Monday, November 16, 2009

Mining In Amamake

Over the past few weeks, the Python Cartel has fallen into a state of inactivity for a number of reasons including:

- The release of Borderlands.
- The release of Dragon Age: Origins.
- The release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
- People having random real life issues or responsibilities.
- People being frustrated with Minmitar/Gallente lowsec becoming very populated and difficult to operate in.

Throw in the pending release of Left 4 Dead 2 tonight at midnight (hooray!) and I wonder how long it will be until our corporation is truly active again. Maybe when Dominion is released? Maybe in 2010?

In an effort to keep things at least a little bit interesting, I scheduled an op for the corp last week that would be different and rewarding. The rules for this op were as follows:

This is no joke. Everyone is to get into any mining ship they want with any character they own. Retriever, Hulk, Navitas, Vexor, Tengu, I don't give a shit. We will go to Amamake and we will have an ore mining contest.


Thursday, November 12th
Meet in Amamake at 0300 Eve Time


- The specific type of ore to be mined will be specified by me right before the contest starts.

- Only one character per person is allowed to mine or help mine/haul. You may NOT work together in teams.

- All mining ships will start in a safe spot together in Amamake, gathered on Spectre.

- Ships can be fit ANY WAY YOU WANT but I would recommend you have some mining lasers and/or mining drones or you are going to have trouble gathering any ore.

- You will have 60 minutes from the moment I say START to mine as much ore of the type that I specify that you can. At the end of 60 minutes we will meet in a station in Amamake (station to be determined) and you must CONTRACT me your ore. Anyone who tries to contract me their ore past the designated 60 minute timer will be disqualified.

- If your ship is destroyed by random gankers in system, you cannot get another. You will have to give me whatever ore you have gathered in the station to that point and that will be your score. People participating in this op are NOT allowed to attack each other in the belts or at any other point or they will be disqualified. You ARE allowed to bump, smack or distract each other as long as it does not involve directly engaging via guns, drones, etc.

- Mining in anomalies, missions or any place that isn't a normally marked and warpable belt IS NOT PERMITTED.

- If you lose your mining ship, you still have to post your loss.

- You cannot have any ore in your holds or in any station in Amamake when the OP starts. YOU MAY NOT LEAVE AMAMAKE OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

- You must stay in fleet the entire op. Anyone who leaves for any reason other than a disconnect will be disqualified.


The winner of this contest will be given 100,000,000 ISK (100 million ISK).

So with these rules set, four pilots showed up to intetionally mine in one of the busiest and most dangerous systems in all of Eve. I gave everyone the specific goal to collect as much Fiery Kernite as possible in one hour and sent them off to make fools of themselves. Within minutes we lost Golden Helmet's Retriever and Brick0Joe's Osprey. It seemed like this was going to be over very quickly but to my surprise, Bfoster's Exequror and Kerblammo's Scorpion both lasted the full sixty minutes and Kerblammo barely won with a score of 3480 ore to 3429 ore. It turns out that the winning formula was to fly a ship with Warp Core Stabilizers as well as tricking people into thinking your ship is bait.

The winning fit was like so:

Congrats to Blammo for winning 100 million ISK and congrats to Golden Helmet for being embarassed publically on the Crime and Punishment forums. Stupid carebear miners.


Josh (GH) said...

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Letrange said...

You realize of course you missed yet another opportunity to show the furtiveness of mining in low sec right (Although I'll admit that ninja mining while in FW was kinda fun)? You should have chosen Plain old Jaspet (the least valuable ore per volume in any form of space - high, low or 0.0) to really drive the point home. Using something as valuable as Firey Kernite for this sort of competition obviously showed a lack of understanding of the mineral market.

Spectre said...

GH: That is not why I hate you.

Letrange: The choice of ore was determined via a random dice roll right as the event started. I wanted to make sure it wasn't possible for anyone to cheat by stockpiling a predetermined ore of any type prior to the op. The value of the ore was/is meaningless in this context.

Quivering Palm said...

WTF?! hilarious!!! Loving it!

Mynxee said...

Was laughing at your frantic demands in Hellcats Pub for people to come shoot your corpmates while this was going on. What a hilarious idea for an op.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, you tried to have your dear corpmates killed??

Cozmik R5 said...

And I missed it and I live 3 jumps away.... I do have Mining I you know :)

Anonymous said...

That was an absolutely brlliant idea for a corp op. Then trying to get them ganked. :0) I feel another priceless commercial coming on.

Arrhidaeus said...

To be honest, when you mentioned this later in the day in Egghelende I thought you were joking.

This was awesome.

Myrhial Arkenath said...

Absolutely amazing! Thumbs up for crazy op idea.

Anonymous said...

"- People being frustrated with Minmitar/Gallente lowsec becoming very populated and difficult to operate in."

Seriously? Lots of targets = bad?

Flashfresh said...

Very well done Sir! That is a mad idea but what can I expect from Spectre?

I salute you and Blammo for winning the 100M isk.

Htrag said...

Thats just plain silly.

Kyle Langdon said...

Only around 35k in ore? You guys are clearly carebear noobs. I would have totally destroyed you guys if I had been there.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Sounded like fun, clever idea!