Friday, December 4, 2009

Uppity Crackers

A pirate in Eve and a pirate in real life are not really the same thing. A pirate in real life is described like this:
Pirate (noun): someone who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without having a commission from any sovereign nation.
...and looks like this:

Sweet Autocannon

In Eve-Online, there are a select few corporations that try to make all of their funds via ransoms and loot from combat (or at least they say they do). In general though, a huge majority of pilots who PvP make their money through other methods and no one is actually an accurate representation of piracy in any way. When people refer to other players as "pirates" in Eve, all they are really describing is the fact that they have a -10 security status, live in low security space and spend most or all of their time engaging in player vs player combat. Eve-Online pirates also differ from real life pirates in that they look less like the guy above and more like this person:

Andrea Skye Back In 1983

Pirates in Eve have always seemed to have a little bit of an unspoken code from what I have seen and experienced. Most (but not all) pirate corps tend to be smaller and less equipped than most of your nullsec corps or alliances. We are far from weak or helpless but there are certainly many situations where we cannot compete with some of the larger faction warfare or other groups that show up by ourselves. As a result, we may call for the help of fellow pirates that we would normally fight against to instead work together. A great example is just the other night when we found a carrier in a belt and called upon our fellow pirate friends which even included one individual we had just been in a fight with and smacked with ten minutes earlier.

This is a pretty standard attitude. Most of my favorite pirate corps are smaller groups that may fight us one day but we will band together as opportunities arise and situations warrant it. We share intel and chat channels to discuss what is going on in the region and to ask for help when it is needed. It's not written, it's not black-and-white and it's not true for everyone but in general this is the Eve-Online code of the pirate in the regions of lowsec where I have operated.

Shiver Me Timbers. Please.

When we moved into our new vacation system a couple weeks back, I realized quickly that it was occupied by another small-ish pirate group, the Blood Money Cartel. I did not know a whole lot about them but I did know of their CEO, Skira Ranos. Skira had recently started a blog that I had added to my list of blogs worth reading and he was also responsible for what is probably the best Eve-Online piracy guide in existance. When new pilots come to me asking how to learn to pirate and where they should start, I send them to Skira's piracy guide and Wensley's Rifter guide. Always. I was excited at the prospect of being around a region of space where we had pirates who seemed honorable, friendly and probably would adhere to what I see as the pirate code. Eager for good fights and perhaps willing to work together against many of the larger groups that populate the area surrounding Old Man Star.

At least that is what I was hoping for.

One of the first days we were in system, a couple of BMC ships showed up outside our station. I undocked my Megathron to consider engaging and one of our friends in station asked me over voice communications "Should I undock my carrier?" I told him no and encouraged him to simply undock another battleship. I wanted to have a fight with some pirates who probably also wanted a fight without capital ships and ECM and logistics and giant blobs. We aggressed and took down one of their ships just in time for the rest of their gang to arrive. They destroyed my Megathron before I was able to redock. I had underestimated their numbers and firepower but when it results in a decent fight, I am usually not too upset with losing a ship and niether was I in this situation.

