Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Revamping Lowsec

In light of recent information, it is apparent that lowsec may never be revamped in the way that much of the player base has been begging for. As a way of coping with this terrible reality, I am going to pretend like CCP asked me yesterday how I think low security space should be modified to make it unique and interesting:

(1) Reduce Global Criminal Counter Timers

One of the most simple and obvious ways to reduce absolutely unnecessary frustration and a huge time sink would be to reduce the standard GCC time to five minutes. If I could have a nickel for every minute I spent twiddling my thumbs in a safe spot while waiting for a GCC to wear off so that my frigate could move on to another system, I'd have... a lot of nickels.

In all seriousness, the purpose of the sentries and GCC should be to provide an immediate response to aggression by the sentry guns. Forcing many of the pilots in lowsec to spend a majority of their night waiting out a counter in the corner of their screen, long after the battle is over, is simply unnecessary and bad design. Additionally, anyone who wants to try and argue that it is part of the punishment for piracy and unchecked aggression, you might want to note that these things are already punished by loss of security status, loss of access to highsec (which is absolutely huge) and a disadvantage in combat in any location where sentry guns are present.

(2) Create Lawbringer and Pirate Haven Systems

Right now there is nothing to being a pirate or anti-pirate other than your security status and how you describe yourself. We should take this a step further. Create scattered systems throughout lowsec that are either Lawbringer Haven's or Pirate Haven's. You will not be allowed to enter these systems unless your security status is +2.5 or higher or -5.0 or lower, respectively. These systems will provide a place where pirates or anti-pirates can gather outside of highsec and will also contain LP stores with specific Lawbringer and Pirate ships and modules. Every day that an individial is +2.5 or -.5.0, they will receive a small amount of LP towards the Lawbringer or Pirate faction. Every kill they attain against another player of the opposite security type will give a small amount of LP towards their faction.

Ships and modules attained this way should not be stronger than anything existing, unlike how many other LP stores already work. We don't need stronger faction loot but instead these rewards will be different and unique and unattainable any other way. Ships could even be slight variations on existing hulls but with models and names that are fitting for being either an officer of the peace or a bringer of chaos.

(3) Bring A Unique Resource and Industry To Lowsec

I am far from the first to suggest that lowsec needs to provide it's own unique resources and that these resources should be related to boosters and drug creation. I will suggest it again however, considering how great of an idea it is:

Create gas clouds in lowsec that are static and shown on the overview in the same manner as asteroid belts. Make the resources pulled out of these clouds vital to the creation of boosters and drugs. Create a unique type of asteroid that is found only in belts in lowsec and is common among the belts. Make the resources pulled out of this asteroid to be vital to the creation of boosters and drugs.

Remove the contraband searching done by CONCORD and the faction police in highsec. It sounds like a cool idea but in practice just discourages the carrying, sales and usage of these items. Allow people to fly around with drugs in their holds with no penalty.

Revamp the drug/booster system completely. Redo the skills. Redo the types of boosters that can exist to have many more types with more interesting effects. Have all of the new boosters require materials that are harvested in lowsec. Create an interface or add to the existing Eve UI to make it easy to select and take a drug without having to dig through your cargo.

Give industrialists new ships that make covert mining and harvesting a bit less dangerous. A "battle barge" type mining exhumer that can fit a cloak, has built in warp core strength and has a very large drone bay is an example of such a ship.


Let me hear your suggestions on a lowsec revamp or even just small tweaks. CCP has told the CSM that they want to hear their vision on a lowsec revamp and the CSM represents us. All of this information may be useful to them when they send their documentation to CCP to be igno... er, considered.


Andrea skye said...

NPC rats in low sec for pirates. So for example, a Minimatar stabber belonging the the Minimatar republic. Maybe even stick a bounty on it. Pirates can place bounties on mini NPCs rite.

For killing them, you get a sec hit and a standing loss. Which would make it very difficult for a high security player to "farm them", but it would mean pirates (who dont rly care about sec hits or standing loss) could actualy make abit of cash, AND maybe get some unique rewards for it.

Kinda like the pirate missions you can get in 0.0 but instead thier like anomalies in low sec.

