Thursday, November 5, 2009

Look Ma

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the Planet Risk radio show that airs every Wednesday night around 21:00 Eve time on Split Infinity Radio. Quivering Palm and Luminus Aardokay were nice enough to make mention of me in their last two episodes as both a discussion topic and as part of a question during their first round of CSM debates. If you enjoy listening to people talk about me as much as I enjoy listening to people talk about me, take a look at episodes 8 and 9 of the Planet Risk show here:


Quivering Palm said...

Thanks for the plug! Hope to have you on-air in one of our next episodes!! :-)

Yargok said...

Oh nice, in ep 9 too?

Better listen to that one then.

Great show btw, and I like the music selection on SI radio, found many good songs that way :)

Anonymous said...

What a surprise no one wants to waste their time to just hear you being mentioned.

Spectre said...

Anon: But you were willing to waste your time leaving me a comment. Thanks for putting forth the effort to show that you care about me.

Omgah said...

Planet risk guys sound like retards in the episode 9. They don't even have the story right. HURF A DURF IT WAS JUVENILE. HTFU apparently stands for nothing when every one in eve and ccp can't handle a single link in local. Bunch of softies. Grief play needs to make a comeback.