Thursday, July 30, 2009



Aside from my Thrasher, my favorite ship of late has been the Arazu along with a new fit I have begun using that actually utilizes Remote Sensor Damp's (something I have been very reluctant to waste three mid slots on until now). Right now I am fitting my Arazu like so:
[Arazu, Logistics w/ Damps & MWD]
Co-Processor II
Pseudoelectron Containment Field I
1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
Adaptive Nano Plating II

Y-T8 Overcharged Hydrocarbon I Microwarpdrive
Warp Disruptor II
Phased Muon Sensor Disruptor I, Targeting Range Dampening
Phased Muon Sensor Disruptor I, Targeting Range Dampening
Phased Muon Sensor Disruptor I, Targeting Range Dampening
Medium Capacitor Booster II, Cap Booster 800

Expanded Probe Launcher I, Core Scanner Probe I
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
[empty high slot]
[empty high slot]

Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I

Hammerhead II x3
Hobgoblin II x2
The whole idea behind the ship is that I can locate pilots missioning in cruisers or battlecruisers, probe them out, tackle them from far and then slowly kill them with my pitiful DPS as they are unable to even target me. Certainly works better when I have a friend or two to provide more damage but otherwise it is wonderful having so many different capabilities within one ship. It seems almost improper that I should be able to warp cloaked, probe, tackle from 52 km, provide e-war support and still have a drone bay to put out some DPS all with one hull. If I had Recons V trained I would have additional CPU available to fit a couple railguns and increase my damage even further but that 30 days of training will have to wait until a later date. All-in-all, the Arazu has really, really grown on me over the past few months and I look forward to getting into a Pilgrim and trying it's take on cloaky combat in a few days as well.

Ratting in Amamake

It's never a strange site to see a variety of large ships tooling about in Amamake. A matter of fact, it feels eerie and uncomfortable, like the silence before the storm, whenever Amamake is not abuzz with pilots mauling the crap out of each other in the top belt of 3-1. So I was not surprised or alarmed to see an Abaddon on scan as I dropped into the system yesterday. I calibrated my directional scanner to verify that it was indeed sitting in the top belt or at a station but I was unable to locate it where I had expected. With a little bit of exploration I did find it... in a different belt? He was only a few months old and with several other young pilots in destroyers...


Ratting in Amamake in a battleship. Probably comparable to swimming in shark infested waters with a baby seal tied to your back. This was the first time I could ever recall having run into a situation like this and I immediately moved in for the tackle along with my wingman Kyle Langdon. We did not have much firepower in the form of my Arazu and his Rifter but against unsuspecting ratters we felt we could probably get the upper hand. First one of the destroyers went down and then I tackled the Abaddon as the rest of his friends fled, leaving him to our mercy. It was quickly that I realized we could not break his armor tank with our low DPS so I made a desperation move and opened a channel to ransom the pilot for 300 million ISK. He made a counter offer of 250,000,000 ISK and I accepted. We let him warp away, amazed that no third parties had warped in to spoil our fun during the entire encounter.

700,000 ISK

250,000,000 ISK


Ransom Boards

I noticed today that Flashfresh provided a link to the Bastards relatively new ransom board, developed by HappySan. Something I never actually posted about in my own blog was about how about a year ago I developed a pretty dinky (and ugly) ransom board for the Python Cartel and offered it out free to several other pirate corps as well. After a short while I passed the project onto another Eve pilot named Xasz who did some additional work and then dissapeared into the horrible void called "World of Warcraft". At this point, only two corporations are actually still using mine and Xasz's board (The Python Cartel and The Tuskers) but it has held up and done it's job pretty well. I am really happy to see that someone else has taken up the same idea and is going well beyond what we did in terms of aesthetics and functionality and I hope that eventually HappySan and the Bastards will offer their new board for download so that we (and other pirate corps) could use it as well. It is very cool looking so far... good work guys.


Kyle Langdon said...


And we so could have killed that Abaddon. And I've got to say I was surprised when you said to disengage because he paid ransom cause I thought he would have known we couldn't break his tank.

But I'm not complaining about 125 million isk :P

Magson said...

Nice ransom!

@Kyle -- possibly he thought you had friends coming who would then help you break his tank, or he was running low on cap/out of boosters and knew a break was imminent?

Perhaps reds were in system and he didn't want to be tackled by y'all if/when they showed up?

Still. . . who takes an Abaddon to rat vs Angels? And only cruiser sized ones at that? Silly.

Dexter Tripod said...

250mil for an Abaddon!?!?!? Either he was faction/complex fit or really dumb...ok he was ratting in low-sec in a BS nvm LOL

Selina said...

It actually really would be wonderful if predesigned ransom boards became more accessible for those lacking in the skills to make one. With something of that nature easily available, it might make for good competition amongst pirates and maybe help influence pirates to honor paid ransoms instead of causing less trust (and less isk) for all the other pirates out there who do honor them.

Flashfresh said...

@Spectre: yeah, it was a real pity we couldn't get more from your ransomboard. We contacted Xasc a few times but yeah, he disappeared. So we decided on our own board that would incorporate loot sales and other ransoms (incl. our songs). I hope you pirates like it and yes, we're hoping that this will help re-enforce the 'ransom first, shoot second' mentality we're trying hard to develop.

A loyal reader, as ever.


Cozmik R5 said...

Haha !!! Nice one :))

I'm not really into the ransoming thing but still, very cool site :)

Nursultan said...

Epic stuff!
Reminds me of a Typhoon who also ratted in Amamake once.

f0st3r said...

Ahh ratting in Amamake.. It really amazes me how many haulers go thru there each day un-molested.. Truly a sad thing..

Spectre said...

Dex: 250 isn't that absurd really. It is a T3 battleship after all so the hull alone should be around 140 mil. Factor in fittings and the convenience factor of not having to buy a new one and 250 starts to seem like a bargain.

Flash: I can't tell you how many times I have emailed Xasz and he never got back to me. Then he came back to Eve, rejoined corp for a day then disappeared again. I want to throttle him. He is currently paying for the hosting of the current PC/Tuskers boards and I just hope they don't randomly go down one day because we'll never be able to get our data back.

Foster: Worst part about flying the Arazu/Thrasher around recently has been that. I keep seeing haulers at gates that I cannot gank because my ships can't handle sentries. It makes me so sad inside to know that someone is passing through lowsec unmolested.

Yangoid said...

Hey im starting eve as a gallente and was thinking of being a pirate after reading this blog so spectre could you post a relativly cheap t1 incursus fit for me to use to start pirating?

Happy Hunting Yangoid