Thursday, January 21, 2010

Contest Entries

First off, I want to spoil everyones hopes and dreams by saying that the winners will NOT be announced in this post. The winners will instead be announced on the next BOZOKAST, just as soon as I get in contact with Teister/Queb and get it recorded (hopefully soon if I'm not too lazy). I am however going to go through the entries and display them here since it is difficult to really get a single viewpoint on all the wonderful submissions via the comments page. Additional note before I get into things: Some of these images are not work safe. View at your own risk.

Without further adieu:


Submitted by Amonthia

Submitted by Jesse

Submitted by Ran Khanon

Submitted by Arrhidaeus

Submitted by Teister

Submitted by DrooshKa

Submitted by Alekseyev Karrde

Submitted by Zwyczajny Robol

Submitted By Jawmare

Submitted by El Lion

Submitted by Manasi

Submitted by Zwyczajny Robol

Submitted by Delishus

Submitted by Ragin Cajun

Submitted by Ragin Cajun

Submitted by Ragin Cajun

Submitted by Ragin Cajun

Submitted by Delishus

Submitted by Firemaster

Submitted by Firemaster

Submitted by Deltore Tricerk

Submitted by Metalkiss

Sepctre (sic) Is what you want him to be submitted by Deathmedic

spectre is a fucking jackass i painted it on a billboard in san diego
never been there before
he saved my marriage with the devil
he podded his ass in null sec
so i painted it on a napkin and uploaded it to flickr
but he lost the link what a dick
so I wrote this song and kicked his ass in my mind

spectre flew my mother to mars and jupiter
but she's had it better
I heard he ate a kipper with raw onions
it's a lie it was with pepper
he was on holiday in jita and ganked a velator
nothing more?
so i wrote this song and kicked his ass into my head

spectre is a gay is a homo is a lesbian he is what you want him to be
but not on me
don't give spectre you're isk you'll never see it again or will you?
he once took on chuck norris with a n00b laser
so i wrote this song and chuck crapped on his keyboard

spectre is my hero he has chin hair just like my brother
he once recorded a porno but couldn't fit his in camera
dig his chin hair girls!
he has more .......

Three different people submitted this same Tackfilm entry:

Bods submitted this entry of me singing the Pirates of the Carribean song:

Kobrakilla submitted this fantastic rap video about me:

Kyle submitted this weird shit:


There are simply too many entries in this category for it to be something I can organize legibly into a part of this blog post. Instead, I encourage everyone to go through the comments in the last post to see all the entries, follow the links and also check out this RSS feed that contains many of the blog posts related to the contest. Just as a taste, here are a bunch of the best:

Mynxee Writes a Poem and Wishes a Baby Upon Me

Swerte Posts on C&P About Me and PC

Star Defender Calls Me a Scammer

Callin Vandylx Retires Me

Cozmik Brown-noses and I Love Every Second Of It

Sage Plays The Star Wars Card

Perseus Is Sick Of Carebearing Bullshit Stories

Hallan Gives Me Exactly What I Asked For

Latro Offers Me His Rook (Sounds Kinky)

The Jaguar Says I'm Scamming (How Rude!)

Chacacha Sings Me A Song

Thorvik Says I'm The Best Pirate Ever

Conclusion For Now

You guys did a bang up job. You threw so much stuff at me that it took literally hours to go through it all and then compile it into a post. If anyone notices that I missed their picture or video or song or blog link, please drop a comment and let me know. I feel like it's definitely possible I may have missed or forgotten to add because of the amount of entries there was to sort through.

I will make a post here once the winners have been announced and the new BOZOKAST is up, hopefully within the next several days. See you then...


Andrea skye said...


Anonymous said...

You missed the poems didn't you?

Lars Lodar said...

Man there's some awesome stuff in there. I've been too busy moving to stroke your epeen but you should give me a gift anyway!

Latro said...

Hehe!! Wife's got "the" Rook!! Sorry bro. :-)

Spectre said...

Anon: I decided to leave all the freeform poems and songs that were on peoples blogs or forums or in the comments as they were. It would be difficult to get them all into the blog post in a legible fashion.

Omgah said...

I liked the stuff that included me best.

Ran Khanon said...

Omagod, omagod! WHO SHALL WINN!?!11

Some good stuff in there.

Omgah said...

Hey spec when you go on bozocast make, let them know I want to come to fan-fest to help beat up neck-beards.

Metalkiss said...

I know who I'd vote for. :D Changed my mind at the last minute. Good luck to everyone. ;D

Anonymous said...

I can't belive I spelt your name wrong!
I'm so sorry don't pod me :(


Velocity Prime said...

Haha! Photoshop ass kissing for promises of loot, I gotta try that move one of these days.

Well played sir.

Yargok said...

Too bad im on vacation or i would have posted a pic of me and my "i love spec" tatoo!

Anonymous said...

Between Spectre's lazy ass and the lazy asses at Bozokast we may never know who wins.

Anonymous said...

I didn't had time to look in all movies and words, only the pics and first video wich is undoubtley the winner ;)