Friday, April 24, 2009

Bling Bling

In a little over a years worth of playing Eve, I have made my money in a small variety of simple ways. When I first began playing, I worked my way up over a couple weeks to doing Level 3 missions for the Gallente Navy in a Myrmidon. They were a bit time consuming but I couldn't complain about ability to easily make a few million and fund my cheap ships whenever needed. As I quickly shifted into full-time piracy in low security space, I had to drop mission running and I took up the two careers that have been sustaining me:


It isn't totally a money sink, only mostly. You do sometimes make money off ransoms or wrecks. In an extreme situation you can make hundreds of millions or billions off people in large faction fit ships or freighters that were silly enough to let themselves get caught in unsafe territory. That being said, it isn't common to run into these profitable situations, the competition with other pirates for these targets is fierce and you almost always wind up having to split it among several others who were also part of the engagement. No matter how well the piracy is going, I seem to always run out of money. Hell, I have only lost 3 ships in the past month yet I have still sunk to an ISK level I am uncomfortable with.


Now here is a career that has been lucrative as hell. Off the top of my head I would say I've made at least 2.5 billion ISK off of people just giving me money. A majority of it was handed over without me ever even asking (Thanks Golden Helmet, Dustin, Dustgrinder, etc). A bit of it came out of good old-fashioned begging on my blog. You might think to yourself that this money is "free" but really, I have to put a lot of effort into being a charismatic awesome person with an awesome blog that advertises my need for free money. It is a full-time effort that sometimes pays well but is all too random and inconsistent.

What's The Point Spectre?

The point is that it is time for me to move on and pick a more consistant way to make money so that I can afford to buy the T2 cruisers and battleships that my skills now encourage me to fly, insure and fit for hundreds of millions each. This is where you all fit in! I need advice, suggestions and details on how I can support my preferred life of piracy. Below are some that I am considering but feel free to suggest anything down below in the comments (or in game if you prefer):


Our PvE adventure the other day got me interested in this. I am told that some of the escalating sets of missions can spawn quite a few faction NPC's that have the potential to drop items worth hundreds of millions or billions. That being said, there are many potential roadblocks. I don't want to waste time training skills that aren't PvP related, I prefer not to have to have a second account or character, low-sec is a very dangerous place to be doing anything PvE related, a lot of the complexes and anomolies are already very busy and the profit does not sound like it is really all that good unless you get very, very lucky.

Mission Alt:

This one is easy and pretty consistant. I already have access to an inactive account if I want it where the character can fly a decently skilled Raven. The money for doing level 4 missions in highsec is good, there are virtually no safety concerns and the missions are pretty easy from what I understand. The downsides are that missioning is BORING and that I would have to begin paying for a second account. I am considering this one but I would really like to avoid it if possible. It should be noted that I have absolutely no interest in paying for the account through buying PLEX's. It is not worth the time or effort it would take when I could just spend $15.


I know a few people who have begun doing this and making a pretty good living. I don't want to get too specific but it is hundreds of millions for just a few days work. The downside is that... well... you're scamming. It's boring work and you're being a huge douchebag in the process. I *am* a huge douchebag and probably wouldn't have any moral issues with it but occasionally even I feel a pang of regret and embarassment when someone genuinely gets upset over being tricked or screwed over.


A weird one, I know, but a friend recently informed me that they have made a very large amount of ISK by playing poker in game. I am decent at hold 'em but I do not have much capital to start with and gambling is always going to be largely chance based. I could wind up losing what little I have left. I am not really certain how valid or reliable of an income this could be but it is certainly worth investigating.


Any suggestions, comments or advice would be much appreciated. Or one of you could just drop 2 billion ISK in my wallet and we can call it a day. Either way, I hope to have the income issues sorted out soon so that I can afford a nice shiny Ishtar in a few weeks.


Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

What about running missions with others and then bank em when they loot?

Nah. Play poker haha.

Mandrill said...

I know you said that having another character or account was something you wanted to avoid but in addition to your mission alt, you could also consider a research alt to farm datacores, its low maintenance and can generate a fair bit of income.

Higher maintenance is a trade alt who makes their money by playing the market (its like the poker in that it can be a sort of gambling) buying low and selling high. It has the advantage of still being PvP as well :)

guides to both of these options can be found pretty easily via google.

Yargok said...

I say trade alt.

Log in a few times a day if you are vigilant of your orders, and make a steady income.

AND!! it is "market pvp"

Lanissum said...

I only scam for maybe 4-8hrs a month, easily making about 1-2b whenever I need money. Imho, there is no reason not to scam.

Lanissum said...

Btw, you only need a char who has enough skills to rename/make contracts/do whatever scam your doing.

That can easily fit on your current account, and should only take a day to learn.

Josh (GH) said...

Invention. Get BPC's (pester Baptist), buy datacores, train a few skills, buy interface, profit. You can even do it inbetwen roams, or even while on roams if you really want to train the skills for it.

Anonymous said...

Complexes which can be found in 0.0 space can be very profitable. I recall one such "plex" with a 6/10 rating which would drop modules worth between 800 and 100 million isk.

That being said, one has to weigh the pros and cons of 0.0 space. I would recommend a region of 0.0 which is held by an npc pirate corporation e.g. stain or curse.

Anonymous said...

Also, in NPC regions of 0.0 you can find readily available PvP which is very nice.

Apoc said...

Though you said you don't want a second account, it takes about 3 days to train a suicide gank alt to use a maller + medium smartbombs.

Sit on Perimeter gate in Jita and cargo scan autopiloting shuttles incoming from 4-4. If lewt > 100 mill, unleash smartbombs. Pick up lewt on alt (if it survives).

At least, that's what I've started doing. After missing two shuttles autopiloting with officer mods due to IRL interference, I was hell bent on blowing up something. I got a sudden swarm of shuttles autopiloting and in my haste to scan them all, I decided to blow up the first one that sounded like it had something good in it.

It was some hardwiring worth 40 mil :( . At least I am not at a loss isk wise. Sec status went from 0 to -4.2 in an instant. Recycled alt, another one is in training right now.

You only have to get lucky once and you're set for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

The problem with that Apoc, is that it is considered an exploit to keep recycling suicide alts. :-/

shane said...

3-4 times a month i take non pirate alt into providence to rat in their 0.0 space. As long as you aren't red to CVA noone bugs you and the lowsec pipe is nearly as safe as highsec. i collect the loot in cans and when im done ive usually made 250 mil a trip. Its carebearing to the extreme but at the end of the day i have 3 HACs parked somewhere and have forgotten about them and have a privately owned POS. (dont ask me why cuz i dont know, but its "cool") I find that a MWD/blaster fitted megathron rats faster than anything out there short of a carrier and if you are a PvP character you should already know how to fly one.