Friday, May 22, 2009


By The Skin Of My Teeth

An interesting expression to say the least. A quick search on the internet says this about its origins and meaning:
The correct wording is: 'I am escaped by the skin of my teeth'. This comes from the Book of Job in the Old Testament (Chapter 19 Verse 20).
The expression derives from the fact that there is no skin on the teeth (one of the few parts of the body) (Fingernails and toe nails being the others)and
so to IN THE FULL EXPRESSION 'Escape by the skin of ones teeth' means to avoid a catastrophy by the very smallest margin.
If there is one thing I am familiar with, it is catastrophic situations (if the loss of mine and my fleetmates ships could be considered catastrophic). On rare occasions I will manage to escape these situations with my ships weapons on the verge of blowing out and my hull nearing collapse. For instance, this is what happens when you get into a fight with an 86,000,000 ISK Punisher in Amamake:

Yes kids. That is 2% structure. Yes kids, that was a trimarked Punisher. Nothing a little dual Taranis action can't handle, I suppose. Let's see what happens as well when you try to take on a well tanked Drake with a couple frigs:

12% structure left and my guns at about 90% damage. The fight would have gone very differently if the fool had been smart enough to bring some light drones. There are many situations where a little bit of extra SP or thermodynamics isn't going to save you from the giant blob. But then again, there are a few situations such as these where that tiny little advantage is the difference between glorious victory and horrible death. Every bit counts.

Tee Three?

Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. We had been camping this gate for only a short time but nothing had even come through yet. "I wish we had a better gate to camp on" I thought as I considered some of the more heavily trafficked spots in the area. It simply wasn't worth the risk to move battlecruiser and battleship sized ships down the pipe into dangerous territory to camp another spot tonight.

"Woooaa..." came the staticy gasp from over the fleet channel. "Tengu on scan!" No visual contact had even been made yet but my heart started to pound. An Advanced Cruiser! A new generation of ships and they were worth a lot of damn money. I wanted it dead.

"He is on the gate. He's sitting there... he is turning around..." My heart began to sink. "He just warped to another gate. Damn." I slumped back into my seat, bored once again. Balls.

All Tactical Telemetry

One of the most bizarre discoveries/additions to our wild region has been the All Tactical Telemetry corp. These guys live and carebear in one of the nearby highsec systems and tend to roam into lowsec on occasion in giant frigate gangs, usually consisting of Merlins. Partially as a joke and partially because we are assholes, we declared war upon them. The campaign has begun and already we have come out victorious in one of the most epic engagements in recent history. With that battle and some other kills, we are easily winning our war against a bunch of weeks-old-newbs-in-Merlins. We are awesome.

Screenshot Courtesy of Andrea Skye


Htrag has released his second PvP video. His videos are quite entertaining and involve a lot of the corps/pilots/systems we hang around in. Check it out here.

A Lot Of Drones

Tee Three!!!

My eyelids drooped and I awoke suddenly, startled by my own snore. I focused in on the comms for just long enough to hear Kazaji complain about how much he hated camping. Camping is stupid, camping is boring, camping is for fake skill-less pirates. This lack of action was making me kind of agree.

"Wooooaaa.... Tengu on scan again!" came the sudden call. "He is at the gate! Everyone get the gate!" We warped from our pounce spots onto the adjacent gate just in time for his dumbest and final move... "He jumped!".

"Make sure you get a point, get webs and go in for the bump. Do NOT let this ship get away or I will kill you all." I announced to the gang. The gate flashed and I can only imagine how our target felt at the sight of five pirates waiting for him on the other side. His scout had failed to even check the scanner which would have indicated we were sitting mere kilometers away, waiting for this opportunity. After some hesitation, he made his move and uncloaked for the warp. Kazaji's Hurricane resolved a lock first and ensured he would not be warping anywhere. Now we simply needed to prevent him from getting back to the gate before he had been finished... I spooled up the drives on my Ferox and plotted a direct collision course. I braced myself and my battlecruisers shields rammed into those of the Tengu. Neither of our ships was damaged but he was knocked off course and I was now in optimal range for my blasters. He didn't last long.

There was much rejoicing. "Spec... I love camping" said Kazaji, once the dust had settled. I couldn't help but agree.


Kirith Kodachi said...

Congrats on the Tengu kill!

EVE Agent said...

Heh, I love the revesal - Camping is a lot more fun when you get to make things blow up, huh?

Congrats on the kill!

Agent EVE, AFK Gamer

00sage00 said...

I was a fleetmate of the guy with the trimarked Punisher. You _barely_ got away, but good job. Because of you, I'm considering flying my interceptor one of these days for PVP.

But wow! I didn't realize you were one of the eve bloggers I was reading. Keep it up. =)

Spectre said...

00sage00: I knew when your friend let me close 150KM on him that he had to have something up his sleeve. I can't tell you how much I was sweating trying to scramble/web all three frigates in a desperate attempt to get out of scram range and turn on my MWD. I had 22 HP left when i finally got away which is basically one volley from anyone within range. Was a fun fight :)

Andrea skye said...

Im claiming copyright on the screenshot of the epic battle aftermath.

Send me 500mil and ill allow you to use it.

Spectre said...

Skye: There. I gave you credit. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

Andrea skye said...

Id prefer the 500mil...

Luc Sulla said...

I couldn't believe it when kaz started talking about the Tengu kill, but great work there (and absolute shit from his scout).

I also hadn't realized that y'all declared war on ATANT - you are just really mean people aren't you? You should be ashamed... Epic battle though!

Letrange said...

Gratz on the Tengu kill (yes keep the market flowing) - although why he was flying an ECM fit Tengu without more of a fleet with him I'll never understand...

Htrag said...

thanks for the link amigo :)

00sage00 said...

Yeah I think part of the reason you got away was because right when you were in 50% structure, the FC told us to switch targets to Andrea Skye. I think that was a huge mistake, but I dutifully switched targets. I kept my scram on you for as long as I could, but you got out of range too quickly. Later I found out that the target switch occurred because Andrea was in range of the FC and you were not.

If we had fought that exact battle again, what would you advise us to do differently? Or is that a secret? :P

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Congrats with the T3 kill!

Who says they aren't common eh?

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

He shouldn't have just bought a Falcon :P

Spectre said...

00sage00: What you should have done differently is stayed focused on me. I was dead in the water without my microwarpdrive on and your Punisher buddy was tanking a hell of a lot. He probably still would have died... maybe you all would have since a couple of Taranis's lay down enough DPS to fry even the best fit T1 frigs. The difference is that you would have at least gotten one kill out of it :)

Hindsight is always 20/20. Had one single shot gone a little differently perhaps I would have been dead and more of you would have survived.

Mynxee said...

Just catching up with your blog, Spec. A great post...gratz on the Tengu kill. I recently got out of an engagement of a BC and BS we killed at 12% structure. Makes for some fun, heart-pounding moments!