Friday, February 12, 2010

Officer Down! - ADF Operation Alpha

The Spacelane Journal Reporter: Welcome today to a special interview! I have with me the acting commander of the Amamake Defence Force who would like to share the details of their special CONCORD led initiative and some recent operations into the lawless areas of low security space. Good morning, Commander Spectre!

Amamake Defence Force Commander Spectre: Hi.

TSJR: Could you give us an idea of what the Amamake Defence Force is and what purpose it is intended to serve?

Spectre: Well, we are a CONCORD sponsored group that was created to take back parts of lowsec that have been ravaged by massive amounts of violence and destruction. Since every operation needs a starting point, we began with our first operation taking place in and around the system of Amamake.

TSJR: Is Amamake a bad system? I must admit that I have never left our offices in Dodixie...

Spectre: You will never encounter a more wretched hive of scum and villiany.

TSJR: So your goal is to destroy those that cause crime and violence in the system and its region?

Spectre: No. The ADF is a strictly non-violent group. Our officers are specially trained in all manners of non-violent solutions to violent problems. Most are equiped with special electronic warfare equipment that will render any offending ships and their weapons useless until they withdraw from the battlefield.

TSJR: I am told that you brought some recordings with you of how your first operation went? Could we see some of it firsthand?

Spectre: Yes. It must be told that this footage is graphic and disturbing. There are images of violence and we lost many good men...

Narrator: At 0219 New Eden Standard Time, the ADF entered Amamake local and began their operations:

[ 02:20:19 ] Spectre3353 > ATTENTION PILOTS - The Amamke Defense Force is declaring this system to hereby stand down all aggression and violent actions and engagements.
[ 02:20:35 ] Spectre3353 > All attempts to circumvent this order will be met with swift intervention.
[ 02:20:58 ] Spectre3353 > This message has been delivered in accordance with the Amamake Peace Accord of 58177
[ 02:21:18 ] zeabor > doec that include ncp
[ 02:21:22 ] ALTOTHEIX > hmm pirates in accordance with peace accord
[ 02:21:34 ] ALTOTHEIX > smells fishy
[ 02:21:38 ] Phil Throbber > i beleive them
[ 02:21:45 ] Spectre3353 > Please do not concern yourselfs with police matters citizen

Narrator: The ADF set up around the system perimeters and announced their intentions. Watching and waiting for their chance to intervene in any violent engagements that may occur.

[ 02:22:48 ] Spectre3353 > ATTENTION PILOTS - The Amamake Defense Force is declaring the system of Amamake to hereby stand down all aggression and violent actions and engagements.
[ 02:23:34 ] zeabor > so does that mean is some one blows me up they get introble
[ 02:23:39 ] zeabor > if*
[ 02:23:51 ] Spectre3353 > Yes, sir. It does.
[ 02:23:55 ] Andrea Skye > there will be no acts of aggression
[ 02:23:55 ] zeabor > yay
[ 02:24:38 ] zeabor > what about missions dont you need ot kill people then
[ 02:25:29 ] zeabor > watch some one blow me up in like a few minutes
[ 02:25:39 ] Spectre3353 > No sir. If we have anything to do with it, you will be safe.
[ 02:25:43 ] La'reth Mihnan > heh
[ 02:25:44 ] Spectre3353 > This system has been declared non-violent.
[ 02:25:53 ] Spectre3353 > The Amamake Defence Force is here for you.

[ 02:26:01 ] Spectre3353 > We have upgraded this system to high security space.
[ 02:26:04 ] zeabor > omg!!!
[ 02:26:18 ] zeabor > then y does it still say 0.4
[ 02:27:23 ] zeabor > i want to see one of you defenders of amamake where are you
[ 02:27:37 ] Spectre3353 > We are where we need to be, sir.


Narrator: The citizens were excited for the fact that someone was here to defend them. They asked for help and they offered up money to assist in the cause.

[02:28:11 ] Spectre3353 > Please direct all requests for ADF response to the on-duty ADF Commander

[ 02:30:00 ] benjam14 > We should get the donations for making amamake safe
[ 02:30:09 ] zeabor > no i want them
[ 02:30:17 ] Spectre3353 > Yes. Please direct all donations to our Treasurer, Spectre3353.
[ 02:30:17 ] Helicity Boson > we are monitoring your maelstrom class battleship on the pator station
[ 02:30:31 ] zeabor > i want to help make it safe i got expensive battle ship
[ 02:30:46 ] Spectre3353 > Sir, do you have anything in the vehicle we should we aware of?
[ 02:30:51 ] Spectre3353 > I'm going to have to take a look in your cargo for contraband.

Narrator: One of the officers spots several combat ships in one of the asteroid belts and the task force respond immediately with full force.

[ 02:33:10 ] Spectre3353 > Sir in the Stealth Bomber, we are monitoring your whereabouts.
[02:33:16 ] Spectre3353 > Please do not engage in any criminal or violent activities.
[ 02:33:26 ] Spectre3353 > The Amamake Defence Force thanks you kindly.
[ 02:33:39 ] Royboy58 > ok
[ 02:34:13 ] Royboy58 > i didnt know there was a defense force here
[ 02:34:45 ] Andrea Skye > THREAT NUETRALISED
[ 02:34:54 ] ALTOTHEIX > hows top belt looking now?
[ 02:35:05 ] Helicity Boson > All is fine citizen.
[ 02:35:06 ] Railwhore > they need more ecm
[ 02:35:07 ] benjam14 > All clear sir! Safe Mining!
[ 02:35:09 ] ALTOTHEIX > I have a civilian miner
[ 02:35:11 ] IEATCRAYONS > It is Safe now.
[ 02:35:24 ] Spectre3353 > You're welcome citizens. The belt at planet three has been cleansed.
[ 02:35:28 ] Spectre3353 > Have a wonderful day.
[ 02:35:38 ] Royboy58 > wow... peace in ammake
[ 02:35:54 ] Spectre3353 > Get used to it. The ADF is here to stay for the good of all races.

