Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Hangar

I've always had a lot of shit in my hangar. Tons of modules and drones and ammo so that I will always have what I need to fit a ship on the fly. Lots of different ships fit in various ways so that I will always have something adequate for the encounter at hand. This situation compounded itself considerably over the past few weeks when I came into a large quantity of money at the same time as I finished a number of skills that let me fly some new ships. I hauled in a couple Harbingers and a Zealot just today right as I was completing Medium Pulse Laser Specialization I. I dropped them in my hangar and then realized that somehow I had amassed forty-five ships in my hangar ranging from newb ships and shuttles up to several battlecruisers and battleships. Take a look for yourself at this blob:

Let's go over them:

Harbingers and Myrmidons: Just your standard battlecruisers. Fit and rigged and ready for any sort of fight that requires some tank and power under sentries but more agility than a battleship.

Dominix/Megathron/Megathron Navy Issue: Usually for station games. It's rare an engagement occurs where I can bring a battleship off the station on not be hot dropped or blobbed and Gallente battleships are not know for their agility or ability to get the fuck out (AKA "GTFO").

Curse/Arazu: For HAC/Recon gangs or situations where you need to nano around and take control of a small fight via electronic warfare. The Arazu usually gets broken out just for tackling at long range but the Curse gets utilized almost daily. It is an amazingly effective ship when used against certain ships/setups that are cap dependent, use turrets and aren't forcing you to fight under sentries.

T1 Cruisers: I don't fly them as much anymore but these were my bread and butter for a long, long time. Shown here: Arbitrator, Vexor, Blackbird, Exequror, Omen, Moa. I would usually have a Thorax or two but they have all been blowed up and I have not yet bothered to replace them.

T1 Frigates: Believe it or not, I still hop into the Rifter pretty often. It is pretty much the mainstay of any self-respecting pirate. Cheap, fast, durable and extremely effective against many other frigates including several T2 varieties.

HIC's: Shown here is a Phobos and Devoter. Both are exclusively for gate camping. I have never actually flown the Devoter yet.

HAC's: Exclusively for nano'ing around and being lame. I just bought the Zealot so I haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet. The Ishtar doesn't get undocked too often because honestly I find that it is extremely underwhelming while using heavy drones. One of these days perhaps I will train T2 sentries and give it another shot.

Pilgrim: Bought it. Fit it. Flew it once. Haven't managed to get too excited about it yet so it is rotting in the corner.

Thrashers: It's hard for me to explain how much I love the Thrasher. I love shield tanking it with autocannons. I love armor tanking it with autocannons. I love honor tanking it with artillery. It is a very flexible ship, it shreds virtually any frigates regardless of how you fit it and it looks fucking cool as hell. Even the name Thrasher is awesome. A great little ship whether you're solo'ing or you're in a Thrasher gang.

Taranis: An old favorite that I have been neglecting recently. Ever since the scrambler changes I have found myself preferring other frigate sized vessels to the Taranis.

So there you have it. My hangar. It's better than yours and you should be jealous.

Some Random Screenshots Of These Ships In Action:

Weirdass Looking Station

A Giant Penis and His Sailboat Friend

Nano Cruiser Gang

More Nano Cruiser Gang

Working Hard? Or Hardly Working?
Thanks Scam Victims! You Bought
Alt a Freighter!


Andrea skye said...

Needs more vagabond or stabber in there.

Cozmik R5 said...


Plus, you need to give that 'Ranis some love :)

Htrag said...

its fun to have a variety of toys... gj

Bourreau said...

WTF! No wolf? No Jag? FOR SHAME!

Nursultan said...

Damn, I only have a couple of Hurricanes (shield and armour), a Drake, a Vagabond, a Stabber, a Rupture, a Jag, a Crow, a couple Rifters and dozens of Rupture and Rifter hulls.

Yargok said...

Heh, that looks like mine!

Except for the pricy stuff ofc.. but I also like to have a ship for every situation fit or mods to change them.

Also, one tends to get a new crazy idea for a ship, and once you try it and its not working, it usually ends up gathering dust if it actually survived. :)

f0st3r said...

Needs moar falcon. =P

I see me in one of those gang pics..