Thursday, July 22, 2010

Phallus In A Vacuum

WARNING: This post contains a lot of pictures of giant fake space dicks made out of ejected cargo containers. While I consider the penis to be a natural and beautiful part of the human body, some of you may not want to view this at work. Unless you work in a place where giant space dicks are encouraged and celebrated like they should be...


In honor of the most important of male organs, my corp has tried on multiple occasions to erect monuments of great proportion. The very first was put together by a team led by Lars Lodar while we were living in Egghelende:

This monument remained for several days and caused a public outcry until it was ransacked by our CCP overlords. Recently, Golden Helmet decided to recreate the massive dong as an even bigger monument outside of our station in Resbroko. He carefully follow these plans laid out by Lars:

...and created this masterpiece:

But he wasn't done yet. When this penis disappeared after a day, either from GM intervention another player destroying all the cans, Golden Helmet and friends persisted, creating yet the third Python Cartel Officially Certified Korporation Monument (or PCOCKM3 for short). The final results were breathtaking and aweinspiring and worthy of being called an Eve landmark for certain:

But yet again, within days, this carefully constructed monument that was spreading love and joy to Resbroko and perhaps all of New Eden was removed by our overbearing overlords. Golden Helmet recieved a message that displayed their blatant disregard for the personal freedom of all pilots:

Creating Lag and Inappropriate container names
From: GM CryoBunny
Sent: 2010.07.21 14:23
To: Golden Helmet,

You have been reported for creating lag to gain an advantage. Also names that you have chosen for containers are considered inappropriate. This is a EULA violation and will not be tolerated. Cease all such activity or risk further repercussions.

We had no choice but to share our story with the public. Such injustice can not be tolerated. Add your voice to this thread and let your opinion be heard. CCP can take our space penis but they can never take our pride.


Anonymous said...

Just wrote a topic about this, mere hours before your post.Was not aware you guy's made another one or that previous atempts were made in other areas. Hope you get your space dong proclaimed a landmark in New Eden :-)

Rixx Javix said...

Oh god I can't stop laughing....

Anonymous said...

I read the EVE-O forum post, and to be honest, I found it really well written and quite enjoyable for such a inconsequential topic.

I'll leave it at that.

Cozmik R5 said...

Oh damn I have to go see this :))

Lars Lodar said...

Did somebody say, "PEEEEENIS?!"

Anonymous said...


f0st3r said...

I would like to add the GM's in this game are absolute shit!

Also, nice penis.

CCP Navigaytro said...

This was a hoot! (back in 2004)

Anonymous said...

idea for next project: a giant vagina on an undock path. Leave the station and penetrate the heavens.

Anonymous said...

You think many EVE players would know what it was???
I can hear it now.....
Nerd1 "Someone made a giant THING outside the station!"
Nerd2: "A giant THING?? You mean a cock??"
Nerd1: "No, not a cock.. That's been done.. I've never seen one of these before! I have no idea what it was, but it must've taken a lot of work"


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, all involved players should be permanently banned from EVE.