Friday, July 16, 2010

The Perfect Shitstorm

The Python Cartel had an op scheduled last night. It's description was as so:

Amamake Defense Force : Operation Save The Children Fund

We are going to get as many ECM ships as possible and do a mining fund raiser in Amamake 3-1. We will auction ore every 30 minutes to the highest bidder and 'pull over' anyone trying to disrupt our cause.

Proceeds go to the families who've lost loved ones in the wake of Hulkageddon III.

Unlike past ADF themed operations, it was the brainchild of Lars Lodar. Being me, I decided to show up about thirty minutes late and under the influence of a certain fermented beverage. The only ship I had that fit the bill was an old Blackbird I had flown many months ago on a previous ADF op. I needed to go several jumps, alone, in order to catch up with the group. I removed the plate and signal distruption amplifier from my lows and fit instead...

Two warp core stabilizers.

Since this was a mining op, I grabbed a module I pretty much never carry around and put it in my cargo...

One mining laser.

No one would ever know that I had such embarassing modules on me and if I ran past some douchebag trying to scramble on a gate, I would be able to just warp on by. I sipped my whiskey and applauded my own genius. A few jumps later, I felt pretty fucking stupid as I sat deciding when to uncloak as a gang of half of a dozen ships waited for my Blackbird to make a move. My stabs weren't going to help much against their Devoter and this was going to be one embarassing lossmail. I made my move, attempting to jam a couple of ships as I burned back towards the gate. The distraction of these actions along with the retarding effect of the whiskey meant that I did not notice my Blackbird being almost instantly popped. By the time I began trying to warp my pod away, it was too late. I had been locked and my pod was being smushed.

It was at this point that the final kick in the balls was recieved. My clone was not up to date. I had just lost skill points.

I got incredibly lucky as I only lost 2 hours and 12 minutes worth of training off of Recon V. It was still probably the most embarassing loss I have felt in quite a while.

Final tally:
  • Lossmail displaying that I had warp core stabilizer's fit and a Miner I in my cargo.
  • Lossmail displaying that I lost my pod.
  • Low-grade snakes and several hardwirings worth around 250,000,000 ISK total gone.
  • Skill points in Recon V lost.
  • Sent to my old clone in a station that is dozens of jumps away from where I currently reside.
Fuck me.


Rixx Javix said...

Dude, we all have bad days... but that might just take the cake, ouch.

Anonymous said...

You pvp for a living and don't upgrade your clone!?!?

CCP Navigatro said...

jammed a couple of em on the way back to the gate? wtf?

Yargok said...

tsk tsk tsk!
Driving under the influence is bad mmkay?

Still, makes for interesting stories ;)

Nashh Kadavr said...

auch bad news spectre, not as bad as my last clone loss; 400 mil in implants, 13 days off heavy drones V, hope that makes you feel better about your pod loss...

the miner and warp stabs however are a disgrace, you should be ashamed of yourself. bad specte bad!

Spectre said...

Anon: I usually do. After gaining a lot of SP while inactive (but with an active account) recently, I forgot to upgrade when it went past the clone limit.

Navi: I know. I was inebriated and panicking. The funniest part would have been if I actually made it back and then realized I couldn't jump because I had aggressed.

Nashh: I feel your pain :(

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. <3

Josh (GH) said...

Recons 5, huh? Channeling a bit of Apoc are we?

Lars Lodar said...

You forgot to mention our cyno orca got exploded 8 minutes into our mining op.

And no one would attack the carrier.


Laedy said...

I've also lost recons 5 before. It hurt :(
By the way Spectre, I started an eve blog a few weeks ago, can you let me know what you think?
It's a blog devoted to my failures in EVE. lol
So, you might find some encouragement there :) You're not the only one who has days like this!

Dame Death said...

yeh insured 2 carriers cynoed in noone wud shoot me or get close enough to point :( i gave up after 5mins and went home :P

Also last pod loss= hg slaves and 5%'s:( most sp lost wud be nauts dread V when i lost 2 pods and 3 caps in the same fight (