Monday, November 30, 2009

Pew Pew Lazor Beams

Amarr Ships

I have spent the past several months training towards the use of Amarr ships of the cruiser and battlecruiser variety. Over the past few weeks this effort finally culminated with the ability to use Tech II medium lasers and as a result I have been on a bit of a binge flying the Harbinger and Zealot. I am still learning the ships and tweaking my fits but so far this is how I am flying them:

[Harbinger, Tanky]
Damage Control II

1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II

Adaptive Nano Plating II

Heat Sink II

Heat Sink II

10MN MicroWarpdrive I
Warp Disruptor II

Medium Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I, Cap Booster 800

ECCM - Radar II

Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Scorch M

Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Scorch M

Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Scorch M

Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Scorch M

Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Scorch M

Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Scorch M

Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Scorch M
50W Infectious Power System Malfunction

Trimark Armor Pump I

Trimark Armor Pump I

Trimark Armor Pump I

Hammerhead II x5

The above fit puts out about 450 DPS including drones and with Scorch from 20km. This gets boosted to about 535 DPS including drones when switching to Amarr Navy Multifrequency crystals which have an optimal of around 7 KM. Overheat and it just barely gets to 600 DPS. Pretty impressive compared to the other gank battlecruisers I am used to flying. Neither the Ferox or Brutix get quite the same combination of tank, gank and optimal range. Most importantly, the Harbinger looks like a giant flying chicken which is a huge improvement over the giant flying head.

[Zealot, Sniper]
Damage Control II

Heat Sink II

Heat Sink II

Heat Sink II

Tracking Enhancer II

Tracking Enhancer II

Tracking Enhancer II

Y-T8 Overcharged Hydrocarbon I Microwarpdrive

F-90 Positional Sensor Subroutines, Targeting Range

F-90 Positional Sensor Subroutines

Heavy Beam Laser II, Aurora M

Heavy Beam Laser II, Aurora M

Heavy Beam Laser II, Aurora M

Heavy Beam Laser II, Aurora M

Heavy Beam Laser II, Aurora M

Polycarbon Engine Housing I

Polycarbon Engine Housing I

This fit is specifically for sniping. I can hit for about 250 DPS from 105 KM away or 430 DPS from 30 KM away with Multifrequency crystals. Extremely one-dimensional and it will die if you sneeze at it the wrong way but incredibly effective at its one role of providing DPS from any range. Nothing is quite as cool as watching giant red laser beams shoot one-hundred kilometers through space.

There Is No Place Like Home

Our corp has been having great success on roams into the regions around Old Man Star recently. On our last roam from Egghelende to OMS, we managed to kill several ships including two totally unassociated Tech III ships in under an hour:

Loki - Probed out while doing a mission with his Legion friend.

Tengu - Made the mistake of engaging our scout on a station.

After considering the fact that this region seemed to ripe with action and the fact that the corp had grown somewhat disillusioned and inactive in Egghelende, we decided to take a corp vacation to a system only a few jumps away from Old Man Star itself. This weekend we moved into our temporary digs just to realize that we had arrived right into the system where the Blood Money Cartel lived! Already in our first couple of days we had a few fun fights (and non-fights) with Skira Ranos' corp and after talking to them in local they seem like a nice bunch of pirates. I look forward to hanging out in the same system as some real PvP'ers instead of the smacktalking joke that is Dead Terrorists.

In addition to the other benefits of this new region, we are now in easy roaming distance of the Python Cartels true home (in my opinion at least). I wanted to visit it so we arranged a small gang to roam up to Tama and then the fantastical system of Aurohunen. We set off with a Rapier and Vengeance as our scout/tackle and four battlecruisers bringing up the rear to provide actual tank and gank. We flew all the way from Old Man Star up into Tama, Ishomilken and then finally Dantumi (one jump away from Aurohunen) before we finally found a little bit of action. A lopsided fight but you take what you can find. With the area looking dead and our roam winding down and feeling somewhat unsuccessful, we sent Necio in his Rapier to scout Aurohunen. Necio jumped in and then mumbled something over chat while I was barely listening. I could have sworn he just said there was a carrier in a belt. Necio repeated himself and I perked up and realized I did not misunderstand. There was a Chimera carrier and a Hulk in a belt in Aurohunen.

Necio tackled the carrier and tanked the fighters and drones that were sent his way as we jumped into system and then warped into the belt with the rest of our gang. We spent the next couple of minutes shooting down drones and fighters as I attempted a ransom:

[ 04:48:14 ] Spectre3353 > hey man
[ 04:48:19 ] At Hand > hey wahts up?
[ 04:48:19 ] Spectre3353 > we have several more ships arriving in a minute
[ 04:48:24 ] Spectre3353 > if you want to save your ship itll be 1 billion isk
[ 04:48:29 ] Spectre3353 > you have a minute to comply otherwise you die

A blatant lie as we had no backup and no more ships were coming as of yet. Instead of a proper response, he simply ignored me and closed chat. We kept our points on the carrier, orbited out of his smartbomb range and began asking everyone we knew if they were in the area to come assist in the destruction of a defenseless and lonely Chimera carrier in the system of Aurohunen. First we managed to convince the Myrmidon pilot we had killed only a few minutes earlier to jump in and help. Then we got really lucky and recieved a response from an ex-Python, Lady Thanatos who was only a few jumps out with a gang made up of several battleships and battlecruisers. After what felt like forever, LT and his gang landed and we all opened fire on the carrier, hoping to be able to break its tank. Slowly we broke through his shields and then faster we began to burn into his armor. It was about then that he finally did what we were hoping he would not... The Chimera pilot activated self destruct! The race was on... We had only two minutes to pour on enough DPS to break through most of the armor and all of the structure of a Chimera.

