Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making A Name (Part IV)

Back To The Front

It had been several weeks since the incident. My confidence sunk. My determination drained. My willpower gone. I hadn't even showered or shaved since that day and the smell must have become quite overwhelming as Mrs Pilkins the pony refused to even sit with me. How could I go on being taken seriously? How could ever again prove that I truly did not suck? It was pointless.

I sat sulking to myself as usual on my bunk when the terminal rang:

"Hello old chap."

It was Skye. He had been missing for months and now out of the blue, he wanted to fly. I made my whiny excuses but he was not taking no for an answer.

"We need to whip you back into shape. Fit and prep a Taranis... we are going back to Delve."

"What a womanly looking man" I thought to myself before his words sunk in... wait... Delve!? Back to Goonswarm space again? The lifelessness and lethargy of the past weeks began to seep away at the thought of striking an even more deadly blow to their alliance. "I'll be there" I said and disconnected from the line. I winked at Mrs Pilkins and got myself prepared by shaving off the scraggly beard and giving myself a badass douchebag pirate goatee.

This was going to be awesome.

Project: Rape Delve: Part II: First Blood: The Killinating

We gathered several other members of our group and set out with myself, Andrea Skye, Kerblamo and Helicity Boson. Our fast moving frigate gang was made up of my Taranis, a Hound stealth bomber, a Sentinel electronic attack ship and a Crusader interceptor. We entered from the same entrance as my last trip, via the Khanid system of Kaira. The going was quiet and lonely as we made our way through the region of Querious until we caught site of a lone battleship traveling past us down the pipe.

We quickly turned around to corner the Abaddon and caught him as he jumped through a stargate. Blasters, lasers and torpedos smashed into his ship, quickly destroying his shields and armor and blasting into his hull when the ship simply VANISHED. Somehow out of thin air his ship had completely disappeared! My gang began to rave over our fleet channel about the lameness and ridiculousness of his "logoffski" but I simply had no idea what they were talking about. How could a ship just vanish while it was scrambled several times and nearly destroyed? What in the hell was a logoffski? What had happened to the laws of physics since the last time I had flown a ship? Baffled and annoyed we continued on our trek...

We made our way into the very center of Goonswarm space, only a couple jumps from the heart of their empire in the system of NOL-M9 when I discovered a number of ships meandering around as I scouted ahead. Soon we had a fight with a Vengeance, Sacrilege and Rupture on our hands and while we were able to take down our initial target, half of our fleet was destroyed and myself and Skye were forced to flee from the battlefield. Tired and defeated, we turned to head home...

Say Hello To My Little Friend (And His Torps)

On our way back we decided to take a slight detour and come out in a different part of lowsec. We noticed a bit of traffic coming through one of the systems enroute and stopped to watch the gate for a few minutes when we saw one new pilot enter local. Within moments a Megathron battleship was on scan, landed on the gate and jumped on through. I scrambled to jump through as well and point the pilot before he could warp off...

"Point!" I screamed at Skye. Mrs Pilkins neighed in excitement. I managed to disrupt the battleships engines and began drilling into his ship with my blasters. Skye's Hound uncloaked and I was momentarily blinded by the massive explosions as a volley of torpedo's rocked the battleship. My vision came back to me just in time to see hammerhead drones firing upon my ship. It was then that I noticed the alliance tag associated with the drones and their ship... Goonswarm? This was it! Two tiny frigates against the incredible might of a battleship from the massive empire that I wanted to destroy. Now I would get my revenge. Now I would bathe in their blood. Now I would make my name.

The drones beat through my shields and seared my Taranis's armor down to scraps very quickly. I wanted this kill so badly but it was certain death if I hung around any longer. I turned my ship away and burned away at full speed from the battle. Skye continued to fire upon the battleship and I couldn't help but be amazed at the amount of damage his frigate was doing to a hull many times his size. I turned around again to warp back into the fight just our target jumped into warp towards another gate. I cursed and aligned for warp to follow. Again I tailed him through the gate and again I was able to lock him down before he could get back into warp. We unleashed the full brunt of our combined damage together this time and there was no stopping it... a final volley of torpedoes struck the battleship and it was obliterated. As icing on the cake we scrambled the pod and sent Tokclik back home on the express train.


We had done it. We had struck an absolutely massive blow to the Goonswarm alliance. It would surely ripple through all levels and locations that one of their mighty battleships had fallen in combat to our lowly frigates. I could only assume that Tokclik was a high ranking officer and his death would be crippling to the leadership. Who would have thought we could have such an effect on 0.0? I did not until this wonderous day had come.

Jubilent and excited we continued home and were nearly out when I decided to engage a Hurricane at a planet. What could possibly go wrong? We were invincible!


I listened to the some bizarre words of advice from my killer as I waited for the self-destruct on my pod and said a prayer for yet another dead pony:

[16:40:53] W3st > noob
[16:40:57] Spectre3353 > NO UR A NOOB

[16:41:27] Adriano EIM > what was in your mind to do that?

[16:41:52] Spectre3353 > my frig could solo you easy
[16:41:55] Spectre3353 > taranis > everything
[16:42:05] Spectre3353 > i just had something in my eye this time

[16:42:30] Adriano EIM > i tought you don't want do that, but some voices from your head tell you do proceed like this

[16:42:50] Spectre3353 > dont you dare talk about the voices in my head

Meh. I can't win them all.


Omgah said...


Does this conclude the Making a Name Arc?

Andrea skye said...

Was fun, defo gota do it more often. And why im here let me share my opinion on logoffskis:


That is all.

Mynxee said...

LOLS. I bet the Goons are quaking in fear, probably planning to pull out of Delve altogether now.

Agile Nakajima said...

Oh dear. I hope Mrs Pilkins had an up-to-date Pony Clony.

Kirith Kodachi said...

Good work spec.

Dj Akula said...

You killed a double plated/damage control megathron with only 9000 damage?

he must have been on the brink of dying already..

Raelyf said...

I believe he jumped the gate, so the damage count on him would have reset

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Don't end this arc, it is funny!

Also, don't take this too seriously, but that sniping Mega probably wasn't going to be that hard to kill by anyone?

Xeross/TheElitist said...

Hey Spectre,

I've added your blog to a list of EVE players blogs on my own blog (theelitist.net), I was wondering if I could have your in-game main character name (And possibly alt names). I'd also like to be able to contact you through an instant messaging program my email address (x3r0ss [at] gmail [d0t] com) is also my id for GTalk, MSN, AIM and ICQ. and my twitter account is th3elitist.

Hope to here from you soon (Through IM or Email).

Regards, Xeross/TheElitist

Spectre said...

Omgah: Maybe. I don't even know.

Agile: "Pony Clony"? I like that.

Xeross: Ehhhh.... what? Do you need my blood type and eye color as well? My mains name is in this very post as well as like 15 other places on my blog and is "Spectre3353". You can contact me in-game pretty much any day if you need to talk to me or you just drop me an eve-mail. Thanks.

Josh (GH) said...

You seem to have a stalker, spec. Show him a little leg or something for his effort.

Yargok said...

ooh you done it now!

I bet Mittani is sending spies into our midst as we speak!

I mean, to first humiliate them by recording a logoffski, then killing a BS with frigs.. we´re done for!

Latrodanes said...

Awesome post!! Love the fact these Goonpeeps have no idea who they are messing with. Go Spectre!!