Monday, October 19, 2009

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The Python Cartel Academy

The Python Cartel has organized and decided to open an academy. It is being run by Golden Helmet, Lars Lodar and Lachesis VII. If you are a pilot that is new to the game or just new to lowsec PvP/piracy and you are interested in learning a thing or two from some experienced pirates, take a look here at the recruitment thread.

CSM4 Interview With Hallan Turrek

Hallan was nice enough to interview me about my candidacy for the 4th CSM election. The interview can be read here. Today is the final day that CCP is accepting applications and I look forward to seeing the list of candidates hopefully soon.


Helicity Boson put in quite a bit of effort the past few weeks to arrange a multi-corporation operation he dubbed "Hulkageddon". The idea was to see how many Hulks and other mining ships we could suicide gank in a single weekend. Well this past weekend was it and the final count was 59 Hulks, 4 Mackinaws, 22 Retrievers, 1 Industrial and 27 Pods. Additional info about the fun that was had can be found on the blog created specifically for the event.


6pac said...

Why do you think my gf had her hulk docked this weekend??

Darn pirates spreadin fear in EvE!

But I thank ye, she got more housework done this way.

Josh (GH) said...

Did she make you a sammich?

Andrea skye said...

lol@ gh

Anyway, u forgot to mention our epic fight yesterday spec. Dam you.

Kyle Langdon said...

Ohhh the academy is like Top Gun! I call Maverick! Or Viper, that would work too.

Lars Lodar said...

Pro Tip for Academy applicants:

Use 'Penis' whenever you possibly can.

Drink. Often.

Listen to what I have to say if you want to be awesome.

Bonus Points:
Make fun of GH and Kerblamo (especially Blammo) whenever you can.

Yargok said...

Top Gun?

Then I want to be that big gay guy who plays volleyball with Iceman!

Anonymous said...

I find it insanely ironic that spec has the [ignorance?] to post a PVP Academy recruiting blurb in the same thread about ganking hulks all weekend in high-sec.

One of those two does not go with the other.

Spectre said...

Anon: Sounds like some butthurt to me. How many of your ships did we gank this weekend? I hope at least a few.

Lars Lodar said...

@ Anon

Why not? Suiciding hulks is a hilarious and fun activity that develops teamwork, networking, and most importantly fun!

Josh (GH) said...

10 bucks says Anon is Omgah, and you guys got trolled.

Omgah said...

Nope not me.

Koolaid said...

Hola Anon,
Spec posted about a PIRATE Academy blurb.

[Using Square Brackets Is LAME]

You see that? That's [IRONY!].

Koolaid said...

Aww crap. That was harsh. Sorry anonymous troll guy! Uncle Jay can be a real Penis when drinking.

Yet another reason why you shouldn't mix Koolaid and Vodka!

[Except for the square bracket comment]
[Damn I'm clever when I'm dunk!]