Sunday, July 4, 2010

Go Blog About It

Kri Matar > oh shit, we gonna blog about this?
Spectre3353 > hellz yea 

There are a lot of things I can say about my corp and alliance. I could say that they are giant spazzes with no attention span. I could say that they are loud and obnoxious. One thing that I could not say is that they aren't the most reliably entertaining group of people I have ever met online, as proven by yesterdays roam. I was not even really planning on attending this suicidal remote-rep battleship op last night until I was bombarded by Andrea Skye:
(12:08:35 AM) Skye: bs op tommorow tho
(12:08:37 AM) Skye: you gota show up
(12:08:38 AM) Spectre: no because i dont want to
(12:08:40 AM) Skye: its guna be epic
After a few days of receiving messages like this, Skye and myself agreed on two things:
(1) I would show up and take part in this operation.
(2) His instant messanger font was atrocious and disgusting. Comic Sans in TEAL? Seriously?
When the time came, we set out with a gang of several battleships, a single Falcon and three Guardians. We would be able to keep ourselves alive for quite a while but our goal was to simply sit in the legendary belt of Amamake 3-1 and go down in a blaze of glory as the residents of the system responded with what would probably be overwhelming force.

We gathered our sixteen man gang and slowly coordinated our way down to Amamake. We gathered our ships and moved into the the belt. We opened our mouths and smacked and yelled at the system, goading them to come fight.

So we moved on to Huola where we ganked a Megathron on the gate and got smacked by an angry fellow in faction warfare:
[ 01:21:40 ] Jawmare > faggots gonna fight
[ 01:21:54 ] Tatanka Marcussen > then what are you ?
[ 01:21:56 ] Tatanka Marcussen > gays ?
[ 01:21:59 ] IEATCRAYONS > yes
[ 01:22:03 ] Tatanka Marcussen > GET OF MY LAWN
[ 01:22:07 ] Eofina > it's only gay if you push back
[ 01:22:19 ] Kobrakilla > .+----------+++¦-¦-¦-¦-¦++¦¦¦¦-¦+¦-¦-¦¦¦++¦+--++----++--
[ 01:22:23 ] Rhinanna > gf :)
[ 01:22:29 ] Jack Coutu > fucking ecm frones lol
[ 01:22:32 ] Jack Coutu > FRONES~!
[ 01:22:33 ] Tatanka Marcussen > yeah learn to 1337
[ 01:22:35 ] Tatanka Marcussen > tards
[ 01:22:49 ] Tatanka Marcussen > This was the wrong local
[ 01:22:50 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:22:51 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:22:52 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:22:53 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:22:54 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:22:55 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:22:56 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:22:57 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:22:58 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:22:59 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:23:00 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:23:01 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:23:02 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:23:03 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:23:04 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:23:05 ] Inka Kaoru > ..
[ 01:23:05 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:23:06 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:23:07 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:23:08 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 01:23:09 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE

Still, no big fight. So we moved on to Egghelende where I talked shit to our nemesis Ken Plante, hoping he would take the bait as usual:
[ 01:29:17 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Egghelende Local Channel
[ 01:32:47 ] Spectre3353 > hey man, hows it going
[ 01:33:12 ] Spectre3353 > gank any missioners tonight?
[ 01:34:49 ] Spectre3353 > you should leave this system and the station occasionally man
[ 01:35:00 ] Spectre3353 > find some real pvp, stretch your legs, learn some skills
[ 01:35:10 ] Spectre3353 > its good for you, like fresh air
[ 01:35:17 ] Spectre3353 > variety is the spice of life
[ 01:35:49 ] Spectre3353 > ah well i guess its just your thing
[ 01:36:01 ] Spectre3353 > on a random note, what was up with the alliance tourney?
[ 01:36:08 ] Spectre3353 > i saw they replaced you with mirrorgod after your first go
[ 01:36:13 ] Spectre3353 > did you come down with a cold or something....?
[ 01:36:53 ] Spectre3353 > i was going to join the AT but i dont fly real ships so i probably wouldnt be able to
[ 01:38:19 ] Spectre3353 > oh hai
[ 01:38:24 ] Spectre3353 > going to probe out that drake?
[ 01:39:26 ] Spectre3353 > how is your alliance doing?
[ 01:39:41 ] Spectre3353 > is EP the executor?
[ 01:40:00 ] Spectre3353 > i would hope so since you guys are pretty much the elitest in lowsec
[ 01:42:49 ] Spectre3353 > ok well it was nice talking to you again
[ 01:42:58 ] Spectre3353 > i hope that you have a good night! o/
Still, no fight at all. We finally went back to Amamake and sat in the top belt once again as a last ditch effort to get an engagement before we went home. With a gang of this size roaming around and being as loud and obnoxious as us, it was amazing that nothing had hot dropped, blobbed or at least found someone way to engage us...

...until we saw a few bogeys arrive on short range scan. Within moments, several ships landed and the fight was on... Armageddon... Megathron... Nidhoggur! BANE had decided to play and had brought a capital ship along with several battleships and a Falcon. Even Ken Plante had joined the fray in an Armageddon. The intial push was a stalemate for both sides as we could not break each others remote repairing. One of our ships was pushed to low armor but wouldn't break. Their Megathron was pushed to low armor but was repped back up and saved by their carrier. Andrea Skye ordered us to push our DPS onto the carrier instead and we did, before soon switching back to the Megathron as their Nidhoggur pilot was running out of cap under the weight of all the logistics support. Our remote repairing held strong as theirs finally began to fail with their carrier out of capacitor. Several of their ships were vanquished and we turned to focus on their carrier as the rest of their battleships turned and warped out, leaving the capital ship to its fate.

In the end we did not even know for certain what ships they had brought in total because we took no losses and had no lossmail to view their attackers. Regardless, it did seem as though we had the advantage in both numbers and remote-repair capability. Either BANE was being incredibly cocky and thinking that they would stomp us against the odds or they simply had the balls to bring a cap ship to an outmatched fight. I give them much credit if the second option is true.

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Andrea skye said...


Yargok said...


I wish I had been there to plante a volley in Kens face.

I think you goaded him and they underestimated you in their hurry to shut ye up.

I hope they learn.. Spec cannot be silenced.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

If I only had some way of joining these epic battles!

Dame Death said...

TRIAGE is fucing tough to do right and looking at this guys fit he didnt have a clue.

One day Ill finerly fit annother one and show u guys how its done :P

Rhinanna said...

[ 01:22:23 ] Rhinanna > gf :)

That was me having tackled and soloed the mega's mate at the FW plex.


See URL link for killmail :)

Lars Lodar said...

Only you can smack Kenny so good. This is the stuff of legends.