Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Missiles Are Stupid


A few days ago we were taken on a corp Drake op. Anyone that knows me knows that while my shield tanking and BC skills are fine, my missile skills are absolute garbage:

That's right... 28 million skill points but only 50,000 SP in missiles (missile boats are for suckers). Regardless, I bought my first Drake and took part in the activities. With my ass skills, heavy missile launchers and drones EFT rated me as able to output a massive 250 DPS at a range of about 54 kilometers. To make a long story short, we challenged the faction warfare denizens of Tama to a large fight and it was fun:

Assorted other Drake gang pictures:

Scamming Is Bad
Spam Mail
From: GM Orfeus
Sent: 2010.02.28 13:18
To: ScamAlt,

This is an official warning for spamming another player with EVEMails. Cease all such activity or risk further repercussions.

I Feel The Need

How fast can a Dramiel and Cynabal go when the pilot has low-grade snakes and gang links boosting him? Let's find out...

Dramiel - 12666 m/s

Cynabal - 5432 m/s

Nashh Kadavr's Week With Us

Raxip's Stache


Lords (avid blog reader) said...


and I agree missiles are stupid

/me has nearly 60mil SP and only has 250k in missiles :)

Torpedoes for stealthbombers and bombs ftw :P

Bryan Ward said...

Missiles are stupid if you suck at missiles.

Cozmik R5 said...

I also suck at missiles and I'm proud of it. Guns are much sexier :)

And nice Dramiel speed there :))

So, some cry-baby actually petitioned your scamming attempt? Some carebears are just too safe on their little pink cloud.

Flashfresh said...

My missiles skills suck too - auto canons spitting out hail. Thank you.

Arrhidaeus said...

To join in on the fun, 11m SP and absolutely no points in missiles (but I'm a noob, so it's less cool).

And what an awesome stache. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

When I saw your title, the only thing I could think of was


Yeah, missiles suck, but the tank on the drake makes up for it.

00sage00 said...

[troll] Missles are teh awesomenesses! Like, omg, I can snipe from 150km! And the explosions are totally pretty and cool n' such. And you don't have to do complicated maths to figure out whether you're having tracking problems or not.

You obviously fail because you're a gun-loving redneck.[/troll]

Seismic Stan said...

For Shock and awe, missiles are great. Sort of.


Actually, you're probably right. Shame I've got 6 million SP in them.

Lars Lodar said...

Anyone who knows me know I love the Drake. It's such a damn good ship.

Then again I have 7 million SP in missiles and BC 5 along with close to max supports.

Raxip Elamp said...

Thanks man. Respect and such. I'll figure out a way to link you back in my faggy RP blag.

bluetippedflyer said...

confirming sage was actually telling the truth