Saturday, February 20, 2010


I spot a missioning Caracal on scan and invite him to a fleet. After a couple attempts, he accepts:
[12:33:56] Spectre3353 > o/
[12:33:59] sw mikolaj > hi
[12:34:12] Spectre3353 > can you accept the invite so i can fix my overview? will only take a second
[12:34:16] Spectre3353 > i need to be in a fleet
[12:34:22] sw mikolaj > ok
[12:34:34] Spectre3353 > thx 1 sec
[12:34:40] Spectre3353 > stupid game is so buggy XD
[12:35:19] sw mikolaj > :)
I warp to the Caracal and enter his mission gate. I keep up the bullshit as long as I can so he doesn't spook and warp away:
[12:36:01] sw mikolaj > what ya doing here ?
[12:36:05] Spectre3353 > fixing overview
[12:36:05] sw mikolaj > missions mining ?
[12:36:06] sw mikolaj > pvp ?
[12:36:08] Spectre3353 > need fleet members on overview
[12:36:11] Spectre3353 > nah overview
[12:36:14] Spectre3353 > ill leave in a sec
[12:36:24] Spectre3353 > this a mission?
[12:36:24] sw mikolaj > make deflaut overview
[12:36:29] Spectre3353 > nah i need to make new tabs
[12:36:31] Spectre3353 > more than just 1
I slowboat 50 kilometers until I am in range to point and engage:
[12:37:29] sw mikolaj > can shoot within one fleet ??
[12:38:28] sw mikolaj > stop shooting at me what's wrong ??
The Caracal explodes:
[12:39:54] Spectre3353 > ok, overview is fixed
[12:39:56] Spectre3353 > thanks for your help!
[12:40:02] sw mikolaj > pfffff
[12:40:15] sw mikolaj > pay me for carcal
[12:40:28] Spectre3353 > pay me for the pleasure of my company
[12:40:56] sw mikolaj > pay me for carcal
[12:41:04] Spectre3353 > pay me for the entertainment i have provided you
[12:41:22] sw mikolaj > lol what entertaiment ?? it was boring
[12:41:32] Spectre3353 > dont lie, it was good, the best you ever had
[12:42:03] sw mikolaj > every time you speak about overview problems ?
[12:42:13] Spectre3353 > yea i was lying
[12:42:37] sw mikolaj > give me at least 3,4 KK so I can buy new
[12:42:53] Spectre3353 > i feel like somehow youre not understanding what is going on here
I take another bite of my porkroll, egg and cheese:

It tastes good.


Grogorog said...

lol, i dont think hes heard of piracy b4, was he a new pilot? oh and also, ive just started playing eve and am looking at pirating as a proffesion, and i was wondrin if i could roam with you guys once in a while

Josh (GH) said...

I'm so using that as a battlecry. "PAY ME FOR CARCAL!!!!!"

Yargok said...

You sound all too normal to be with the pythons Grogo ;)

anyway, you should write a piracy guide someday spec.. Hand out tips like this :)

Mynxee said...

I'm sure you can, Grogorog. Just accept their fleet invite....

Nashh Kadavr said...

i love you

Myrhial Arkenath said...

You're a bad person :P

Grogorog said...

@Yargok oh im hardly normal, thats the one thing i pride myself on is being crazy and wierd....

@Mynxee ye why not, if i get blown up itd still be fun ^^, but then id have to come and kill you all, and collect your corpses in my hangar bay to auction off in Jita for 100 mil each

Latro said...

Meanie!! Lol

Flashfresh said...

Spectre - that sandwich looked delicious..

Stabs said...

So umm...

just what WAS wrong with your overview?

Anonymous said...

I thought now you could only freely engage if in same corp...

Anonymous said...

Dig deeper, Watson.

Anonymous said...

[12:39:54] Spectre3353 > ok, overview is fixed
[12:39:56] Spectre3353 > thanks for your help!



Anonymous said...

This is stupid.