I shrugged and opened the door. Tossing my bag onto the bunk, I noticed the answering machine blinking red, notifying me of new voice messages. I listened to the messages as I began to change:

"You have three new messages." the pleasant female machine voice stated. "Message one."

A nerdy male voice with a slight distortion began to rapidly talk: "Hello Mr. Plonkins! We have a wonderful offer we would like to extend to you! Buy two bottles of X-Tenz super tonic now and we will throw in one free! Act now and receive a pair of our super comfortable bunny slip-"

I hopped over with one pant leg on and punched the button to skip the rest. Damn telemarketers... didn't they know I was already well endowed?

"Message two." the machine stated.

"Spectre. All your roles and rights have been cancelled and you have been removed from your corporation."

"End of message."

I froze with my pants still only half off. What was that about? Was this a joke? I sat down and checked my console to see if there was some sort of mistake. Indeed, I had been kicked from my corporation along with several of the other newer members including Golden Helmet and Inertial. Even worse was the fact that some of our friends still remained, including Andrea Skye and Apoctasy.

I clutched my hair and gritted my teeth in frustration. I had just left a perfectly fine pirate corporation and then sold/moved everything I owned to relocate to Passari and join the Carebear Stare. I had been thoroughly enjoying myself over the past few weeks which had already amounted to over 100 kills. During that time I had never gleaned even the slightest hint at some sort of discontent that would result in a removal of me or any of my friends. This... this was terrible. My crew was split and some of us had been tossed to the roadside with little or no warning or explanation. Baffled and totally at a loss for what to do, I noticed that stupid red light still blinking. Stupid red light always brought bad news. I sighed and tapped it anyhow.

"Message Three."

"So. Python?"

There was extended silence and nothing more to the message but I knew Golden Helmet's voice when I heard it. I was still too blindsided and confused at the sudden change in situation to fully grasp what he was suggesting but in the back of my mind, i was already unconciously considering the idea. The Python Cartel? The machine beeped as I closed my eyes and shook my head, still in disbelief.

"End of message."


Helicity Boson said...

And lo, it sucked mightily.

Dexter said...

Python is back in town? I may have to come out of retirement to give you guys someone to laugh at. :)

captain infidel said...

that sucks... hopefully one day python will return and punish them :)

Patrick said...

Damn. You didn't tell me *that* part of the story.



Spectre said...

Python is not officially back in town. Not yet. I think we are still contemplating where to go from here as this was kind of sudden and puts a few of us in a very bad spot logistically.

Mohenna said...

It happened to me too on one of the first days in eve... I was a bit too smart for my first corp and figured out on my own where the corp pos was. I was kicked out. Meh. I realized that it was not the game, but rather the corp, and I'm glad to be still around.

A doubt, if I may... What exactly was wrong with the bastards?

Htrag said...


I take responsibility for the way this played out, and the decision wasn't really specific to you. You have multiple good options at this point... head up Python MK2, do something totally different or have a more in depth discussion about joining back with us. I hadn't thought about it before but if you want to run an Auro corp, this could def work out. It just depends what you want to do.

6pac said...

Dont let it get ye down..

Some leaders simply cannot stand having their subordinates being better then them!

I say join up with the Tuskers, then my two fav bloggers would be in the same adventures!

Htrag said...

I love when my subordinates are better than me. Anyway looks like spec made his desision.... best of luck man.

Spectre said...

Mo: Nothing was wrong with the Bastards. They are a good corp and I would recommend them to anyone.

Ht: We did decide to restart PC and we will probably move out of the area due to the fact that Mara and surrounding systems are very densely populated with large pirate corps already. Thanks for the support though.

P.S. What's with the "subordinates" comment?

Htrag said...

Spec - my comment? was just in response to the one above... I consider my corpmates to be peers

P.S. imicus + archon = epic combo!

Spectre said...

Ht: Ah I see... sorry, had a brain fart. Also, it was an INCURSUS and Archon :P

H Lecter said...

I have a crazy idea...

If you like belt piracy and small ships (which you obviously do) and could imagine helping noobs getting into piracy (which I'm not sure about, it's hard work), I might have an interesting proposal.

I'll try to catch you in game to discuss details, including a solution to logistical issues.