Friday, October 30, 2009


I've stated before that there are several things I hate because they make Eve-Online combat suck. I partake in them and I use them to my advantage on occasion as well but I still hate them and I try to discourage/avoid them when possible. A few these sucky things are:

(1) Blobbing - Bringing numbers and firepower to a fight to the point that your opponent cannot possibly fight back in any reasonable manner.

(2) Capital Ships In Lowsec - Because their roles don't fit into the small scale combat that is more common in lowsec. I've commented specifically on how I feel about Carriers before but let's add Titans to the list now as well.

(3) Faction Warfare - Because all they do is generate giant blobs of talentless and skilless pilots that run around hoping to target and fire their guns once to be on a killmail as they gank non-FW related targets in 50-versus-2 fights.

So what happens when all these sucky items are utilized in combination? You wind up with kills such as these:

This is the Star Fraction, an alliance of Role-Players who are aligned with the Minmitar Tribal Liberation Force, using a Titan to jump bridge battleship fleets on top of us in several different situations in lowsec over the past few days. The first kill is perhaps understandable. A Macherial is a very high value target and you need decent firepower to destroy an aggressed battleship before it is able to redock. The second situation however was absolutely absurd. During an entertaining fight versus a Myrmidon and his friends in the renound Amamake Planet III - Asteroid Belt I, Star Fraction Titan jump-bridged a battleship gang on top of the group.

For anyone not familiar with the Titan jump bridge capability, here is an explanation (from the Eve-Wiki):
Titans are the largest ship type in EVE. They can perform the same fleet functions and support roles as the Mothership (Cloning, Ship maintenance arrays, Ship/Items hangars), and are the only capital ships which can create jump portals through use of the Jump Bridge Array, which enables escort and support ships to move from system to system without the aid of a stargate. Even though a Titan is a massive logistical advantage for the individual or corporation who possesses one, using a Titan in a combat role is often seen as undesirable. While large, their defensive and offensive capabilities are still overshadowed by the Dreadnought and Mothership class capital ships. They do, however, have the capacity to provide more logistical support to a fleet from behind the front lines than any other capital ship, especially when it concerns the Jump Bridge Array.
Perhaps one of the funniest things related to these drops is a quote I found when looking up information about their alliance. From their very own website:
We have no desire to hold territory or allow a static infrastructure to impede us. We are under no obligation to police or restrict space and maintain no interest in POS deployment contests and tedious blob warfare. The Star Fraction is a highly mobile and ideologically motivated guerrilla warfare operation that prizes flair and courage alongside tactical skill and innovative combined ops strategies. Small unit engagement and rapid tactical response is our specialty: combat where the individual has an opportunity to shine and pilot skill truly matters.
Really. Hot dropping battleship fleets onto individual ships or small gangs using a jump bridge truly shows invidual pilot skill? If I had to guess I would assume that the only individual skill any of their members shows is when they get home from a hard day of blobbing and start sticking their genitals into an assortment of each others body cavities. Use your imagination as to what I am trying to say by that.

I am saying they like to stick their penises in each others butts:

Fuck you, Star Fraction.


Deyo said...

Apropos carriers, you guys undocked two Thanatoses on use 2 weeks ago iirc. :)

Cal said...

I have to say that I agree with your thoughts here Spectre. Having flown with Star Fraction in the distant past, they really are a shadow of the entity that they once were. Previously, your quote from their site held true...individual pilot skill was at the top of their list.

Now? Not so much. Now they've become little more than an organization that has expensive toys that they use, regardless of the situation. They're more worried about "lol killmails" than upholding their RP...something they once prided themselves for.

Elliya said...

I think it is cuz more is at stake in EvE then WoW for instance.. Thats why most are loath to provide an even fight, but in WoW dying does not matter so a 1 vs1 is sought after to test skills.. I do prefer PvP in EvE anyway..
But what fail-fraction does is not PvP.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what Star Faction memebers do to each other in their spare time, I fail to see your point, Spectre, beside your complain about them being bigger fish than you.

What is the difference between you popping some carebear who has no chance agaist your PvP fitted ship and SF popping some pirate who has no chance as well?

Anonymous said...