You scan out a Minmatar plex, with Minimatar NPCs with bounties on them. Could even add like "boss" NPCs that drop faction goodies.

Possibilites are endless.

Andrea skye said...

What i mean by the bounties. Is currently, the bounties on rats are set by concord.

BUT the bounties im talking about are set by pirate NPCs on concord (or mini/caldari/whatever)

These bounties could actualy pay more than the standard bounties on normal rats. Thus balancing the Risk/Reward we have in low sec atm.

Oh yeh, and fuck GCC. Reuduce that thing, 15 mins is so god dam pointless.

Velatori said...

"You will not be allowed to enter these systems unless your security status is +5.0 or higher or -5.0 or lower, respectively."

Since security status caps at +5.0 but can go as low as -10.0, maybe make that 4.0+? Otherwise I like these ideas. ^_^

Spectre said...

Ah yes I think that was a bit of a typo. I really meant +2.5. Thanks Vel!

Casiella Truza said...

While I do think the highsec contraband scans need an adjustment, I don't think we should just remove them. Let's not remove the thrill of smuggling and make highsec even safer than it already is. Perhaps additional uses for contraband (including things like slaves in the Republic, small arms in the Empire, etc.) so we have a reason to get things in lowsec and try to transport them across low and high.

f0st3r said...

Well I think it would be cool if low sec became 0.0 without bubbles and titans. No sec hits, no GCC, just station sentry's like in npc space.

I think it would be even better if they took caps outta low sec, I know there would be a lot of whining, but the small gang warfare would be just plain awesome!

Illectro said...

During the CSM elections Mynxee organized a round table on revitalizing low sec and we all agreed that unique products would be essential to giving people a reason to take the risks and live there. While a lot of people favored boosters there was also the suggestion that 'pirate software' would also be a viable product, providing in-game hacking tools that would add new abilities to PVP and corporate espionage.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know where all the lost clicks go... if you click jump 80 times and you only jump once, where do those clicks go? You have to click dock at least 14 times to be safe... what happened to all those extra clicks?

Anonymous said...

Re: Lawbringer and Pirate Havens

To further the pvp nature of EVE, maybe track sec status differently, or make a specific pvp only sec status, so that people couldn't gain access to the lawbringer havens just by being 100% l4 farming carebears.

Something like, gaining sec status only by killing someone with low sec status. This would make becoming a true "lawbringer" much more difficult than becoming a pirate, but I think would make anti-piracy a much more valid career, with rewards that match the amount of effort and self control required.

Whether or not the lawbringer rewards would be more powerful than those of a pirate given the difficulty could be argued either way. My assumption would be that they'd stay fairly close to equal, given that although the pirate's sec grind is easier, they give up so much more (highsec, no help from gate guns, etc.) in attaining it.

Spectre said...

Foster: I would love caps out of lowsec but I don't think it is feasible to do so anymore. There are too many people that trained them and too many caps in lowsec now and you'd be fucking them all in the ass pretty hard.

P.S. I miss you.

Illectro: Thanks for the link! I was inactive from Eve during the last round of CSM campaigns so I missed this.

Anon #2: Frankly I don't mind the idea of mission runners with high sec statuses being allowed to become lawbringers. They put in the effort to improve their sec status, I don't really think it should be mandatory to have done it via PvP. I also think it would probably be best to keep the rewards between both sides relatively equal in strength.

Serpentine Logic said...

Cailais wrote ( about the varied ways to get ownership of a system (occupancy/sovereignty) etc, and the concept of 'enforcing order' seems like a great way to extend that to low-sec. Plus, since each low-sec system is nominally claimed by an empire, the faction rewards can be easily tied to a faction LP store)

Lars Lodar said...

Great post with many wishes I've had for a long time and a couple new ideas that peak my interest.

I'm not sure if I told you but I'm developing a comprehensive guide to improving Low Sec and EVE in general.

You should bug me to finish my first draft so we can share/improve on ideas.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely on all points. Very good piece and great suggestions. If only CCP cared about what their userbase wanted. :-(

CCP Navigatro said...

You know you can still travel in a frig with gcc, no? lol

Spectre said...

