Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Tonight I had an interesting conversation with Andrea Skye about our corporation:

[23:50] Skye: i would say it makes us look bad
[23:50] Skye: but we already look bad
[23:50] Spectre: yea
[23:50] Skye: so who cares
[23:50] Spectre: we are already the python cartel
[23:50] Spectre: we are the most immature loud mouthed inconsistent drunk bunch of retards in lowsec
[23:50] Skye: im not drunk
[23:50] Spectre: well lets use some math here
[23:51] Spectre: the python cartel = nothing without me
[23:51] Spectre: me = drinks a lot while flying
[23:51] Spectre: thus the python cartel = drinks a lot while flying
[23:51] Spectre: got it?
[23:51] Skye: no
[23:51] Spectre: hmmm let me draw a venn diagram or something

As I ran off to grab my crayons and some construction paper to create a color coordinated Venn Diagram that would knock my 3rd grade teachers socks off, I looked back and realized that Skye had already beaten me to the punch:

[23:56] Spectre: oh god

My jaw dropped in awe as I gazed upon his fifteen seconds of artistic effort:

Click To Enlarge

Quite a masterpiece.


Josh (GH) said...

I love my corp. What a monstrosity I have created.

Mynxee said...

If I was 12, I'd consider leaving Hellcats to join you.

*giggle* <3 you guys.

Raxip Elamp said...

You sir are a god among morons. I salute you.

Casiella Truza said...

This is why I love you (even though you blew up my spaceship pixels).

Anonymous said...

Spec is doodoo brain! signed annonymous blue tipped lover

Yargok said...

I love you all, my retarded corpfellows!

And remember, if it is a tarp, blow it up!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you would want to be a 12 year old girl in python cartel. The things they would do. . .

Anonymous said...

"I look forward to hanging out in the same system as some real PvP'ers instead of the smacktalking joke that is Dead Terrorists."

They kicked you out of Egg? c/d or was it the FW guys?

Detail please.