Monday, January 18, 2010

Yes, You Can Have My Stuff

Long story short, I am taking an indefinite break from Eve. I made quite a bit of money via scamming a few months ago and I feel that it would be wrong of me to let all of it sit unused and unappreciated on inactive accounts. I have given a few billion worth of ISK and items to another player to act as escrow for a contest that is going to run the next few days. The details are below:



Create anything that publicly expresses something about me. Anything. I don't care if it is a billboard in San Diego that calls me a fucking jackass. I don't care if it's an essay about how I have saved your marriage. I don't care if you draw a picture on a napkin and upload it to Flickr. Hell, you can even just write a haiku or a badass death metal song. All you have to do is create some sort of media about Spectre and then either post it or a link to it in the comments section of this blog post.

Please make sure to include your in-game Eve-Online character name in case you win a prize. I don't want to have to track down the winners in order to transfer/contract any prizes. Everyone is allowed to submit as many entries as they would like... there is no limit, but remember: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.


Thursday, January 21st at midnight Eastern Standard Time (so Wednesday night is the last chance to submit). If my time conversion is right, this is 0500 Eve time (GMT) on Thursday morning.

Prizes *:

1st Place
1,000,000,000 ISK
Megathron Navy Issue with T2/Faction Fittings and Rigs

2nd Place
500,000,000 ISK
Megathron with T2 Fittings and Rigs

3rd Place
250,000,000 ISK
Curse and Zealot with T2 Fittings and Rigs

Random Jackpot
250,000,000 ISK
Harbinger and Myrmidon with T2 Fittings and Rigs

The three best entries will be chosen by me and awarded the prizes above for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. In addition, one random person from all participants will be picked out of a hat and awarded the Random Jackpot.

Good luck!

* Spectre3353 reserves the right to award prizes of equal or lesser value if extenuating circumstances arise. All prizes are final and non-refundable. Maybe a dingo ate your baby.


Helicity Boson said...

Confirming that spectre has given me the prizes in escrow.

M.Linde said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swearte Widfarend said...

If only Concord Billboards could actually be rented...

Good luck on the extended hiatus Spectre.

Cozmik R5 said...

Ode to Spectre:

Damien McCandless said...


There's my entry, in public and everything, cos anyone who cares will read it here and so I win.

Can I have my prize now?

Hurrikane Thunderclap said...

Not giving me a prize makes baby Jesus cry.

Anonymous said...

^^ His last give away.

Spectre said...

Anonymous: I figured that would come up at some point. In order to avoid that situation from occurring again or from people not trusting that this contest is genuine, I have already given all ISK and ships to Helicity Boson to act as escrow until the contest is complete. He will be awarding all prizes at the end of this whole thing.

Amonthia said...

Space feels a little colder today as Spectre3353 announced his departure from Eve. Many mourn his leaving, but there are some Earth creatures who choose to revolt in a display of violence to pay homage with blood... and milk!

Fly safe matey, we will always remember the Spectre when we gaze at the stars!

Amonthia said...

Doh I fail at posting URLs. *cries*

Amonthia said...

Ok, for some reason the .jpg is not posting on the end of the imageshack link. Oh well, I tried :P

If adding jpg doesn't work, Fly safe anyway haha :) Always sad to see somebody go...

Spectre said...

Amon: The link works fine and I am impressed by your take on the potential violence that could occur if Human/Cow relations were to break down. That being said, I see no reference to me in any form so I cannot consider that a valid entry. If you were to add me to the picture as the pilot of some sort of anti-cow super armored tank... well then it would be more appropriate.

Amonthia said...

Ok cool, I understand completely. I'll see what I can do :)

Mynxee said...

You attention whore!
No one makes carebears cry more.
Pirate to the core.

Soon your Yarr will cease.
But first, ISK-peen needs release.
Let me help you, please.

Then you're out the door.
Or so you say. *I* am sure
you'll be back, dirt poor.

That's my contest entry. When you're evaluating who to give the prize to, remember all the sweet, sweet blog link love and traffic I've sent your way to help pump up your already gloriously overinflated pirate ego!

Seriously, Spec, your humor and that "something special" you bring to the game will be missed--at least until you come back AGAIN.

Swearte Widfarend said...

I thought I'd just post in C&P, although the forum admins may move it:

Mynxee said...

OH AND I blogged about this too so you could get even more attention!

Spectre said...

Swearte: That is fine. Thanks for the entry!

