Friday, October 23, 2009

Pop Quiz (Or Why I Won't Be Running For CSM)

This quiz is multiple choice. Please mark your answer down clearly with a No. 2 pencil. Calculators are not allowed and cheating will not be tolerated.


What kind of in-game action or activity would warrant this sort of response to a CSM application:


Thank you for your interest in the Council of Stellar Management. Unfortunately we are unable to accept your application for candidacy for the fourth Council of Stellar Management due to recent violations of the End User License Agreement associated with your account(s). Should you wish to stand as a candidate in any future CSM elections, you will be free to do so unless there are further violations of the EVE Online EULA.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Kveðja / With regards
CCP Diagoras
CCP Research and Statistics

Option (A)

Scamming some random poor soul out of 650 million ISK and then rubbing it in via extreme sarcasm and taunting:
[14:50:07] Spectre > hey whats up... want to buy another ship?
[14:50:21] Figis > those are not navy issue
[14:50:27] Figis > u fucked me
[14:50:33] Spectre > what??!! seriously?
[14:50:43] Spectre > must have been a mistake by the guys in the warehouse
[14:50:47] Spectre > let me ask them and ill get right back to you
[14:51:02] Figis > i want my money back
[14:51:12] Spectre > i already spent it on a new house in the hamptons
[14:51:15] Spectre > sorry friend
[14:51:15] Figis > they are normal ships
[14:51:22] Spectre > yea if normal is AWESOME
[14:51:29] Spectre > theyre MEGATHRONS dude, that name is incredible
[14:51:33] Spectre > AWESOME MEGATHRONS
[14:51:46] Figis > i want my money back
[14:52:02] Spectre > better start mining i guess then
[14:53:01] Figis > so you wont trade back
[14:53:18] Spectre > no i will, im just talking to the guys in accounting to sort things out
[14:53:28] Spectre > we should be able to send you a rebate check within 6-8 weeks of this transaction
[14:54:04] Spectre > you can contact our claims department at 1-800-UR-SCRWD

Option (B)

Tricking a newbie pilot into joining my fleet and meeting me at a safe spot to "help me with a mission". Forcing him to eject from the Raven and then bringing it to a station to sell it back to him for 100 million ISK. Destroying his ship he just bought back as it undocks and then podding him.

Option (C)

Making fun of Ken Plante's MySpace page which is publicly accessible and labeled with his in-game character name:
[ 03:11:12 ] Spectre3353 >
[ 03:11:14 ] Switch 4 > it at least gives me some entertainment
[ 03:11:33 ] Kobrakilla > .__. █.____░█.___██_█████____.██___██_.░░░░ █.___.░░░█_█___.░░ █__.░░░█__█____.██___...
[ 03:11:35 ] Kobrakilla > nuts
[ 03:11:45 ] Spectre3353 > you have a phd in experimental pathology? you must be smart
[ 03:12:02 ] Ken Plante > man u r fuckin obsesisve
[ 03:12:04 ] Ken Plante > lol
[ 03:12:09 ] Spectre3353 > yea its so hard to google "ken plante myspace"
[ 03:12:09 ] Ken Plante > u r a weird dude
[ 03:12:15 ] Spectre3353 > I OBSESSED UNTIL I FOUND IT
[ 03:12:18 ] Mashashige > agreed
[ 03:12:24 ] Ken Plante > i wouldnt bother to look at ur screen names myspace
[ 03:12:27 ] Ken Plante > because u dont matter
[ 03:13:21 ] Spectre3353 > people that matter are agnostics and are pisces?
[ 03:13:37 ] Lucifer747 > fuck, i dont matter
[ 03:14:12 ] Spectre3353 > yoo brother wats up...just began college ..the bitches r amazen lmao..keep in touch big bro..hope all it well.
[ 03:14:17 ] Kobrakilla > I for one, am awesome
[ 03:14:21 ] Spectre3353 > sounds like your buddy angelino is having a good week
[ 03:14:37 ] Switch 4 > RAGE IN AMAMAKE LOCAL!
[ 03:14:38 ] Ken Plante > kid i work with in innercity program
[ 03:14:47 ] Spectre3353 > with a phd? thats awesome man
[ 03:14:48 ] Ken Plante > lol spec u r a tard


The answer is not (A). Scamming is simply an incredibly dick move that individuals with no morals would pull. This is fine for a member of the CSM.

