Friday, February 5, 2010

A Geometric Element That Has Position But No Extension

It was quiet. We floated silently in a small group and stared off at the Tama system star, billions of kilometers away. I took another sip of my drink and wondered again why I was here. Since the end of the previous year I had only taken part in a couple of kills and had barely even undocked to fly with my corporation or engage in a fight. The motivation to pirate had waned as of late... what was the point? Undock. Kill some ships. Lose some ships. Dock back up. Repeat. Money was no longer something that was a concern and the joy of combat seems to dry up once you've been through your thousandth encouter.

I took another sip. My head felt woozy and I began to consider simply turning off the comms and docking up without saying anything. I don't know why I was here. What was the point?

Golden Helmet said something about flying to another system and I complied with his orders but I was barely listening. I jumped in and went to the next gate. I took another sip and yawned. What was the point?

I jumped in and set course for the belt that was being specified by our fleet commander. I watched as my gang aligned and warped in the same direction, without any specific coordination. I wonder what we were going after? I wonder if I'll be able to aim my guns properly after drinking so much? I wonder, what is the point?

As I deccelerated out of warp, the serene feeling melted away and several explosions close by grabbed my attention. Our gang had just dropped in on our old friends The Guristas Associates. Apparently they had requested our help and we were arriving to provide it. Perhaps I should have paid closer attention to what we were doing and I would have realized we were flying here. To this belt. To kill a carrier. I turned on my lasers. I turned on my warp disruptor. I couldn't help but crack a grin as I realized... I had a point.


- The Python Cartel/The Jerk Cartel portal, killboard and forums have all been brought up to date with a new snazzy look and updated information.

- did an article with Helicity Boson and he was nice enough to link me. Thanks Helicity!

- My last post was the 200th entry on this blog. Congratulations to me!


Mail Lite said...

Gratz on the 200th!

Thanks for helping out TGA with that kill last night mate. Aprecciated

My post about it, new blog so take a read and if you think I am worthy add me to your Blog role!

Fly dangerous Spectre o/


Mail Lite said...

That was quick =P

Cheers Spectre and glad to see your sort of still around in EvE!


00sage00 said...

Grats on the carrier kill. I might get tempted to join Python if you keep getting those. :P

I've been having the "Undock. Kill some ships. Lose some ships. Dock back up. Repeat." feeling as well. What are you planning on doing about it?

Ellysanra said...

The top picture is now my background. Looks amazing!

Lars Lodar said...

The one night I finally log into play we get a carrier kill. Awesome.

Congrats on the blog Spec. Been enjoying since Python Mk1. Keep 'em coming baby!

blue said...

sage sux, kobra smells, spec has some skill hehehehe