Mynx: Nice post :) No babies or anything... just bored of Eve and taking a break to play the other 500 games that have piled up. I am not stupid enough this time around to think that there is such a thing as permanently quitting though. I am certain I'll be back at some point and I've made sure to leave myself a large cushion of money and ships for when I do (even after this giveaway).

Mynxee said...

@ Spec: DAMMIT! I was having such fun at the thought of Baby Spec!

Lanissum said...

Herm, this sounds familiar...

Casiella Truza said...

/me doesn't believe this for a moment.


Ilik Tanikalot said...

A dark mist in the depths of the space,
will elude your scanning arrays.
You might not care, or notice at all;
until it's over you and you're going to fall.

The misty dark, holds a spectre most frail;
but when it's over you, you're sure gonna fail.
As spectres go, this one is quite tough;
he'll put you out, in just one puff.

But don't be mistaken, this spectre's no brute;
he'll scam and scram, and call you a hoot.

Will he begone, or will he stay;
it is not for us to say.
A presence to be judged, by a killboard alone;
a spectre is never forlorn.

yes the eve name is really ilik tanikalot =)

Star Defender said...

OK Spectre - here is my entry. With over 15,000 daily views, hopefully we can generate some fun here... ;-P

Monday, January 18, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: All Jita Scams attributed to Spectre3353!

Jesse said...

I considered printing this out and handing it out on the street, but I wasn't going to do that unless I knew I would get first prize.

Spectre said...

Star: You shouldn't have put the "fiction" warning at the end :)

Jesse: That is an exceptional picture that rivals even my own MS Paint skills. If you did print it out and got pictures of yourself handing it out on the street, I can guarantee it would bode very, very well for your chances.

Wensley said...

Give me all your stuff or I'll tell everyone in Eve about all the charity work you do and all those poor orphaned kids you've adopted. Then where's your badass reputation? Eh? EH!?

See you back in, what, 3 months? Just don't go shitting up this blog with filthy WoW stuff again.

Cipher2k1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cipher2k1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Here's my blog post:

Cipher2k1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cipher2k1 said...

Spectre has quit EVE,
noobs are begging for his stuff,
watching them scramble.

Killed me in low sec,
blew up my hurricane too,
was quite a good trap.

A lot of isk lost,
but lots of fun all around,
take care and good luck.

I did not know you,
except your guns business end,
can I have your stuff.



Kyle Langdon said...

Spectre you scammer
Your ISK is dirty and bad
Can I have your stuff?

Omgah said...

I feel less bad about leaving eve now.

Ran Khanon said...



Anonymous said...

cya lad, will miss the blog :)

Bourreau said...

Sad news.

Divaere Frenian said...

Damn you Spec. Because of you I went from carebear to pirate. Because of you I bought a bunch of megas and vexors to scam people with in Amarr (they are all still in Amarr). Because of you I made the vow that I would not rest until I was on a killmail with you (or of you). Now when is that gonna happen, I ask you? Damn you to the depths of internet spaceships hell. At least until you come back...

Perseus Kallistratos said...

Perseus Kallistratos

Hope someone steps up to give me wonderful pirate adventures to talk about. I'm sick of carebearing and CVA bullshit stories on my iPhone.

Elynath said...

here's my entry, I hope you enjoy it

Arrhidaeus said...

I made you a picture:

Teister said...

I made a post/submission on the BOZO blog:

I win.

Anonymous said...

Spectre what?
I’ve never seen him.
Who cares?
His blog posts are enough.
He’s a looser just look at his posts.

Yes you can have my stuff.
Don’t you know how to trade?

Someone hacked my Wow account.
Well check your computer security.

How to FC a small pirate gang?
You been playing for so long and you still don’t know how?

How to tackle a sniper ship?
You don’t know how to use a webifier?

My Hangar.
Don’t you know where it is?

Mining in Amamake.
Surely you know how to mine

Its October.
Didn’t you learn your days and months of the year at school?

Go fish.
You twit. Fish are in water not space.

Your tears fuel us.
No wonder you can’t fly ships they run on tears and not nuclear fuel.

Wow I’m only looking at 4 months of posts here and I got another year or two to go. No wonder why he’s quitting he can’t learn anything in all this time.
Ok this is my rant done. Hope it wins something.

Now to real stuff

I really like reading your posts on my iPhone the titles have nothing to do with what’s posted and I really enjoy reading them and I do hope you come back soon.