The answer is not (B). Manipulating and totally fucking over a missioning newbie is a perfectly valid form of play.

This leaves only one possible option left:
CCP Diagoras,

Thank you for the consideration and notification. Would you be able to specify what violations were associated with my account(s)? Thanks.



The violation in question was sharing real life information of another player within the game. You received a harassment warning from GM Macayle for this at 04:38 on the 29th September this year.

Kveðja / With regards
CCP Diagoras
CCP Research and Statistics

Correct answer is option (C)! Linking to someones MySpace page is a violation of the End User License Agreement and will render you invalid to run for the CSM if reported.


Anonymous said...

And C is the most pointless of them all.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Wow that is pretty bullshat.

Can you run for CSM next year then, or is this some kind of a CSM-permaban?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem so surprising to me. A + B effect someones fake possessions in a fake world, held by a virtual character that doesn't actually exist. Drawing attention to someones real life could adversely effect something of theirs that actually exists. Being a jackass to someone in game is just being a pretend jackass. Being a jackass in real life is being a actual jackass.

It wasn't enough for you that the game allows you to be as mean and cruel as you want within game mechanics with barely any repercussions. No, you decided it would be more fun to cross the line and post and ridicule someones real life persona.

Real classy Spectre.

Kirith Kodachi said...

While my first reaction was in line with the last commenter, my second thought agrees with Tony and Anon1. The guy made a webpage with his ingame char name: that's not out of game stalking, that's fair game.

Htrag said...

Thats unfortunate amigo... seems like CCP is pretty quick to pull the disciplinary trigger nowadays.

Helicity Boson said...

True that kirith, not to mention it was stumbled upon googling for the /character/

You have to be a special kind of retard to name your toon after yourself...

manasi said...

Bullshit of the 10th degree! So you mean all the goons and the br1ck guys that attacked my website is a breaking of the EULA! Nice i guess some heads will be rolling oh, but mean you used your fake name (Spectre3353) so they don't allow you to sit on the god Damn CSM?

What kind of outrageous Bullshit is that?

Spectre, have i always liked your humor, no...have I always thought you played the game your way, yes, do I think you should be in the voting for the CSM...Hell Yes!

Absolutely, god damned, insane shit.

Anonymous said...

I'd make an attempt to go 'over their heads' if I were you. I mean, seriously, stuck on the front page of this blog "I'M SPECTRE AND MY REAL NAME IS LEEROY JONES", would that mean every visitor is violating TOS? It seem fairly dumb.

Spectre said...

@Tony: Not a permaban. Just for CSM4. I sincerely doubt I will run again at any point though.

@Anon2: I am classy, aren't I? I'm glad you noticed.

@Everyone Else:

It is a bit of a confusing zone as there isn't really a super clear line between real life and in-game characters, especially when you are dealing with the CSM or when you start naming your in-game characters YOUR REAL LIFE NAME.

That being said, what I did was inappropriate and my post above isn't intended as a bash on CCP. They have their rules and this was a clear violation of it and I cannot honestly go and disagree with that. I am disappointed but I brought it on myself because I love being an ass and smacking in local. It isn't anyone else's fault.

f0st3r said...

While I am not denying that is breach of the EULA, it is a stupid reason to deny someone the opportunity to run in the CSM.

I think this addresses one of the problems that needs to be fixed.. GM's. If that would have been a false accusation, because of the crappy GM's this game has, you could not have had a chance to defend yourself, they would have copy/pasted some bullshit reply.

Cozmik R5 said...

GMs are EVE players that have way too much time on their hands.

Massive amounts of suckage.

Mashashige said...

How can you honestly expect to get away with harassment like that, sure the goons and everyone else that plays this game does, but you didn't actually expect too, did you?. No,you decided to take your campaign of hate outside the game to tarnish someone else's reputation, even if hes a giant liar and prick inside and outside of the game who is more then deserving of this. You really are an obsessive loser though,except when compared with ken, cause you've never lied about your education have you. And now you have posted it on your blog for more of these worthless mouth breathers to see, lamers everyone of them.

Anonymous said...

Honestly who is retarded enough to use their real name in a game and complain when someone finds out.

Spectre said...

@Omgah (AKA Mash): That was a terrible troll. Stop posting as other people on my blog please.