I still remember how Star Faction owned BoB in Alliance Tournment with 10 Thorax.

Helicity Boson said...

Spectre and I discussed this, and it's certainly true we will use superior force if we can in many situations. This article even says so.

That doesn't mean he (or any of us) think it's a good way for things to be. I personally do not believe Caps have a place in low sec, and CERTAINLY not super caps. I see no reason why jump bridges should be allowed in low sec, when doomsdays and fighter drones are restricted and/or banned.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone got their asse handed to them.

Ahh pirate tears. The tastiest tears.


Kirith Kodachi said...

I tried to generate some sympathy and failed. Sorry.

Carry on.

Fake edit: why is using cap ship abilities and superior numbers to kill your ships worse than you using battlecruisers and superior numbers to kill some guy in a Vexor or Rifter or Mymidon?

To me it smacks of hypocrispy. Eve combat is never fair for the loser. *shrugs*

Spectre said...

Deyo: I didn't even know we had two Thanatosessesss. However you plural it. I honestly prefer fights without the carriers present and you guys give us some good ones. Much love to Shrodingers.

Anon #1: Your point is valid

Anon #3: I agree.

Kirith: Read how I defined blobbing. I have no problem with unfair fights and 99.999% of them are. I just hate blobbing. Most of the time when I do end up in an engagement where I have a severe advantage it's because (1) people brought ships I told them not to or didn't ask for (2) we are on a roam and it's the gang we happen to have with us (3) we mis-predicted the resistance we would be getting in return.

Also, I know I am a hypocrite. It's part of my wonderful charm.

PIckle Pusher said...

Butt hurt much? Your stuff?

Letrange said...

It's just like using a PvP ship to go after a Hulk. I don't hear you bitching about that.

To quote CCP:

Harden the fuck up.

Spectre said...

Pickle: Contracted.

Letrange: Because when I do it, it is ok. When other people do it to me it is fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

God you're a whiny bitch spectre

Anonymous said...

Letrange: Because when I do it, it is ok. When other people do it to me it is fucking stupid.

October 30, 2009 3:48 PM

mad respct you can admit that, and i agree 100%

i wont complain at you anymore sir

Omgah said...

I hate the people that read your blog spec. They annoy me.

Josh (GH) said...

Don't you dare speak of nerfing my beloved Archon. It's gimpy enough that I don't get to assign my fighters in 0.4, HAVEN'T I SUFFERED ENOUGH?! :(

Cozmik R5 said...

Just tell yourself that in about a month we'll hear about titans popping left and right.

Yeah, getting wtfpwnzd sucks. But having an unfair advantage rocks :)

Sable Blitzmann said...

I also see no reason for Titans to be in low-sec. Just my 2 cents.

Andrea skye said...

confirming that star faction likes to play hide the sausage in the pooper

Teister said...

About Star Fraction: Was once blue with BOZO (like the only blue we had) then heard of their internal bullshit and how they had pretty much turned into a Cry Havoc wannabe alliance and reset them. They used to be really good, but now just like all the other classless hacks flying around with too much isk in their pockets...

About blobbing: I get what you're saying Spectre. In my opinion, if you're going to 'blob', if you're going to hot drop caps on a cruiser, jump bridge BS on a fucking Vexor, then at least have the balls to fight and even fight when one is presented. More often than not, these types of entities will run unless they have a 300% chance of winning. It's pathetic...

Ricardo Malfi said...

Hey, I'm on that killmail. Yeah, we use the titan. I'm not any official voice, but I personally think it's damn fun destroying pirates in violently overpowered explosions of battleships - even more fun than listening to you whine in local as you hide in station afterwards.

ChipMo said...

After a long night hunting for an Amarr FLEET to drop on, our cyno pilgrim saw a Minmatar Myrmadon going down to around 6 hostiles (blob anyone?). They were light ships struggling to break his tank.

Our FC decided to help as they were the only amarrians in the war zone at the time. Vexor was primary.

We saved the Minmatar pilots ship & killed one of the enemy. Should we have ignored it and let our ally die when it was well within our power to save him?

