Friday, January 8, 2010


I try my best not to post about stuff that twenty-five other bloggers have already discussed in recent posts, but there is simply no way I can avoid this one:

The event started a couple of nights ago and in less than two days, the Hulkageddon killboard is already showing well over 500 ship kills and close to 600 if you include pods. Considering that this whole operation is intended to go on all week, there is the potential for well over one-thousand and maybe closer to two-thousand total kills on mining ships (as long as the miners don't finally get smart and dock up in highsec). I will be the first to admit that I never saw the enormous boost in popularity and attention that this second iteration of this event would bring. At best I assumed there would be a few hundred kills over the course of the week. The first Hulkageddon only lasted a day or two and only resulted in a little over 100 total kills. Only a few corporations were involved and there wasn't that much external attention from the rest of Eve-Online's community other than a single ISD report. Compare that to now when a massive number of mining ships are being ganked mostly in highsec and when the first page of the C&P forums looks like this:

Someone needs to tell Aintzane
that he's
ruining the pattern

Some of the best parts have been the hatemail and responses from the victims. Even in my short experience so far I have gotten to know the wonderful joy of really pissing off the gankee:
[01:48:29] Okseandra > You're dead
Tons of out of game responses have been made as well via the forums, comments sections of blogs and even whole blog posts themselves. The best of these being a couple posts from some gaming nuns who actually go as far as to compare Helicity Boson to Hitler. Yes, you heard that right. The mastermind of a ship ganking operation in a video game is somehow comparable to one of the most destructive and genocidal individuals ever to walk the earth. I don't know if it is absurd, an insult or a compliment.

If I looked that nasty, I would
probably resort to being a nun as well

Regardless of its outcome at this point, Hulkageddon has made an enormous impact upon the the Eve community and many thanks to Helicity for making it such a success. If somehow, you have not heard about it or taken part quite yet, get off your ass and go gank a miner. All it takes is a a couple cheap, insurable ships and the motivation and desire to cause destruction. Go do it. You know you want to. For the nuns.


Two pictures/links I wanted to add to this post:

(1) Hulkageddon killed my dog:

(2) Oh the humanity! Another Hulk down and a great screenshot to go with it:

Carry on.


It just gets better and better. I don't know who made this but it is pure gold:


Last update for Hulkageddon as it has now ended. Final stats according to Helicity Boson's blog:

Ships Destroyed:

1220 Exhumers

332 Barges

12 Orcas

240 capsules

ISK Destroyed:

278,865,104,560 ISK

That is 278 billion ISK destroyed according to the killboard. Very impressive and even the industrialists had some fun with it.


Anonymous said...

All the hate mail is excellent.

Yargok said...


Dexter Tripod said...

What I think is ironic is that the carebear's main argument is that we're just mad and forcing others to play Eve the same way we do. Hmmm, seems that argument goes both ways. Miner's are mad at us because WE don't play they same way they do.

Just because we like majestic, space rocks and don't want to see them destroyed WE are the bad guys?!?!

Here's an idea...strike back miners! Stop mining and building the shiny ships for us. Then we can no longer use them to blow up your hulks. Then wait for all the pirate tears when we can no longer buy ships to pvp in. Force us to play Eve YOUR way...

Teister said...

The hate mail made me cream a little bit...

Andrea skye said...

Dont worry I have a catalyst bpo.

Best. line. Ever.

miningzen said...

You're making me seem like a victim here, I've got me and my hulk hidden in a C5 and I'm not putting one shiny toe out till next week XD.
Anyway, the post you're referencing of mine wasn't complaining about hulkageddon, but the suicide concept behind it, and how completely undefended hulks are, considering the price tag.
You guys are completely entitled to beat the crap out of a bunch of other people, but be prepared to see people whine about it, much like the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, ecetera.
Actually, seeing as you people apparently enjoy the whining, there really is no downside to this, is there?
/*re-reads his post*/
A few clarifying statements:
I have no problem with your puppy-kicking endeavors. It's a sandbox, shit's gonna happen and every group is going to be on the receiving end at one point or another. I'm not arguing your justification of this dick move, just complaining about how gosh-darned easy it is :P.

P.S. If you linked my post just because it was related to hulkageddon and wasn't another"rar rar kill miners" post, please disregard all victimizing.

P.P.S. Laughed my ass off at the hitler vid.

Anonymous said...

They deleted all the comments on that blog. Sad sad sad.