Thursday, May 7, 2009

Full Circle

The Pod That Got Away

There are a lot of Eve blogs. Crazykinux puts the current number of active blogs at 235 and quite a percentage of these are oriented towards stories of piracy and PvP. A little over one year ago when I started this site of my own, I wasn't quite aware of the massive number of already existing blogs (or maybe there weren't quite so many back then, I don't really know). All I did know about was of a few and the only that really inspired me to create my own was Ka Jolo's "Your Money or Your Life" pirate blog.

Right now, some of you are probably asking "Why the hell does this guy always talk about Ka Jolo? Is he some sort of internet stalker? Would he marry the online pirate persona of some random guy online if he could?" Well the answers are "because, yes and definitely yes". That aside, the reason I bring KJ up yet again is because for the first time last night, we encountered and engaged him in his home system. On a roam from Aurohunen all the way down to Hevrice we happened upon Ka Jolo while he was flying around in his Myrmidon. While I am not completely clear how it happened (my ship lost power and had to be brought back online just prior to the fight), I know that the end result was his ship being bumped just out of docking range and destroyed by our gang. Immediately afterward his pod was scrambled, webbed and shot into half armor before my drunken instincts took hold over voice communications.

"Don't pod him!" I screamed. Six other pilots argued back at me, angry and opposed to the leniancy I was demanding... yet they listened. Within a few moments, Ka Jolo was able to drift the few extra meters he needed to have his pod in docking range and docked up with his clone intact.

[04:47:20] Ka Jolo > Lol nice
[04:47:47] Spectre3353 > i want you to know kj
[04:47:51] Spectre3353 > we just had a violent argument in vent
[04:47:52] Golden Helmet > we're going to kill spectre
[04:47:55] Spectre3353 > where i told everyone not to pod you
[04:47:59] Spectre3353 > and they listened and let you dock
[04:48:02] Spectre3353 > and now they want to kill me for it

[04:48:32] Ka Jolo > Well, thanks for that, was lagged for way too long there.
[04:48:37] Ka Jolo > But seriously, gf all
[04:48:51] Golden Helmet > gf
[04:48:53] Spectre3353 > gf kj
[04:49:03] Golden Helmet > next time we're not listening to spectre :P
[04:49:16] Spectre3353 > i told them i wouldnt allow them to pod my inspiration for pirating
[04:49:18] Ka Jolo > Well, I owe him one.

Why was everyone so angry at me? Voices bore down upon me from several in the fleet:

"You kill and pod bantam's but you won't pod another pirate???"

"He had a 100 million ISK bounty!"

"You are a goddamn carebear."

I sunk into my pilots chair, wanting to hide from their accusations. I had just allowed his pod to escape along with 100 million ISK. I could not help it. Can we not have just a little bit of respect for our fellow pirates? We may be immoral, we may be bloodthirsty and we might be rabid but if there is not a line somewhere, what sort of crazy chaos would the universe be in? What ever happened to the brotherly code of the pirate?

[04:53:05] Golden Helmet > i'd pod any of you bitches if we were on
the other sides

[04:53:22] Spectre3353 > you jerks have no honor
[04:53:33] Spectre3353 > python cartel is a bunch of no-honor assclowns
[04:53:44] Golden Helmet > honor is ransoming 1 v 1's and ransoms, not refraining killing pods :P
[04:53:51] Ka Jolo > Well, I'd pod any of you fwiw also, wouldn't expect any less in return.
[04:54:08] Ka Jolo > And sitting right on a station? That's no time to ransom.
[04:54:29] Spectre3353 > well i have a mancrush on you so i convinced them to let you live
[04:54:29] Golden Helmet > we were yelling that at him the entire time, lol
[04:54:44] Ka Jolo > Yeah, don't blame you tbh.
[04:54:52] Ka Jolo > I am awfully chic.
[04:55:14] Ka Jolo > Though a bit sore right then. =/
[04:55:23] Golden Helmet > omg you had a 100m bounty. i'm gonna fucking KILL spectre
[04:55:33] Spectre3353 > i think i might get kicked out of my corp
[04:55:35] Spectre3353 > and im the ceo

Nonstop for the next hour I heard nothing but jokes and complaints about the lost 100 million ISK bounty. I could understand their views but if confronted again with the same situation I would not have acted differently. To have podded my inspiration to pirate and blog would have been to destroy a small part of myself. I guess my corp will just have to deal with my weakness...

...if they let me live.

[04:56:19] Golden Helmet > it's lynch mob time

EDIT: Some additional posts popped up discussing this same encounter:

- Andrea Skye's Blog

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More Bad Fits

On our roam last night we actually ran into not one, but TWO pretty awful battlecruiser fits that I am going to add to the list to be nominated for the Worst Fit Awards. Some random person also sort of nominated one of my battleships losses and honestly I am surprised it took this long for one of you jerk-offs to nominate me. Without further adeiu:

- Sagel's Drake - Sweet rigs. I think that might also be the first time I've ever actually seen someone fit T2 warp core stabs.
- Will Dye's Harbinger - That is a pretty nice Brutix fit. Wait... that was a Harbinger? Weird.
- Spectre3353's Megathron - This uh... well. It's not really a bad fit at all for a RR Mega. I hate you guys.


Anonymous said...

I'm just disgusted with you right now spec.

Andrea skye said...

I agree with anon.

Blammo said...

me too

Helicity Boson said...

Eh what's a hundred million isk really?

Even though they would pod me in an instant I wouldn't pod Spectre or mynx or flashfresh either, their blogs inspired me to be a pirate.

That made me meet a bunch of new friends, and let me have a lot of fun.

That's worth more isk than Delve to me.

Kazaji said...

I'd pod Spec without a second thought, but I couldnt bring myself to do it to any other Python. I ♥ you guys.

And Spec, I still expect to be paid my share of that 100mil. If my Blackbird had a weapon on it, you better believe I would have podded him.
No offense KJ.

Cozmik R5 said...

Damn... I have to let you live despite your flashy-redness now :)

Oh, and sweet Drake fit... that's how I fit mine btw :))

Yargok said...

I must agree on Spec here too.

KJ was the first blog I read also, before finding specs.. and I dont think I´d kill any of them.

Firstly, you dont shoot an idol, and secondly, they´d kill me first :)

Mdih Lihu said...

I wouldn't think of it so much as podding, rather getting an autograph in corpse form.

Kirith Kodachi said...

My god, all that whining over a pod and a measly 100 million ISK? I thought pirates were supposed to be badass, not whiners.

Spectre said...

Kirith: 100 million split between 6 or 7 people too, so about 15 million each. Also, you obviously haven't dealt with pirates that much... we are all huge whiners.

Gripper said...

Meegle - I wanted to use your Eve name but after this disaster I have to agree with your corp, you are not worthy of the Spectre name. I would hoof up the 100 mil out of pocket and pay your people! Of course if you wanted to head out to 0.0 then I deem this an appropriate way to get there! There just is no honor among is king... Of course if I am ever stupid enough to get caught by you guys I expect to be let go by just singing :)

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Aweeeeeeee! Adorable!

(To everyone but Spec; he may be gay too ;))