Sunday, August 9, 2009

Faggy Gank

Pirate Tears

As the corp has grown and evolved, a good chunk of our old base has taken a break from the game, quit it altogether or simply become a bit less active. Fortunately, the gap has been filled with some fine young recruits that keep our killboard filled, day in and day out. Last night we formed up an old school T1 cruiser gang that for the first time in a long time, was mostly composed of pilots from The Python Cartel Mk I (what we call the period of time before Python dissolved and was reformed). It was a blast to the past as we sent Andrea Skye ahead to scout in his Thorax and follow along with the rest of the gang in a Thorax, Vexor, Bellicose, Blackbird and two Ruptures. I called for our gang to hold on the Hadozeko gate as Andrea Skye informed us he had located a Phobos Heavy Interdictor on one of the lowsec gates in system.

"Try to get him to engage" we encouraged, trying to force the expensive cruiser to commit to a fight before we poured in to punish him for his mistake. Skye circled, scrambled, webbed, shot and did everything he could to silently taunt the ship but he simply tanked the damage with what was obviously a number of armor repairers and continued to passively hold on the gate. We would have to make the next move.

We sent XTCFreq in next in his Bellicose to fly directly to the Resbroko gate and jump through, so that the blinky red Phobos would be stuck no matter which side of the gate he jumped to. It would also give us intel as to whether or not he had friends ready to assist. Next we jumped our entire blob into the system and flew to meet our scout... with half of our gang on each side of the gate, he attempted to flee but was caught once and then twice on both sides. Finally, with no where to go, we whittled him down and finished the job. With a single kill our entire roam had become cost effecient... seven tech I cruisers where worth less than the single ship we had just destroyed. We gathered the loot and warped off when the pirate decided to break his silence:

[ 03:02:28 ] NCC 1701E > faggy gank

A pirate, sitting on a gate in a Heavy Interdictor, was complaining about fairness? No way could we let this one slide:

[ 03:02:57 ] Spectre3353 > wahhhhh
[ 03:03:00 ] Lovely Lily > lol
[ 03:03:02 ] Spectre3353 > sum1 keeled my ship wahhhh

Moments later we were informed that the pilot had commented on the loss on his own killboard as well, adding even more bitching and blatantly exaggerating the ships we had brought to the fight. Apparently we had a Falcon? News to me. What a whiny bitch of a pirate.

Big Meanies

Moments later we prepared to continue on our journey when Golden Helmet, the very man himself, appeared like magic to join us in one of the most useless vessels ever designed (yep, the Caracal). I asked him in all his glorious glory to take over the gang and lead us into battle and into battle he did lead. As we jumped into the very next system we proceeded to pounce on a poor unsuspecting traveller. He was most upset and begged for us to spare his ship:

[ 03:28:05 ] Taletha Rex > noo
[ 03:28:09 ] Spectre3353 > YESSSSSSSSSSS
[ 03:28:13 ] Taletha Rex > ug
[ 03:28:22 ] Taletha Rex > ransom?

It was then that an enemy gang was spotted in system! Mean Coalition was flying around Orfrold in a cruiser gang as well. Unfortunately, they were not sporting the basic T1 variants that we were. Instead their gang was made up of several T2 cruisers, a battlecruiser and even a couple faction cruisers.

Do we engage a gang knowing that it is certain death? Why do we even ask such a question when Golden Helmet is in charge? We gathered ourselves together and began warping towards the planet where we last scanned the Mean gang and landed just as they were taking off, probably hoping to warp in on us in the same fashion. Fortunately for us, one ship was left behind and we were able to just barely kill Sarvic's Broadsword before the rest of his gang had time to turn around and engage back. Outnumbered and outgunned we targetted the most expensive ship in range, hoping to come out on top in at least the ISK killed column by the end of the fight. In my gank Thorax I was the first primaried and destroyed but I watched that Vexor Navy Issue taking heavy fire as my pod warped away. In the end we lost seven cruisers and only killed two, but the ISK loss was quite lopsided. A very fun fight indeed and props to Mean Coalition for bringing a fight and flying ships you don't normally see being put at risk.


Andrea skye said...

also got some tears from a rifter, and got a missioning mega just before that, fun night!

Teister said...

The sweet whiny tears of your enemies makes your penis larger and more powerful...I think that's from that Sun Tzu guy...

Why have we not received a submission for our CKIAGFEBBC? Your silence hurts us here at BOZO...

Spectre said...

Teister: I've just been lazy. It'll probably come this week.

Josh (GH) said...

After the awesomeness of tonight, I hope your readers know who the real source of awesome in this corp is, Mr. "Oh No Don't Warp Us In To That Carrier!" :P

AricOz said...

I tackled that carrier while you guys were still bitching over going in or not :D :D

Josh (GH) said...

Lol, I gave Griz credit for that in his title. Woops. Remind me to fix it later on. Something about midgets.

Yargok said...

Haha, love it.

Especially commenting on his own killboard where he whines.

I urge all readers of this to go post a snide remark of their own.


Chrai said...

I can't believe that guy is whining about ganking. His corp hangs around that system and ganks anyone they can by doing the old invite to fleet trick.

I suppose considering the blog I'm commenting on that doesn't seem like a bad thing but y'know.

f0st3r said...

That was a fun night.