Wednesday, March 31, 2010

People Think The ADF Is Real

I continue to find it hilarious that people think the Amamake Defence Force is a real entity...

Che wants to hire us:

Hiring Amamake Defense Force
From: Che Biko
Sent: 2010.03.29 01:20
To: Spectre3353,

Dear pilot,

Recently I read the article about the Amamake Defense Force, and I really admire the non-lethal approach this group takes when trying to end violence. So much in fact that I would like to know if this group can be hired by other organisations, because this group is the only group I'm aware of that comes close enough to my own movement's ROE. It is maybe the only group I would consider hiring for escort or in times of war.

Please inform about the possibilities of hiring this defense force.


-Ché Biko

serathem wants to team up with us:

From: serathem
Sent: 2010.03.20 10:30
To: Spectre3353,

hey there

just out of intrest my allience is gonna be running a number of opps within the low and o.o terratories over the next few days, and the ADF intreged me. i was just wondering weather you would need any help out there on the 21st and 22nd and possably more dates later on in time. we only normaly hit low standing and pirate piolots, and support the way you guys have approched law enforcement in bad land terratories.

i will be able to bring anyware in the region of 5 - 20 piolots with moderate amounts of pvp exspirance. so if ur intrested please contact me

serathem - Diplomate for Sons of Ra. and ceo of innovative creation industries.

Matt wants to join us:

From: Matt Gold
Sent: 2010.03.20 00:08
To: Spectre3353,

I would like to join the ADF, and help however I can. I have an interceptor, and thus serve as a scout, and within two days I will have a cloaking device so I may sit undisturbed while watching for signs of agression. Please tell me how I May join and what you would like me to do.

Matt Gold
New Beginings Scouting and Mining

NinjasSpud is tired of pirates ganking his barge and thankful for our support:


Edited by: NinjasSpud on 25/03/2010 17:14:35
Thank god, Im so freaking tired of Amamake pirates coming out of low sec to suicide gank my hulk.

Where do I Sign UP? I got a bone to pick with those low life scounds. And I still have kill rights on a few.

EDIT: Also....wait...wait....the first time I was podded it was by a member of The Python Cartel while i was trying to mine in Amamake...sure i was only 2 weeks old...sure i had no idea what low sec ment at the time...sure i was in a destroyer with absolutely nothing but 5 mining lasers on it...but you preach about securing Amamake and yet your corp members hunt down and kill the little guys?...damn you dirty cops

P.S. I have been inactive from this blog and Eve for the past week due to a trip to PAX East in Boston that concluded on Monday. Unfortunately CCP was not present this time around but I will have pictures and other information about the trip up over the next few days.


Rixx Javix said...


Anonymous said...

I feel like, if planned correctly, this could end up a larger version of 'pulling a python'. So go get hired to escort/protect some nubs, and blast em when you get bored.

Cozmik R5 said...


Anonymous said...

Seems like someone really DOES want to subscribe to your newsletter!

Casiella Truza said...

Be sure to explain to them that something approaching proper English usage is required for communicating with the space citizenry.

Anonymous said...

They're so gullible. Sell them something. Sell them a bridge. A jump bridge - yeah that's it, sell them a jump bridge.

bluetippedflyer(CONCORD) said...

Spectre, this is bluetippedflyer of Concord protection services and would like to congradulate you on decieving the world into thinking you protect them. Mebe 1 day you can join concord and live like ceaser.

Lars Lodar said...

We need to pull an epic python. Basically get as many of these people in one place and send the ADF swat team after them.

I'm thinking about 4 ECM ships with a rest combat sitting in a nearby safe.

Mynxee said...

Gene pool needs cleanin', Spec. Don your ADF lab coat...

Josh (GH) said...

I fully agree with anon1. We need to use this to pull an eve-wide Python.

Nashh Kadavr said...


Lucretiea said...

RE Serathem: Shouldn't diplomates (sic) be able to communicate with, I don't know, other humans? What was that garbage passing for a language?

Definitely, pull the ol' python. (Ok, not how it sounds.)