Noir Avlaa said...

Gotta say though, Option (B) was hilarious. Best gank ever.

Koolaid said...

Meh. It's gayballs for sure, but did you really want to get sucked into all that political crap? I think by running you have definitely championed the low-sec crowd quite well, and brought a lot of attention to some screwy game-mechanics.

Are there any other candidates who are running on a similar platform?

StrangeApe said...

This is honestly the dumbest hing i've heard today. What you did was a dick move, no denying that, you know it, we know it, everyone knows it. Even if the guy deserved it.

With that being said, is it any different than Manasi getting spammed with comments from goons? No. In my mind, it is no different than letting smack talk go on in local.No. I'm now part of TCF, which is a french alliance, and we always get a dumbass who goes on and says the usual "french are (insert insult here)". My character is CALDARI, not FRENCH, and i've made a petition once regarding that and CCP basically answered to me to HTFU and that it was ok to do so.

How can they tolerate such a thing, which is similar to what you did, and yet tell you that it's unnacteptable. They're basically advertising that they have double standards.

I'm no pirate, but i would've voted for you because i know low sec needs a lot of work and is the most unnapealing part of the game right now. But alas....

Anonymous said...

This is what you do..
You go on a campaign.
This campaign would be to collect the real life names and cities of people who piss you off in eve.
Make a web page somewhere.

On every EVE Blog, facebook, every non-ccp eve site, every public corp forum you can find.. you send out a web of links to it.

This information is LEGAL and ethical to pass on.

It's a shame CCP had to roll this way. Personally I'd get some revenge.

Anonymous said...

"This is what you do..
You go on a campaign.
This campaign would be to collect the real life names and cities of people who piss you off in eve.
Make a web page somewhere."

Yeah, except CCP can permaban your account at their discretion. It's legal, because you consented to that. And it would be what they'd do, most likely.

That said, the whole Ken Plante business was crossing the line of what's acceptable.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

"That said, the whole Ken Plante business was crossing the line of what's acceptable."

No it wasn't, he was just being stupid. The internet is the internet for a reason, anonymity, in case you didn't realize that is what allows you to be "anonymous"...

Elliya said...

That is harsh and unjust.
CCP has missed out on a great asset.

Anonymous said...

Complete Asshattery - and I do NOT use that word on a regular basis.

Zangert said...


write in campaign anyone?

Omgah said...

I'm glad the obvious has distracted you spec. GG

Anonymous said...

Ken Plante is a tool

just look at his pics

thank you for sharing another douchebag with the world, i bet he wacks off looking at pics of his abs and stuff

Anonymous said...

I fk'n love this game u horrible creep

Nashh Kadavr said...

A= Hilarious, B = Side splitting, C= less funny but harmless.

Shame, you had my vote Spectre.

Keep up the laughs though!

Ps you owe me a BC duel

Leon vanUber said...

He who laughs last, laughs loudest.

I see this is adequate. You didn't really think you could get away with a 'hate' campaign out of game and use real life infos to bash people ingame and then become csm?

At least you realize it was your fault and not ccp's or ken's.

Just to get things straight, I don't know ken, and wouldn't have voted for you anyway.

Yargok said...

Damn shame.

I lost my faith in GMs now, this kind of rigid behaviour is sad.

It was good to see you had support tho, and all the haters that showed up spewing their bile only proved you were a real contender.

I mean, they have presidents of America that has done far worse and so... hmm..
Spec for President!

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

@Leon vanUber
Cool mate, that's cool.

Gripper said...

Meagle -

This is why I had to leave EVE...



(yes, I do find good entertainment reading your stuff :) )

Anonymous said...

Argh, a crying shame. I'm not a pirate but I love reading of your endeavours!

Still; spare the rod, spoil the child :)

pjharvey said...

That's a shame, I think you'd make some interesting changes to capsuleering.

I am surprised that you are considered to have crossed a line, particularly as you only linked to a webbage that can be found from entirely within the game, and more efficiently so when the in-game browser gets revamped.

I wonder how CCP would have reacted had to linked to a blog instead.

Quivering Palm said...

this is too bad :-( we talked about it on the last show (should be up on the site soon - and besides that you can no longer run for CSM you had some really cool ideas. If you want to participate in the CSM debate next wednesday 21:00 eve time on the show let us know.