Spectre said...

Wow. Some of these entries are fantastic. Keep them coming.

DrooshKa said...

While u noobs have been training battleship lvl 5 or large hybrid turret specialization lvl 5, i have trained ms paint to lvl 5, and advanced ms paint to lvl 4. My eve character is 'vranz drooshka'

DrooshKa said...

Link Name

DrooshKa said...

The second link is the real one. Any way, dont give ur account away if the thought crossed ur mind. Either destroy urself in the biomass processing queue, or try and trap urself in wormhole space. No one deserves u my luv.

Alekseyev Karrde said...

Sad to see you go. The dark world of piracy is a little brighter today

Anonymous said...

Clownpunchers win.

I'm not even going to compete. If you're up my way Spec, I got some delicious beers that need drinking.

Smodiz said...

Mynxee said...

Gotta agree, Clownpunchers' entry is best, even from my hetero-centric perspective.

Zwyczajny Robol said...
Spectra vs children (ain't gonna translate :))

Hallan Turrek said...


Lana Torrin said...

Posted Spectre my first idea.. Hope that one wins.

2nd Idea.. I will rename the Minmatar Republic Military Skool to the Spectre3353 Appreciation Society. I will also update my sig banner to match.

As a forum troll this will mean you'll get plastered over just about every post in C&P as well as many in General and wherever else I wish to troll.

Wensley said...

Oh God, I think Lana might just win. Spec's face plastered all over C&P? It doesn't bear thinking about.

Jawmare said...

I am gud at MS Paint

Metalkiss said...

I don't know you personally, but pirates are a big family in a way. Sad to see you go, but I won't say no to some ISK, so I immortalised you in some EVE screenshots on me blog!

Credit goes to AndreaMosaic for giving me a means to create such a thing. Tata for now!

El Lion said...

Eve name : El Lion

This is the truth behind this competition :

Busted dude :D

Callin Vandylx said...

News Release: Spectre Retires to Academia at EVE University

Aldrat 18.1.2010 (Newswire) - Infamous pirate Spectre has announced his retirement from his current profession to a quiet life of academia at EVE University, headquartered in Aldrat in Minmatar Space.

Upon announcing this startling news, upcoming CEO Kelduum Revaan remarked "We were pleased to discover such an experienced and respected pirate was interesting in joining our ranks. As our goal here at the Uni is to prepare our students for all walks of life after graduation, we felt that Mr. Spectre would be a fine addition to our staff. Not only do we expect him to lead some well-attended classes on running highly profitable scams, but we have created a special new post for him."

Mr. Revaan continued to describe the new post, which will be run under the auspices of Logistics Director Azmodeus Valar. The new post will be entitled "Director of Purloined Logistics," and will involve handling the massive influx of capital and equipment the new "Purloined Logistics" division is expected to produce under Mr. Spectre's guidance.

Ms. Valar went on to add "We have long had a policy whereby we provide all our students with free skillbooks up to one million credits, as well as free frigates and T1 fittings. We hope to expand this under Mr. Spectre's guidance to free battleships, T2 and faction fittings, and expand our skillbook program to include free purloined skillbooks of all types, including such rare ones as Political Connections, a book which Mr. Spectre himself no doubt hand a hand in writing."

Jen Loo, Director of Mining, was overheard to comment that she felt this was a great opportunity to expand the Mining Loaner Fleet. Apparently, she feels that Mr. Spectre will be able to lead student fleets of ransomers into lowsec, where he will offer to let unwitting capsuleers live, but only after they eject from their Hulks and Orcas. However, Ms. Loo was unwilling to comment on the record when I approached her about this topic.

"Spectre's already well known as a fantastic small-fleet commander," [1] Ivy League Navy Fleet Admiral Silentbrick added. "We are looking forward to adding his distinctive tactics to our own. Furthermore, we feel he will be a great asset in future aggression, as he will now have hundreds of new followers to command during wartime. I sincerely hope he accepts our offer to join the Ivy League Navy upon joining us, as Rear Admiral."

However, despite all this excitement, not everyone was convinced that this was not another elaborate scam being pulled by the master. "Maybe he really does want to go straight," Battleship pilot Korr'tanas said. "However, I really don't want to be on the wrong end of the stick when we find out that this was yet another gigantic billion ISK scam, waking up to find our coffers emptied and our students frozen corpses littering Headquarters."