Nav: You can travel in almost any ship with a GCC. Frigs align fast enough to avoid getting shot most of the time and anything bigger can handle a few sentry shots as they warp. This isn't really the point.

- You are at a major, major disadvantage for a full 15 minutes if you decide to try and leave the system. Even in a frig, it is always possible that a gang or pilot on the other side of a gate will lock you down and they will have an automatic 450 DPS on their side. In a frig, this is automatic death. In a larger ship, it is a huge disadvantage. In many cases it is safer to wait it out and simply not worth risking getting caught on a gate when you already have a GCC.

- A majority of engagements take place in and around gates and stations. You cannot even approach any of these objects within 150km while you have a GCC. Running gates while you have a GCC just causes it to reset, increasing the amount of time you have to wait until you can do something other than sit around at celestial objects or safe spots that don't have sentries.

- You cannot run through highsec to switch between lowsec pockets with a GCC as CONCORD will instantly pop you and the gates will not allow you to jump back out of highsec.

There are several other downsides but I'll just start with that. GCC timers are too long and I don't understand the purpose of a full 15 minutes. I really think it should be reduced to something more reasonable and something that doesn't encourage turning lowsec PvP into such a timesink of needless waiting around.

Bridge said...

I really like these ideas. Especially the industry idea. If there's something of value to farm for down there, the industrialists will go, and then the pirates, anti-pirates, etc. will all follow suit.
Perhaps you should propose it in the Assembly Hall? Even with the 18-month window it would still help to bring it to the CSM's attention.


Unknown said...

I might be the only one who thinks that something should be geared towards Corpses.

Maybe something like the Reavers in Serenity, decorating your ship with blood/skeletons/bodies or even eating Corpses for boosters.

Anonymous said...

Lots of great suggestions here but there's something that I think can be improved. With the Create Lawbringer and Pirate Haven Systems, I don't think there should be a restriction on who can enter. However, anyone in their haven can attack and pod any opposing pilot without security loss and GCC cooldown.

e.g A pirate in their haven systems with security < -5 can attack anyone with security > +2.5 without GCC and security loss. Attacking anyone within the -5 to +2.5 range will still give you the normak security hit and GCC, giving a bit of consequence to attacking newbs.

I'm not a fan of passive income (that's not to say I don't have more than my fair share of datacore and PI alts) so I'd rather have pirate faction agents in the havens rather than passive lp. Allow anyone to the level 1 agents, as is now.

Zeta Zhul said...


"CCP observed that the different space can be perceived like this: high sec is for singular, low sec for corporations, 0.0 for alliances and basically low sec could do with some love."

1. Remove gate guns completely.

2. Remove GCC completely.

3. Implement/allow single system Sov.

E.g. allow corporations and/or alliances to take over a low-sec system completely with Sov, but limit that Sov to that one system only.

In effect the major nation states are washing their hands of low-sec systems, handing them over to whomever wants/can claim them. IMO the purpose of low-sec is as a buffer, which is why factional warfare takes place there.

This would interface with CCP's view of low-sec with minimal required investment of coding and dev time. Plus it would give corporations the benefits of Sov on a single system level.

Whether you're a major merc corp looking to establish a home system as part of your credibility. Or perhaps a large mining corp that wants to control an entire low-sec system. Plus it would encourage a lot more wars in low-sec and possibly even an actual intra low-sec player economy.

2. Part of #1: allow whoever owns a low-sec system with Sov to set gate fees, within reason.

This would give strategically located systems some real value without significant dev costs. This could easily work like CPSA does now.

With Sov and gate fees a well established corp in a strategically located system could make a lot of cash. And by ensuring safety for those transiting between high-sec and null-sec make for an interesting player economy.

Options for play would then be challenging for Sov through war, hiring mercs, anti-shipping raiding into the system. Gate camping for system defense, remember no gate guns. System defense patrols. etc etc etc.

IMO implementing something like this would involve a minimal amount of resources as these concepts are largely in play now and would need to be copied over for low-sec use.


Zeta Zhul

Anonymous said...

As you all know, noone whines like a pirate, and this proposal is just one long polite whine to me.

Adapt guys.