Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Python Cartel - Now Recruiting

With about one week behind us since we restarted The Python Cartel, I am pleasantly surprised at how things are going. There is some measure of disappointment that a lot of our older members have found new homes and understandably do not want to return, but it still feels weird without them. So far we have had a few applications to fill in the gaps but most have been a bit too new and inexperienced to be considered (800,000 skill points and/or zero killmails is not the type of pirate we are looking to recruit). I have no problem helping people learn the ropes but I am no longer at the point where I want to educate and train new pilots from ground zero, nor do we have a place for people who can fly a Rifter and nothing else. With that being said, I am shamelessly going to use this post to plug my corporation and the fact that we are looking for a few more dedicated lowsec pirates. Our Eve forums recruitment post can be found here:

...and our forums and other information can be found here:

If you are interested in all forms of piracy and have at least a little bit of experience and SP directed towards combat/PvP, I encourage you to check us out and throw in an application.


Andrea skye said...

Good look with your recruiting man, python is my spiritual home xD

Anonymous said...


I'll be joining EVE in a few months (been keeping up with everything for about a year now, never really took the plunge to subscribe), and I plan to eventually move to piracy once I establish myself in a regular corp (and make up a backstory as to why I turned to piracy =D)

I'm lovin' your blog, keep it comin'!

Kazaji said...

Personally, I would avoid this Corp at all costs.

They are a bunch of mean, cold hearted people who hunt Bantams in their spare time. And Golden Helmet smells funny.

Do not join! Think of the poor, defenseless Bantams! We must protect them at all costs!


Yargok said...

I hope you get plenty of worship..follo..err corpmates to join !

Is it a religious cult or a pirate organization?? I´ve heard rumors of chanting and having snake-bites in the ceremonies!

Helicity Boson said...

Any rumours of snakebites and initiatory rituals are slander and libel. that is the province of the Serpentis, with whom we are not affiliated in any way or form!

We merely request the offering of a sacrificial bantam to the gods of piracy, as per ancient tradition.