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

I did get a good laugh out of this post though I cannot express any kind of opinion on the issue of "power vs lesser power", though I think anyone compentent enough in PvP realizes that the ***easiest*** way to win is to blob *cough Proviblob (tm) cough cough*. And hey, who doesn't want to win now?

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Also I mean by easiest that it's the path of least resistance "ingame" and theoretically, so of course many would follow that playstyle.

Anonymous said...

Love your crew Spec and love your blog but on this occasion reading a Python complain about blobbing is a "little" hard to swallow (even if you do try to offset things a little by confessing to being a hypocrite).

If you hate the tactic as much as you claim then show some self discipline and don't do it.

I am genuinely gutted for Andrea's Machariel loss, that was very unlucky but at the end of the day you're the Pythons - what goes around comes around, I suppose.


Spectre said...

Nihiliax: But thats just it, I do put effort towards avoiding the blob. In several situations when we have seen your corp in local I have had my gang dock up and grab ships to equal the strength of yours. I even pissed away a Domi the other day baiting Shrodingers just to get a fight and wound up getting 6 battleships and a Falcon dropped on me but I wasn't mad as you were probably just bringing numbers compared to what you figured we would have in response.

We also invited two of your corpmates (Deyo/Antar) to a battlecruiser 2v2 just the other day and it was a fun fight. Hell, we suicided three rigged battleships at faction warfare last night just because I wanted a BS fight that didn't involve us sitting on our station or any caps.

I can't represent my corpmates or the gangs they fly in without me and I rarely tell them "NO" when they ask to join my gangs (even if it bumps the numbers up a lot) but nothing I have ever said in this blog was something I didn't really believe. You'd be hard pressed to find a KM of mine that ever involved above 10 pilots and most probably would involve less than 5.

I don't like blobbing (tm). I will keep saying it.

Yargok said...

I dislike the blob also.

Most fun fights I have had has been equal, but you cant always plan for such.

However, sometimes you got to go for the overkill, but titan bridges is just too much.

I dont blame the players using it, rather with CCP would change the lowsec mechanics to disallow such shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

Some good points, well made though, without wanting to appear argumentative, (I have been reading your blog long enough to feel confident you welcome the debate) I would like to retort.

With regard to your Domi loss, while I was not around at the time it sounds to me very much like you ran into one of our RR BS Ops and as I'm sure you'll agree it is a rather difficult tactic to pull off without having more than one RR BS. I do not attempt to suggest that our corp is innocent of using "blobby" tactics but at the same time our CEO does not write a popular EVE blog in which he berates the tactic either.

With regard to the 2v2 with Deyo and Antar, I was aware of this as I was in system at the time and from what I was hearing over vent it was indeed a good fight. As someone who shares space with you, however, I am also very aware that where The Pythons are concerned this kind of the thing is by far the exception rather than the rule. Why take one ship to kill a missioning Thorax when you can take two Strategic Cruisers, a Cyclone, Vaga and Sabre?

You say you cannot dictate the actions of your corp mates but I would put it to you that as the author of a very popular EVE blog and CEO of a not inconsequential pirate corp who in turn are now training a new wave of PVPers your influence on this game is far from minor. If only you were willing to practice what you preach.

Finally, I think all readers here would agree that what makes a blob is relative and not a definable number - 5 frigates to kill a noob ship is a blob where ten frigates to kill a carrier is not. With this in mind I took your suggestion and had a look at your KB and on the VERY DAY you posted your retort what did I find? You in a Phobos leading a fleet consisting of five Battlecruisers and a Heavy Assault Ship to kill a mining Vexor. You also killed his mate in an unarmed Occator at the same time but you brought in an additional Battlecruiser for that.

Now I fully understand that this kind of blobbing is currently very much part of the game but I say to you again... if you don't like it don't do it.

Love and respect,


Anonymous said...

Hurts doesn't is Spec.... Now you know how your victims feel when you can fight one one one... Coward!

Anonymous said...

What a load of sanctimonious bullshit.

These pvpers banging on about "individual skill" make me laugh.

Nothing wrong with bringing superior numbers to win. The idea isn't to give your a opponent a fair fight, it's to make them explode. If it results in a few tears and some emo rage then so much the better :-)