As the days went by I continued to try and encourage my corporation to be nice and respectful to BMC. I even held my own tongue in check which is no small achievement (I really like to talk shit). Regardless, BMC always seemed to be on edge at all moments waiting for any excuse to start a verbal fight. There was a certain coldness and arrogance in every interaction we had but I still held out hope. Finally, yesterday, Skira opened a conversation with me. Skira was very vague and asked me several questions about our corp, where we came from, what our intentions were and so on. I didn't have many certain answers as we simply chose this system at random and moved in to have some fun with no alterior motives. Finally I asked Skira (politely) to get to the point of the convo:
[ 01:43:13 ] Skira Ranos > My alliance is more than 70% focused on training noobs.
[ 01:43:23 ] Skira Ranos > We're talking rifters, here.
[ 01:44:55 ] Skira Ranos > "I look forward to hanging out in the same system as some real PvP'ers instead of the smacktalking joke that is Dead Terrorists."
[ 01:45:01 ] Skira Ranos > I hope you realize the irony
[ 01:45:26 ] Skira Ranos > myself and my veterans don't much care about you guys. We get in decent fights.
[ 01:45:57 ] Skira Ranos > But we do care about this little spec of property. We aren't a 0.0 alliance, we don't hold territory or anything silly like that, but we worked hard for peace and quiet in our home system
[ 01:46:02 ] Skira Ranos > so we can train the noobs in peace
[ 01:46:08 ] Skira Ranos > and so we can come home to rest, not ganking
[ 01:46:21 ] Skira Ranos > logging on and seeing more reds in local than allies is really harming morale amoung the rookies
[ 01:46:32 ] Skira Ranos > This is why we have not been remotely interested in good fights with you all.
[ 01:46:39 ] Skira Ranos > If you were in Heyd, thats our backyard
[ 01:46:43 ] Skira Ranos > we'd get in great fights
[ 01:46:47 ] Skira Ranos > even outnumbered we'd fight you
[ 01:47:02 ] Skira Ranos > In yvangier/ You're squating in my living room. We will blob the hell out of you, bring falcons, etc
[ 01:47:11 ] Skira Ranos > because its our home and we want it nice and quiet.
[ 01:47:20 ] Spectre3353 > wow
[ 01:47:22 ] Skira Ranos > Not to mention you're one of three large pirate groups moving in on yvan
[ 01:47:25 ] Spectre3353 > ive got to be totally honest with you
[ 01:47:30 ] Skira Ranos > one of which claims they're evicting us
[ 01:47:35 ] Skira Ranos > though they're failing at it
[ 01:47:39 ] Spectre3353 > you pretty much just gave me and my corp reason to stay here longer and go after you
[ 01:47:43 ] Spectre3353 > by telling me this
[ 01:47:47 ] Skira Ranos > *sigh*
[ 01:47:54 ] Spectre3353 > it could have been such a wonderful dynamic
[ 01:47:58 ] Skira Ranos > I was hoping you'd not be a jackass about it.
[ 01:48:09 ] Spectre3353 > believe me, im probably one of the most reasonable pirates you can find
[ 01:48:23 ] Spectre3353 > this is eve
[ 01:48:28 ] Spectre3353 > there are no rules about who can live wherever they want
[ 01:48:36 ] Skira Ranos > No, which is why I'm asking you
[ 01:48:43 ] Spectre3353 > im not sure what youre asking me
[ 01:48:49 ] Skira Ranos > not telling you. If there were rules, there wouldn't be diplomacy
[ 01:48:49 ] Spectre3353 > what is the point of why youre talking to me right now?
[ 01:48:54 ] Skira Ranos > I'm asking you to go away.
[ 01:49:00 ] Spectre3353 > most definitely not happening
[ 01:49:13 ] Spectre3353 > you can right now scratch the word vacation off of anything i have said
[ 01:49:23 ] Spectre3353 > i am now informing my corp that this is our permanant home system
[ 01:49:25 ] Skira Ranos > Alright then. What little respect I had for you and your organization has boiled away in the last week.
[ 01:49:28 ] Spectre3353 > and that our goal here is to remove you
[ 01:49:34 ] Spectre3353 > i am not here to earn your respect
[ 01:49:36 ] Spectre3353 > this is a video game
[ 01:49:42 ] Spectre3353 > you seem to take it very seriously
[ 01:50:30 ] Spectre3353 > ok well
[ 01:50:34 ] Spectre3353 > is there anything else you wanted to discuss?
[ 01:50:49 ] Skira Ranos > Gloves are off =0
[ 01:50:53 ] Skira Ranos > Cya in space.
[ 01:51:22 ] Spectre3353 > understood
[ 01:51:26 ] Spectre3353 > cya skira
To be frank, I was extremely dissapointed and a little bit annoyed at the level of arrogance that was being displayed during this exchange. I shared it with my corporation and I think that Raph put it best:
[ 02:04:46 ] Raph > fucking hate uppity crackers
Skira has basically issued a challenge and we have decided to accept. I tried so very hard to give BMC the benefit of the doubt. In fact I tried so hard that I missed the fact that they are poor at PvP, they completely ignore their own rules about smacktalk, they are immature and they are hypocrites who preach about piratey ideals and then totally ignore those ideals when it is convienent. Fair enough. We will settle this in space indeed.

