Monday, August 10, 2009

Capital Gain

We set out again last night with the intent to replicate the fun and relative success of our roam the night before. Another group of T1 cruisers made up of a couple Stabbers, a Vexor, a Rupture, two Blackbirds and my incredible, awesome and powerful Moa. We began heading back towards the area of last nights action by setting destination to Resbroko but were quickly rerouted by intel coming in from one of our z3r0 gravity friends, CrazyDragoon. Apparently there was a mining op of Hulks going on in Olfeim and it was being protected by multiple Command Ships. Instantly we all agreed to go throw our cheap cruisers at their op and turned around to get there as soon as possible.

We sent our two Stabber pilots through first to scout and tackle and soon after they were able to locate a number of ships in a belt. An Absolution and then an Astarte were tackled by Griznatle and Andrea Skye and the call was made to funnel in to Olfeim. Our gang entered the long 75 AU warp and we could only patiently wait and grimace as we heard the screams of the crews on those cruisers ships. First Griznatle's Stabber was torn to shreds by the Absolutions far reaching lasers. Soon after, Skye's ship was bleeding into structure and also struggling to survive the onslaught. Finally we were able to land and take over for our brave tacklers and both ships were neatly locked down with their targeting systems disrupted by our lame Blackbird pilots.

The Astarte was primaried first, followed by the Absolution and then a Drake that decided to show up and provide us with yet another free kill. Elated and feeling lucky after being handed some very expensive kills, we moved on to a spot out in deep space to regroup and wait out our timers when information came in about yet another ship in the belt we had just left. A Nidhoggur? A Minmitar carrier had arrived in the belt. Excited voices shouted out that we needed to tackle and engage but I felt it was a stupid move... what were a few cruisers going to do to a carrier? It could tank us all day long and simply pick us apart with its drones and fighters. Completely ignoring my concerns, Aric Oz tackled the carrier in his Jaguar and Golden Helmet called for us to engage. I sighed and turned to join the crazy idiots.

Into the belt my Moa warped and immediately I saw the giant hull of the Nidhoggur 40km from me. A shiver went down my spine at the sight of the beast as we added tackle and destroyed the few fighters he had deployed. I called out on several different communications channels for help to come as I assumed we did not have the DPS to break a carrier. A number of our pilots that did not have global criminal timers returned to pick up battleships or their own capitals but it was all for naught... the carrier had initiated self destruct. What a douchebag. I opened a chat to try and convince him to pay us to keep his ship, or at least to delay him long enough for us to bring in firepower:

[ 02:36:55 ] Zordon > sup

[ 02:36:57 ] Spectre3353 > hey

[ 02:37:01 ] Spectre3353 > cancel the self destruct and we can discuss a ransom
[ 02:37:06 ] Spectre3353 > and you can leave with your carrier
[ 02:37:18 ] Zordon > like what 
[ 02:37:23 ] Spectre3353 > cancel and we can discuss it

[ 02:37:25 ] Spectre3353 > otherwise you lose your ship

[ 02:37:42 ] Zordon > I canceled it... check again

[ 02:37:49 ] Spectre3353 > k

[ 02:37:52 ] Spectre3353 > 800 million isk

[ 02:37:54 ] Spectre3353 > and your ship can leave 
[ 02:38:04 ] Zordon > not worth it... I make it cheaper

[ 02:38:13 ] Spectre3353 > 700 is as low as im going to go 
[ 02:38:27 ] Zordon > I'm ready for the loss

...and with that he left our conversation. With self destruct re-initiated we had no choice but to try and destroy him within 120 seconds. Our gang of cruisers and frigs piled every bit of damage they could muster and surprisingly his shield melted and his armor peeled off at a dangerous speed. This carrier was unfit and had no tank! He was partially into structure when the self-destruct countdown completed and the Nidhoggur exploded into an enormous fireball. Feeling cheated by the SD, we simply generated our own killmail to celebrate the destruction of a capital ship.

[ 02:41:02 ] Andrea Skye > self destructors are fags who deserve to get testical cancer

What was his explanation for stupidly pissing away his carrier? Let us see what his friends and the pilot himself had to say:

[ 02:43:59 ] Aric Oz > Serious. Why were you in a belt?
[ 02:44:09 ] Admiral Eos > we're on chat right now
[ 02:44:12 ] Admiral Eos > and just chilling out
[ 02:44:23 ] Aric Oz > No, why did he bring a carrier to a belt?
[ 02:44:26 ] Admiral Eos > and then ickle tells us "I wanted to see how long I'd survive"

[ 02:46:34 ] Zordon > I wanted to see how long it would take to drop one... You solved my problem by being willing to fight

He just wanted to see how long it would last? What the hell?


Novantco said...

Very nice. Tech 1 cruisers do indeed own on all kinds of levels.

I still haven't ganked a cap ship yet. I'll have to keep an eye out for ones dumb enough to not fit their ships and warp to belts. ;)

Andrea skye said...

"our lame Blackbird pilots" this!

Anonymous said...

Wow Just wow...I think you guys must live with the dumbest ppl ever ( aside form you do you guys always find such juicy targets?...a nidhogger pistol in low sec with no fittings? frigging jump for gods sake...somewhere..anywhere...dock in a station

Caster Rom said...

I find the whole thing real funny! But amazed as well, awesome find, awesome event, awesomely handled!

I think i need to move up to your area more often :s

Josh (GH) said...

Nidhoggur is a Minmatar carrier, not a Caldari carrier ;)

Fucking awesome night though. Tonights hulk ganking is going to seem lame in comparison.

Omgah said...

Spec was a total pussy, "Its suicide". Like its not total suicide to take a carrier to a belt in the first place.

Leon vanUber said...

In my opinion a selfdestruct is a viable action and creating a fake killmail is pathetic. That is just me.
Nevertheless nice find.

Latrodanes said...

Some people have waaaayyy too much ISK in this game to be throwing Carriers away for naught. -sigh - Good kill.

Spectre said...

Leon: In my opinion, the fact that you get insurance and destroy all the fittings when you self-destruct is an absolutely retarded gameplay mechanic. I have absolutely no qualms with generating a killmail for a ship we killed.

Yargok said...

Indeed.. suicide should be:
no insurance.

Thats like:
"what happened to your car"
-I torched it.
"oh, well here is a new one sir."

Sue the bastard for insurance fraud!

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Eff him, there be lots more of these to come!

Also, I'll come with my guns too, holla holla boiii /endannoyingwhiteganstervoice.