Monday, April 27, 2009


Right now is a great time to be a pirate. The Eve population seems to be up and lowsec is busier than I have ever seen it since I started playing this game. When I first started out, I could go entire roams without finding a single potentially engageable target. Now we are lucky if we can find a break to dock up considering that there is always something on scan somewhere. The following are recaps of two of the most epic and large-scale (for us at least) battles I have ever participated in. Both just happened to occur this past weekend:

Battle of Bu'uh - 4/25

I've played a lot of games online. When I was in my early teens I used to dial into my local BBS on a 14.4 baud modem to play text games like Swords of Chaos, Blademaster, Tradewars 2002 and Lords of Cyberspace. This exposed me to several other people of my own age that lived in the same geographic area (BBS's were small and you had to be able to dial in from a local number). As I grew up and moved on to bigger and better games like Star War Galaxies, Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft (yes, I like Blizzard games) the amount of people I was exposed to grew in both number and geographical spread to be hundreds or thousands spread across most of the USA and beyond.

Finally with Eve-Online, the scope has stepped up yet another notch. One of my favorite parts of this game is the one big server idea. The number of people you get to meet and play with from a vast spread of countries is incredible. No other game I have played had such a wide array of different people from different parts of the world. It is interesting to look back over the past 10 years and realize how quickly the scope of the population of games I've played has spread from a small local one to a gigantic worldwide one.

...which leads me to the point. The best part of so many different locations and cultures playing together and the popularization of voice communication means that I can observe and make fun of everyone else who speaks English different than me. Our resident Brit, Andrea Skye, has been getting a lot of crap the past few weeks as we constantly dissect the difference in pronounciations between American and British english. The most notable of these conversations has revolved around the word "Butter". American's say it "Budder" and the British say it "Bu'uh". To us the T's turn into D's and to Skye... well... the T's simply dissapear. Yelling "Bu'uh" as we hurtle into battle has become the new standard and is a fantastic way to confuse our enemies as they try to figure out what the hell we're saying and why our battle cry has to be so creamy and fattening.

Yep. I just spent three paragraphs explaining the stupid reason why this fight is called "The Battle of Bu'uh". Deal with it. So without further adeiu, here is how the battle went:

We warped in on some stuff in a belt in Old Man Star. We killed like 10 ships and only lost 2. I don't really remember it well, I was pretty drunk. I am told however that it was extremely epic. THE END.

Clash of the Cartels - 4/27

Once there was a little girl named Margaret Thatcher. Marge was a nice girl and she liked to eat blueberry pie. This wasn't much of a surprise because everyone loves blueberry pie. It is extremely tasty and really the only downside is that you have to make sure you don't get it on your clothes or it is going to stain badly. Marge never got it on her clothes though because she was a nice little girl. Unfortunately when she grew up she fell in with a bad crowd and overdosed on cocaine at age 16 in the back of a truck stop. The whole point of this story is that writing about Eve PvP has started to get really boring and generic and I couldn't be motivated to do it so instead I wrote a story about a crackhead chick who liked pie. Here is the info about the battle we had here. It was epic and the entire fight lasted 12 minutes, I just can't be assed to write about it because I'm tired of writing generic combat stories. I need something new to blog about.


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Btw dont be so lazy those fights were worth writing about.

Apoc said...

4/25 nevar forget.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

LOL oh dear. Where has the stories of jumping on the money train gone?

SUCH of a wonderful PvP post I was looking for! (Naht!) :P

Lucretiea said...

Oh man, I didn't think anyone else played TW, ever. Or at least would admit to it.

So many days, months, years wasted playing TW... the good old days. I wish Eve had a little more TW style play mixed in there, planets, bases and whatnot.

Anyway, thanks for the brief trip down memory lane. Peesh.

Yargok said...

In Sweden we say "Smör" :)

You confused me abit with the druggie-story, but I like blueberries (blåbär) so I stuck with it.

But aye, it is quite a wonder how international one gets with playing internet-spaceships..

Le Sac said...


Not all Brits say "Bu'uh"! Only the primitive lower classes do! :D

More refined types such as myself say it 'Butter'.