[ 05:03:23 ] At Hand > i feel special
[ 05:03:29 ] At Hand > 16 people just for me wow you guys really suck haha

I opened chat again to try and trick him into turning the self-destruct off so that we could finish our kill:

[ 05:07:38 ] At Hand > yes?
[ 05:07:42 ] At Hand > you got 60 secs
[ 05:07:43 ] Spectre3353 > stop SD and we'll let you go for 250mil
[ 05:07:47 ] Spectre3353 > final offer
[ 05:07:48 ] Spectre3353 > 250mil
[ 05:07:56 ] At Hand > stop firing and let me go
[ 05:07:59 ] Spectre3353 > gotta stop sd
[ 05:08:02 ] Spectre3353 > we will as soon as you stop
[ 05:08:06 ] Spectre3353 > i have everyone ready to stop
[ 05:08:08 ] At Hand > stop firing first
[ 05:08:10 ] At Hand > 30 secs left
[ 05:08:13 ] Spectre3353 > STOP SD AND WE WILL
[ 05:08:20 ] At Hand > sorry

Everyone in gang overheated their guns and threw everything they had at the ship. It felt like he was going down so slowly and I was almost convinced that we would never be able to pull it off when finally he dipped into low hull and exploded.

The Chimera pilot let us know how he felt about the whole situation once his ship had finally been blown up:

[ 05:04:58 ] At Hand > obviosuly it takes this many to kill one is sad
[ 05:05:09 ] Bfoster > we are pretty pathetic..
[ 05:06:24 ] Priah > your in a carrier
[ 05:06:40 ] Priah > at least for now you are
[ 05:06:40 ] At Hand > your in a battleship
[ 05:06:48 ] Priah > ya but ill leave in the battleship :P
[ 05:07:30 ] Mark wick > awww thats mean
[ 05:07:34 ] At Hand > to bad
[ 05:08:00 ] Bfoster > no insurance for that
[ 05:08:02 ] Bfoster > lol
[ 05:10:20 ] At Hand > actually ya there was
[ 05:10:22 ] Mark wick > lol fail
[ 05:10:23 ] At Hand > never leave home without it
[ 05:10:29 ] Mark wick > u still died
[ 05:10:39 ] Forest Baltar > you lost a fucking carrier
[ 05:10:41 ] Forest Baltar > IN A BELT
[ 05:10:41 ] At Hand > you guys still suck and need to learn some reall pvp
[ 05:10:42 ] At Hand > lol
[ 05:10:43 ] Forest Baltar > learn eve
[ 05:10:49 ] At Hand > learn to pvp

The loot was worthless and the pilot was an idiot but it isn't every day you manage to tackle and kill a carrier in a lowsec belt. I love Aurohunen.

EDIT: Bfoster has an account of the carrier kill on his blog as well. Check it out here.


Kirith Kodachi said...

Shield Boost Amplifier I ....


X1376 said...
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X1376 said...

I am finishing in 1h Medium Energy Turret 5 myself. And having Harbinger fit ready as well. I just wonder about your use of ECCM. Would not be more helpful to get scrambler or webifier instead? It is quite important for Harbinger to control distance and keep people either at 20km or 7km. It is just a question.

Edit: I managed to make silly typo, so decided to repost and delete old comment. Sorry for the mess on your blog.

Cozmik R5 said...

I think I'll give you my cell phone number :))

Gratz on the kill; caps getting caught in the wrong place give me a warm feeling :)

Spectre said...

X1376: I actually do drop the ECCM for a web depending on who I have in gang with me. Last night we had a Rapier and two other BC's with webs so I decided to stick with the ECCM instead. Pretty much any fit you ever see me post gets modified based on the specific situation or gang makeup... nothing is set in stone :)

f0st3r said...

I ALMOST went to bed too. Because when I came back to my PC, the fuckers had left without me so I had to catchup. =(

X1376, Spec did ask about webs, and my cane has the dual web setup, so we had that covered, plus the rapier.

Yargok said...

Priceless.. I like his attempts at smack by calling you bad at pvp for needing several against a carrier.. I mean i kill em in my taranis myself ;)

Teister said... guys are getting more action than we are in Curse...

Jaw said...

I envy you.

Fiammata said...

I never understood the way people act when your killing their billion isk ships

SPec Pay up or die!

seriously, its like your all wolfs and there are fields full of sheep with broken legs. How easy can it get?

Altho i had to tell some of my freinds that 3 months in you really shouldnt be flying a navy meg, its like bait to people.

Mail Lite said...

Hey Spec, Nice to see you in the area, next time you need back up give TGA a call, we normally got some BC's and BS's sitting around in Ishomilken!

Come play sometime soon, love to see some Python Cartel in the region =D

Anonymous said...

did u not get rejected as a csm member because you took eve smack into real life??

Anonymous said...