Sunday, July 18, 2010

Revamping Lowsec (Update)

In relation to the Revamping Lowsec post that I made a few days ago, I noticed that this is now in the Features and Ideas Discussion forum in the official Eve-Online forums:

Anyone who felt opinionated at all about this topic, I recommend heading to this thread and helping Mynxee and the CSM begin coordinating a suggested plan for an update to lowsec.

UPDATE: There is now an Ideascale project created to try and come up with the the best ideas for lowsec. Please take a look here and submit or vote on items that you think would be swell. I have submitted a couple myself based on my lowsec post from a few days ago.


Bourreau said...

Some of these ideas are really good. I would dearly love to see them discussed and eventually implemented.

Venom Orchid said...

Do you really think it matters? Seriously, if so then maybe I assessed the situation incorrectly. I don't see CCP doing anything about low sec, let alone anything they NEED to fix from the last few expansions.

kobra said...

That site you posted is getting over run with carebears trying to turn low sec into highsec.

Baeryn said...

It'd be nice to see ideas like these on the EVE UserVoice, too.