I finally got in touch with Mr. Spectre himself. "I have taken so much from the EVE community over the years, but I felt it was now time to give back. [2] I am looking forward to living a nice, slow lifestyle for a while and enjoying my retirement. Besides, I feel there is much [good] to be done with the [fine] folks at EVE University, and I am excited to [be] a part of it."

Upon "reflection," however, this reporter was forced to change the actual words spoken by Mr. Spectre in our interview, and never to disclose them. However, they rhyme with "heft," "indelible" and "make."

---- Callin Vandylx reporting, Aldrat.


[Note: This story is a work of fiction.]

manasi said...

goddammit third time I ahve tried to write this:

We in the vet comitee created this as a reward for you.

Your no longer a noobstick.

Here is you prize:

Can I now haz some more stuffz or is this ANOTHER trick like last time when I wrote you a damned poem? Now canz I haz your stuff?

in all seriousness I will you the best bro and safe journeys wherever you may go!

manasi said...

proper link now for you spectre...first one did not work well enough:

By [URL=]null[/URL] at 2010-01-19

Anonymous said...

metal song

don't take this too seriously.. i made it in a few hours...

in game name is Deathmedic

Spectre said...

Deathmedic: You definitely have to try and remember your lyrics and throw them up there. The only part I was able to make out was something about me once making a porno in the chorus. Great job :)

Latro said...

It ain't gonna win no prize and I don't care. Hate to see you go, but good luck and we'll leave the stars on for you.

miningzen said...

Thank effing god you're taking a break from swindling and killing, you thrise-plauged son of a german fisherman!
You've scammed honest players, killed more and mocked their righteous indignation for too long, and it's finally caught up to you!
You and your pirate friends represent all that's wrong with Eve, soley because you chose a slightly different play style than miners and others which is perfectly acceptable by CCP!!!
I hope that your colon evolves to the point of sentience, through a series of coincidences becomes the next hitler, then gets colon cancer and dies!!11elevenone!!!

I totally am a haxx0r and kno ur IP adress n will come to ur house and punch yu lol scard now?

P.S. If you play eve to garner friends and shoot things that whine, mission effing accomplished.
I'll miss ya, scammer pirate. If you're stupid enough or rich enough to lose a ship or buy a mislabeled ship, then you deserve to get scammed/blown back to a rookie ship. IMHO. Good job keeping the dudes who can't read and/or take a joke out of Eve and back to WoW :P

Also, love your responses to the dudes that figured out you got em...

Char is Sergeant Scowlyface.

TheJaguar said...

Win get! (It's a scam, calling it now.)

Dame Death said...

How long til hes back? my moneys 5days :P

Kyle Langdon said...

This is the best your getting from me.

Ragin Cajun said...

I wish I saw this contest earlier or I could have come up with something more creative. Since Spectre is leaving EVE and has made billions in being a Pirate. I figure he might start his own clothing line...

2 for the men...

2 for the women...

Anonymous said...

I'll do my best from listening to the vocal track when i get back from work.


Chacacha said...

Because girls just wanna have funds:

Guttekk said...

o/ Guttekk

Zwyczajny Robol said...

Zwyczajny Robol

Caek said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thorvik said...

Thorvik said...

Good luck Spectre. I'll miss your posts.

Caek said...

I tried to get as much in there as I could!
(In before that's what she said)

Anonymous said...

i'll post it here and in the forum in case this can't take all the words.

spectre is a fucking jackass i painted it on a billboard in san diego
never been there before
he saved my marriage with the devil
he podded his ass in null sec
so i painted it on a napkin and uploaded it to flikr
but he lost the link what a dick
so I wrote this song and kicked his ass in my mind

spectre flew my mother to mars and jupitor
but she's had it better
I heard he ate a kipper with raw oinions
it's a lie it was with pepper
he was on holiday in jita and ganked a velator
nothing more?
so i wrote this song and kicked his ass into my head

spectre is a gay is a homo is a lesbian he is what you want him to be
but not on me
don't give spcetre you're isk you'll never see it again or will you?
he once took on chuck norris with a n00b laser
so i wrote this song and chuck crapped on his keyboard

spectre is my hero he has chin hair just like my brother
he once recorded a porno but couldn't fit his in camera
dig his chin hair girls!
he has more .......

time to copy and paste

then the lyrics repeat


Nashh Kadavr said...

Wishing you all the best bro.

Shame we never had that rematch.