The gloves are off.


Andrea skye said...

3rd pic is me FYI

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love the douchebag 80's wood paneling in the second pic.

Yargok said...

Awesome pic of young Skye ;)
And yes, skira seems good at pvp, but poor at diplomacy..
Had he only refrained from the attitude and ownership claims we would have ended our vacation after a week or two...

Oh well, nice to get some action (i hope)

f0st3r said...

You should have ransomed him for his system. =P

This nut job base's 2 jumps from OMS and expects to train noobs quietly. I think he is in that 2nd pic.

Maybe you should convo DT and tell them to get fuck out of egg. I'm sure they wouldn't call you a bitch. LOL!

Bourreau said...

My you've been busy. Never a dull moment around here.

Good Hunting.

Anonymous said...

E-honor is for fags.

Wensley said...

I used to have so much fun killing the BMBC guys and not a single one of them ever had an issue with it. Seems an odd attitude from Skira. Surely part of being a pirate is going on about your business when other people are threatening you. Man, we used to do that when MoD wanted us out of Hev and there were only five of us.

Teister said...

you have the full support of 8020 should the need arise...

Fumitsugu said...

Nice blog. I wish you the best for the rest of your vacation Spectre. See you in space!

Rettic said...

Really interested to see what develops with this. Do post as more unfolds. Hope Skira posts on her/his blog too.

From what I read, honorable/dishonorable, whatever... you're both pirates, and both behaving as such, which is what makes this great. It all looks like dirty fighting to me.


Casiella Truza said...

Honorable pirates... wut?

Derek said...

so much of this is false it's not even funny.

Python acted like 8 year olds in local, spamming in caps lock and repeating the same words over and over trying to goad us. funny how you can make yourself seem the victim on your own blog.

Yargok said...

Heh Derek sure.. we did, you did..

-But we never claimed we dont smack :)

Spectre said...

Derek: If you could point out specifically what I said that you feel isn't true, I'd be happy to clear things up. Most of what is posted is either my opinion or a copy and pasted chat log so I'm not really sure what you specifically are referring to. Thanks!

Morgan Rose said...

Derek said...

"Python acted like 8 year olds in local"

and, to be honest, so did we. I've seen it and not happy one bit. There has been poor local behavior and instigation on both sides. Add to this some misunderstandings diplomatically and it's a damn mess.

Omgah said...

Whats been misunderstood? All I have seen from your diplomats is arrogance; taking this game so serious isn't helping you either.

Kyle Langdon said...

OMG internet spaceship drama!

I love it.

Htrag said...

haha awesome post

Kobra said...

This blog delivers

Anonymous said...

Internet spaceships are serious business Kyle *tisk* *tisk*
Good luck to you guys

Anonymous said...

His attitude was one of "lets fight sure, just not here".

You come across as a jerkoff on the other hand spectre.

Yargok said...

Oh no! Anon poster is smacking ye spec!!!

Kane Rizzel said...

Spaceship drama best drama.

Have fun, pew pew is what it's all about.

Thorvik said...

Two thunbs up. Would read again.
Came for the blog stayed for the comments. :-)

Endless Subversion said...

Spectre, a few weeks ago you responded to some thoguhts I'd posted in Skira's comments. I've been meaning to respond to them for some time and have just now gotten around to it. Wasn't sure where the best place to post them would be, so I'll just add the link here.

Spectre said...

Cool, I will take a look. Thanks Endless.

Anonymous said...