Narrator: Reports of another violent encounter come in. The ADF tries their best to gather information about the attack for further investigation.

[ 02:41:06 ] Phil Throbber > some dude in an angel ship killed me
[ 02:41:08 ] L4zor R0B0T > but it was a casualty of working undercover...
[ 02:41:27 ] Phil Throbber > i think his name was angel crusher?
[ 02:41:46 ] zeabor > ill clear all the belts for you ok so ppl can min in peace
[ 02:41:53 ] Andrea Skye > that threat has been neutralised sir
[ 02:41:54 ] Spectre3353 > Could you please tell me more details Mr Throbber?
[ 02:41:56 ] Spectre3353 > Race? Height?
[ 02:42:03 ] Spectre3353 > What color clothes?
[ 02:42:06 ] zeabor > lol

Narrator: Suddenly, many ships are spotted in the asteroid belt. The officers respond again with full force but are quickly overwhelmed by the opposing combatants.

[ 02:42:44 ] Spectre3353 > Halt! In conjunction with The Amamake Peace Accord of 58177 we, the Amamake Defense Force, demand that you cease your aggressions and retreat from the field of battle immediately!

Narrator: Outlaw ships begin to swarm everywhere.

[ 02:43:27 ] Voody Voodoo > blackbird army
[ 02:43:30 ] Voody Voodoo > looks cool
[ 02:43:30 ] zeabor > im being attacked!!!!
[ 02:43:36 ] Voody Voodoo > just a little useless
[ 02:44:06 ] Helicity Boson > xDDD
[ 02:44:13 ] Feyona > ahaha
[ 02:44:27 ] zeabor > i though i was going to be protected
[ 02:44:27 ] Spectre3353 > OFFICER DOWN!
[ 02:44:29 ] Spectre3353 > OFFICER DOWN!
[ 02:44:30 ] ALTOTHEIX > so hows the ADF holding up? :)
[ 02:44:32 ] Spectre3353 > WE HAVE A CODE 13
[ 02:44:33 ] Helicity Boson > lmfao
[ 02:44:42 ] L4zor R0B0T > CALL FOR BACKUP
[ 02:44:43 ] Wohenmang > WE NEED A MEDIVAC ASAP!!!
[ 02:44:51 ] Railwhore > oh noes the defense force was ass raped by miilitia
[ 02:44:51 ] ALTOTHEIX > lol
[ 02:44:54 ] Sulg > Resuce indys otw
[ 02:44:57 ] Ophey Won > enuff blackbirds i think
[ 02:44:59 ] ALTOTHEIX > epic
[ 02:45:19 ] zeabor > the top belt is not clear again the top belt is not clear
[ 02:45:23 ] ALTOTHEIX > LOL
[ 02:45:26 ] Spectre3353 > CODE 13 CODE 13
[ 02:45:28 ] Spectre3353 > OFFICER DOWN OFFICER DOWN
[ 02:45:37 ] zeabor > code 13?
[ 02:45:38 ] benjam14 > OFFICERS DOWN!!!

[ 2010.02.12 02:45:52 ] ALTOTHEIX > this is highly entertaining

The feed quickly cuts out as a volley of missiles slams into the ADF ship that is recording the action.

TSJR: That was quite intense, Commander. What was the final result of the first ADF operation?

Spectre: *looks away and tries to stay composed before replying* We lost many good officers that day. Some of them were barely more than boys... but rest assured. We will be back. The ADF will be back...


UPDATE: The ADF has declared its intentions on the nets of New Eden. Give your vocal support to their cause!


Yargok said...


Was hard to tell if some locals were playing along or believed ye were 'po-leece'

Hallan Turrek said...

Fuck the police.

Kiithilurin said...

For curiosities sake....

I was wondering how the militia would respond to that when I started reading :)

Great idea tho, funny as hell

Kiithilurin said...

for the lazies

Kirith Kodachi said...

Its things like this that make me love you. Not that man-crushing sweaty love, but that riding-ponies in the fields kind of love. Just so we're clear.

Andrea skye said...

We shall declare 11th February a day of rememberence. For the the pilots of The amamake defence force who lost thier ships and dignity that day.

At 11 am on that day, we shall observe a minutes silence to honor those lost.

Godspeed comradé's

Azret said...

RIP to myself and fallen comrades.

f0st3r said...

This WILL be dealt with!

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LMAO...that is an awesome post!

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Haha, I wish I was there at the time!

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That was the bestest ever.

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Brilliantly chortlesome.

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Hilarious :)

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Brilliant. Just brilliant.

I would like to volunteer for any future operations.

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Note to self - do NOT read this blog at work. Damn near spurted coffee out of all orifices, laughing so hard!! Well done, "Officer" Spectre. Well done indeed.

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um...... Why attacking empire factions and not pirates?

The only reason for Amarr being in the glory belt is to kill pirates, I guess you guys were the pirates in this case.