Your posts have been a true pleasure to read and always brought a smile to my face. Its a sad moment (aprox 2 minutes) to see someone leave that actually knows what this game is about. Fun.

Hope to see you back some day but untill then; can i haz your stuffs?


Nashh (support CDM give him prize 1,2,3 and 4 thank you please)

Spectre said...

All: Again, great stuff so far. I am really, really impressed (especially with DrooshKa's MS Paint masterpiece... and for once I say that WITHOUT sarcasm).

Tonight is the deadline so anyone who hasn't submitted, this is your last chance. I should have a post up tomorrow about the winners and about a very special podcast that has asked me to come announce the results on air.

Simvastatin Montelukast said...

Best of luck to you, and here is my lame entry. In game name Simvastatin Montelukast

Oh, Spectre, you're so fine
You're so fine you blow my mind
Hey, Spectre

Hey, Spectre
You've been on eve all night
And that's a little long
You’ve got your scam right
But it’s gone on way to long.
Now you’re saying goodnight
So you can go home, Spectre

'Cause when you say you will
It always means you won't
You're givin' me the chills, brosef
Please, brosef don't
Now that your going, I’ll be all alone, Spectre

Oh, Spectre, what a pity
You don't understand
You take my isk away
When you put that contract on
Oh, Spectre, you're so mean
Can't you understand
It's guys like you, Spectre
Oh, what you do, Spectre, do, Spectre
Don't scam my isk, Spectre

Hugo said...

. Spectre > Chuck Norris
The end

by :

Cronus Light

bods said...

here you go,
eve = Bodrul :P

here is my entry

Deltore Tricerk said...

Hopefully, this is NOT the truth =)


Spectre 5-3-3
Unparalleled Scam artist
Champion Pirate.


My ship was blown to
oblivion, by Spectre
I am so happy.


Spectre 533
The best Pirate of Eve
Noone can beat this man
Unless you use a can.

Though we make a fuss
For he has come thus
And left us, a pity
For Hello Kitty.

If you enter this contest
He will start to confess
That this was all a scam
But we all get spam

So thus, I end my epic
With one large brick
Thrown through a window
Of the pharaoh

I could have made a pic,
So i did, Mick.
And if you are jealous,
Do not be zealous
For After this fact,
You will stab me with a tack.
I am sleeping with Alice,
Your wife/actress.
I'm breaking up with her
I'm replacing her with a Zephyr


The Python Cartel
Will be nothing without you
Haha, just kidding.


Is there a limit
to how many submissions?
Well too freaking bad.


Is the best freaking pirate
And Pilot, ever.


Once Spectre Leaves, we
Will be so unhappy, for
Who will scam us now?

Char Name- Deltore Tricerk.

Kobra said...

If you leave I'll find you

Kobra said...

Now give me my prize

Firemaster said...

Here is my Entry:

and here is the Spectre-Burger King character portrait:

SPECTRE IS THE BEST PIRATE HE WILL KILL YOU ALL (after ransoming you ofcourse)!!!


Firemaster said...

Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to sign in, now you cna contact me etc.


Spectre eats megathrons for breakfast

Caek said...

Best pirate award!


Dante Aggrese said...

My submission;

If that doesn't win then fuck this competition :)

InterDict said...

ok: he-who-shall-not-be-named
is: leaving Eve with skills untrained,
oh: Playing WOW, so is gay?
no: Spectre misses Eve everyday!
so: When he logs in again will his rep be stained?

Yez U Can Haz Teh Stuff,
Naow I Play Wow Coz Eve 2 Ruff!
Pointed, podded, plain bad luck?
No noobzor, you just suck.
Carebear rejoices, he thinks Spectre3353 wasn't so Tuff!

Ransomed, podded, plain bad luck,
Spectre doesn't give a fuck!
Here faggots, have my stuff.
Why you going? Eve too tuff?
Without you Spec, Eve will suck!

Caek said...

Had a little more time during DT to do a bit more to it :D


Chico Noir said...

There was once a Pilot from Nantucket,
Whose Pod was so big he could suck it.
But his wife named Eve,
Was so hard to please,
He decide to through in the bucket.

- Gonna miss you Spec!

Chico Noir

Chico Noir said...

Might I add the Mynxee is HAWT!

Chico Noir said...

uhmmmm Badn Engrish

Throw, not through LOL

Chico Noir

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Wow even more than last time?

Hope erryone gets scammed again, now THAT would make you a kickass pirate HAHAHAHA!